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Question on SCCM 2012 Distribution Point Shares

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I have a question on what some of the shares are that SCCM 2012 creates on Distribution Points.


I understand that SCCM 2012 has changed it to use the Content Library, but what is the "SMSPKGC$" share used for?


I gather that SMSSIG$ is used for package signatures, and SMS_DP$ is used for logs.


I just can't find any info on what SMSPKGC$ is for SCCM 2012 if the Content Library is now being used.





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Folders structure in a Distribution Point – SCCM 2012

1) SCCM CONTENT LIB – SCCM 2012 new folder structure that contains all package files in encrypted and compressed form (download content from distribution point and run locally option).

a) DataLib - contains .ini file which includes important information for the actual file-(Attributes, Size, Time Modified, Hash). The first four entries of the hash is the folder name for the package in the FileLib folder.
B)FileLib - directory where all the actual files are stored, contains package in encrypted form. The .ini files contains the package ID (to track which software on SCCM and PKGlib folder) .
c) PkgLib – contains the .ini file that shows the package ID
2) SMS_DP$ - logs, bin & Tools
Contains distribution point log files, the files used to validate content, prestage content.
3) SMSPKG<P>$ - EDU/SCCM 2012 package ID
Previous versions of SCCM stored content in SMSPKG folders. Even with a content library, ConfigMgr 2012 relies on the SMSPKG folder when an advertisement is set to the (Run program from distribution point option).
4) SMSSIG$ - tar files
Used to download signatures for Microsoft Remote Differential Compression for branch distribution points when performing binary delta downloads from distribution points. It contains the package signatures to be used for branch distribution points. SMSSIG$ is created on the drive with the most free space
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