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Boot Images deletet :-/

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Hello everybody

I guess i made a big mistake. First i tryed to deploy new drivers to the DP and i also choosed the boot Images. After that the deployment went in to a failer

then i deletet the original Boot Images because i was sure that i can recreate it without problems.

But i saw, it is not so easy. :-(

can somebody help me through the recreation of this two boot images?


many thanks for your help

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Thank you for this link.

I made the first steps but at the last 3 steps i have no idea what i have to do.

  1. Extract boot.wim from ..\sources\ Folder and copy to SCCM DP-Share (is it this boot.wim from the SCCM Source CD?)
  2. Integrate boot files from share into SCCM (when i extract the Boot.wim from the CD, which Files should i copy and to where?)
  3. Check boot packages properties and enable "Distribute on PXE DP" on "source" Tab.

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Sorry it's been a few weeks since I looked at this my self. I have forgotten it already!! haha.


Anyway, I think if you go to the location where you copied the files using "Copycmd" you should find it in there under the folder you created ("c:\amd_64" for example).


For me, once I complete the copycmd command for the 64 bit file, the "boot.wim" file is located:


"C:\WinPE_amd64\media\sources" The "boot.wim" file is in there.


Hope that makes sence.

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:unsure: Help, Im having the same issue, The boot images are gone :o I've followed all the above workarounds to recreate them. Question...


I use the boot wizard in Sccm to add a boot image, I use the wim image that was created by the deployment and imaging tools, I browse to the wim image (boot.wim) but the second drop down box does not populate. Its like im not using the correct sources folder to pull the original boot file?


  1. Is the boot.wim originally come off of the windows 7 cd, or from the Sccm cd? If so is it from the sources folder. I think I use the boot.wim?
  2. I tried to recreated the DP point but it does not recreate the boot images? Probably because it sees the file structure already in place so the boot images don't get recreated.
  3. This all started because we have a bunch of new dells coming in that uefi boot and we cant get them to pxe boot, because of lack of network drivers. What a nightmare. Legacy or UEFI boot wont start up. Dell 9020.
  4. The next option is to go to r2 but im not sure if that will re-create the boot images. There has to be an easy answer??

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ok, i'm nearly there :-D

i have mounted the image but im not sure what i have to copy in there now that i get a new boot Image in SCCM

in the mounted Folder are this folders and some subfolders :-/

Program Files




This is what i did until now:

This is what i did...

1.copype.cmd x86 c:\winpe_x86

2.copy c:\winpe_x86\winpe.wim c:\winpe_x86\ISO\sources\boot.wim

3.Dism /Mount-Wim /WimFile:C:\winpe_x86\ISO\sources\boot.wim /index:1 /MountDir:C:\winpe_x86\mount


on the Technet i saw that i have to integrate the boot files to the sccm... but... what and where?


somebody know what i have to do it now?


sorry for this stupid questions :-D



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Problem solved, turns out if you install windows 8.1 ADK, it will prevent you from restoring the boot images, no matter how you create them. My mistake was trying to uefi boot and reading some other blog that said install windows ADK 8.1 and you can then uefi boot. He should have said, update Sccm sp1 to R2 version and then you can work with uefi bios type of computers.


http://deploymywindows.blogspot.com/2013/07/sccm-2012-sp1-specified-unc-path-does.html?showComment=1392048241859#c1118562768097924795 this is the article that helped me. Don't use adk 8..1 if your only on the sp1 version of Sccm 2012.


Thanks all for helping.

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Pxe boot on Dell or any other manufacture.


After all issues above are fixed.


The next step is to find the manufacture of the network card, then use there drivers to inject into boot image.


For dell there driver packages are renamed. For example the Intel 1217-LM driver is really the Intel Pro 1000 and uses a different inf file. This is very important.


Also, don't put the Dell cab files in the task sequence, you will get some random storage errors upon task sequence completion.

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