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User define affinity and software deployment

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I'm trying to deploy an application to a specific user on a specific computer with approval.

For example, office2013 can be deploy with administrator approval on computerA for userA.


On computerA , i define the primary userA


It seems OK, i deploy the app for userA, and on computerA , i give the approval and everythings run smoothly.


Now i asked to UserA to log on to computerB, and strangely the software appears in the application catalog and he can install it.

Of course, he's not a member of the primary user of he computerB !


What's wrong in my configuration ??


Thanks in advance



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Finally found while googling.

In the deployment type, in the requirement, i forgot to add in

category user,

condition primary device
rule type: value


value: true


If the application is approved but the user try to install on a computer not in the affinity rules, CM refuse to install the application


I hope it will help someone.

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OK, looks good. but what you do with application office in computerA. Other user b start working with that computer A and he using office2013 without any restrict, no need permission for that user b this office2013 is forbiden. You don't know when user a migrating to another computer. Do you do some automatic uninstal proccess, how you deal in this situacion?

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