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User powershell (or other alternative) to launch a task sequence

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Hi guys,


I've got reboot task sequences setup for all my patch groups to ensure they are ready to be patched and are compliant. We are a retail facility and had a patching freeze over Thanksgiving. I was asked to shut off ALL reboot task sequences during the blackout, not just on the ones that would have patched groups during that freeze.


Most of my patch groups throughout the month fall on an early Sunday morning when things are quiet. However, I enabled the pre/post RTS (reboot task sequence) for my dev group at 4:40 PM on Friday for a Sunday morning patching and they ended up grabbing the policy and rebooting around 5:10ish. Needless to say I shut off the other ones. I understand it's completely human error on my part to have done that. But my question is, how can I turn on the rest going forward without them rebooting before their patch window? Keep in mind a lot of my patching windows start around 1am. I have no intention of being up then, so short of being up and manually reenabling them, how can I schedule them say through Task Scheduler? I was wondering if there is a simple way to call a particular task sequence through powershell or something? I want to do it about an hour before their window so that if a machine grabs the policy and reboots, it's close enough to its normal patching window that it's not going to cause an issue.


We are running sccm 2007 r2.



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