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SCCM 2012 R2 - Need help - Win XP to Win 7 migration using USMT in Offline mode and backup on SMP

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Hi everyone,

I have to migrate 8500 PC from XP to Win 7 (and later 8.1) using a fresh install of SCCM 2012 R2.

My goal is to be able to use USMT to backup user's files on a SMP server and I would like to do this in Offline mode.


As USMT 6.3 is incompatible with XP, I found this article and successfully managed to backup data using Online mode and 2 TS as explained.


Now, I need to be able to do a MDT task that captures data in Offline mode using SMP and not Hardlink because I want to reformat every computer.

Has anyone been able to do this and is willing to share his TS ?

Is it even possible ?

Thanks in advance.

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I have just completed a migration of over 2000 XP to win 7

Here are the essentials of the task sequence..


Task sequence:


- Restart in WIndows PE

- Request State Store - select Capture state from the computer,if computer account fails..= ticked

- Capture user state - select package for usmt 4.0 that you have previously created,capture all profiles by...,enable verbose..copy by using file system access ->continue if..,capture in off-line mode = ticked

- Release state store


-partition disk

-apply operating system

-apply windows settings

-apply network settings


-apply driver packages (if necessary)


- Setup windows and configuration manager

-Install applications (if necessary


- Request State store - restore state from another computer, if computer account fails.. = ticked

- Restore user state - select USMT 4.0 package you created previously, restore al captured user profiles...continue if..=ticked,enable verbose..=ticked

- Release state store

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Did you do this using SCCM 2012 R2 or SP1 or even SCCM 2007 ?

USMT 6.3 included in MDT 2013 is not compatible with XP.

My question is mainly regarding MDT 2013 and SCCM 2012 R2.

If I'm using a WinPE v6.2 in SCCM 2012 R2, I'm unable to activate F8. Is there any other side effect ?




EDIT : not MDT but ADK 8.1

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Sorry for the confusion... Not MDT 2013 but ADK 8.1.

SCCM 2012 R2 needs ADK 8.1 and bootsect.exe 6.3 is incompatible with XP.



I've tried a workaround : I've just created a WinPE 6.3 with the bootsect.exe from 6.2 and my XP restarts correctly now.

That's mainly what was blocking me from rebooting my computers and saving data in Offline mode.

Now, I have been given an MDT 2013 TS to deploy a Windows 7 from scratch on new computers.

I'm trying to adapt this MDT TS to capture and restore data in Offline mode.

I haven't been able to find the way to create a MDT task that does this... but I must confess (not too hard to understand :)), I'm a newbie... so sorry for being a bit confused.


EDIT : The workaround regarding WinPE 6.3 with bootsect 6.2 allows me to successfully use my MDT TS to run the Refresh scenario with Hardlink backup.

Now this is not my main goal as I need to reformat/repartition all computers.

Now, my newbie question : Do you think that, by forcing an SMP backup, it will run the New Computer Only task sequence and restore data as the association in User State Migration will be created automatically ?

Maybe my question is too confusing and I'm not expressing my request correctly.


In other words, I want to do what ozthe2 did but by using MDT TS :

1) I'm using MDT 2013 task sequence

2) I want this task sequence to :

1) Backup my data offline on the SMP server

2) Run the New Computer Only task sequence

3) Install all the apps and drivers as the TS I've been given does

4) Apply all changes and tweaks to the OS as the TS I've been given does

5) Restore all data from the SMP server


In order to do this, I needed to change the bootsect in the WinPE 6.3 boot image because it's not able to restart a Windows XP successfully.

Now, how do I force the MDT TS to run the USMT in Offline mode and backup on the SMP server ?

What confuses me is that the default MDT TS is placing the Offline USMT group after the Format disk group... how can it backup anything by doing this as it's reformatting the computer before saving anything ? Maybe I don't understand this well...




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