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Offline OSD with UEFI

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I have a Offline OSD on a 32 gig NTFS USB stick. My problem is that the netbook I need to deploy this OS on is UEFI (no option for legacy) bios and will only recognize 4gig Fat32 drives. If i boot to WinPE 4 the netbook recognizes the 32 gig USB stick and I can start the OSD but once it gets to Applying OS it crashes and the logs says "The step (Apply Operating System) must be running in WinPE".


Unfortunately going through network at the moment isn't an option, Is there a way I can get this working or a different workaround? I think there might be a way of putting it on multiple 4gig Fat32 usb's but I don't want to do it that way.



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OK this was my fault.


My .wim file is like 14gigs as it has some programs installed on it as well so I didn't think when I created a offline installer that it would work. I thought it would have to be ntfs because of the size of the .wim file and being ntfs the usb wouldnt boot. it wasnt until later I found out that the .wim isnt on the USB as one big file so I was able to keep the USB FAT32 which booted and was successful.

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