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*Help*Setting up Windows Server 2008 R2 for business/school purposes

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I have done a search on this matter to seek help but couldn't really find anything


What I am looking for is help to set up a fully functioning server with a reliable group policy that could be implemented in a school

I know the very basic of setting up the AD, DNS, DHCP. I have got this far and added a user that can successfully log in.


What I would now want to know is what are the best practices to set up group policies etc


Could someone put together a basic step by step of what to do. I'm not really asking for details otherwise people will be here all day and night.


Just a simple AD, DNS, DHCP, Group Policies, etc and so forth


Not really sure what else to add as I am fairly new to network etc and I am really wanting to learn more!


Would it be easier to create different group policies such as a student one, teacher one, and so forth?


Kind regards


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