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OSD from a location without local DP

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Hi all !


I'm quite new on this forum, so I hope posting at the correct place...

I'm designing a new SCCM 2012 infrastructure currently in my company. I'm making my tests in a lab environment with 3 locations : Datacenter + 2 "virtual" locations.
Currently there is only 1 primary site installed in the Datacenter. OSD works using PXE boot for a machine located on the same subnet (Datacenter subnet). So far so good.

I managed to make PXE boot working for a machine located on the virtual remote locations. I can boot, it loads the boot image, then when it tries to run the task sequence, it fails.


Of course, it is pretty sure that it's due to the fact that I have no DP installed in this location and something should be wrong in my TS or packages...

Do you know what is the best Practice to make an OSD with PXE boot available from a remote location that has no DP ? In some small offices we have, we really want to get rid of local servers.


Thanks a lot for your help, hope my question is bit clear...



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Have you ensured that the remote zone is in the same boundary as your DP? (or configured so that the remote zone boundary can use it at least)

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