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none of the applications you tried to install began installation successfully

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Thanks for the reply Kevlar..I actually dont have an appenforce log file?



(SCCM 2012 R2)

Ok so this task sequence ive migrated from 2007 to 2012 it works fine as a bare metal build from pxe.

So ive added usmt with hardlnks to this ts and now am trying to run it live on the machine.


I select the ts from software centre and it does nothing for around 20 secs.

And then this error pops up:





CAS logs looked fine to me….or at least I thought I did.


The only real error I could find in the logs was this from execmgr..





DC100017 is my ts ID

NOW…I had this exact same issue on Tuesday. And I fixed the issue simply by adding the MACHINE IM TRYING TO RUN THE TS ON…..TO THE SMSPKGE$ SHARE ON ITS LOCAL DP.


And then BAM!! Works a treat.


So then I had the client add the built in “domain computers” AD group. To the SMSPKGE$ share on the DP.

Thought all was fine and dandy.



2 days later….

Exact same error is back in the exact same way.

So for some reason I have a permissions issue again…

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Yup i can confirm.




Cheers Kevla


Edit: i know for a fact it only fails when the old packages migrated from 2007 sccm are included in the TS...

I believe they are calling scripts that include UNC paths or something.

After i added the machine AD account work fine...


2 days later...stopped working

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EDIT: FIXED...........again!


OS is server 2012. Seems the perms had been changed on the smspkge$ folder since i fixed it days ago.

Its on server 2012…looks as though the smspkge$ folder had new ownership and the perms i added had no longer filtered down through all the packges within smspkge$.


Ive had to take ownership back. Remove all perms. And re-add ensuring they filtered all the way down.


And once again the TS started straight away.


Cheers for the help Kevla.

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