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Deploying windows updates with powershell

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We have several automatic deployment rules that create deployments based on computer type (Server / Workstation).

The deployment groups are created automatically but the actual deployment must be created manually because the 'outage' window for windows updates differents every month (the date is set about 3 months prior).

This means creating about 25 deployments manually, we have a template that we use per deployment but its very (very very (understatement) very) slow and time comsuming.


SCCM is at 2012 R2, and all workstations are Windows 7. Servers are 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012 R2.


Maintenance windows are not usable for us because it takes more than one month to deploy all the updates troughout all the (dtap) servers.


With the new R2 there are some new powershell scripts available but as far as i can see no powershell is available for creating deployments on a automatically created deployement group.

I've tried these without any luck :





(the last one should work but i can't seem to get it working? http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/7bf537bf-2b15-4676-b33b-6deb88882bcd/sccm-2012-sp1-creating-a-software-package-deployment-with-powershell?forum=configmanagersdk )


Does someone know if it's possible to create a software update deployment for an automatically created software update group?




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okay, not sure what i did wrong but tried it a third (of fourth fifth?) time and now it does work?

Start-CMSoftwareUpdateDeployment -SoftwareUpdateGroupName <softwareupdategroupname> -CollectionName <collectionname> -DeploymentName <deploymentname> -DeploymentType Required -VerbosityLevel OnlyErrorMessages -TimeBasedOn LocalTime -DeploymentAvailableDay 2014/2/19 -DeploymentAvailableTime 6:00 -DeploymentExpireDay 2014/2/19 -DeploymentExpireTime 6:00 -UserNotification DisplaySoftwareCenterOnly -SoftwareInstallation $False -AllowRestart $False -RestartServer $False -RestartWorkstation $False -ProtectedType RemoteDistributionPoint -UnprotectedType UnprotectedDistributionPoint -GenerateSuccessAlert $True -DisableOperationsManagerAlert $True -GenerateOperationsManagerAlert $True

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