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Migrate SCCM 2012 R2 to new server

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Good morning,


Been a while since I was on this forum!


Working in a large academy, part of a larger trust, we will shortly need to ensure our server names conform with our academy trust naming scheme. I am not looking to just rename our existing SCCM2012 server as I'm sure it would either a) flat out be not supported or B) break a ton of things and be forever troubleshooting it forever after.


So, I am wondering if anyone could please advise on any best practices, caveats, gotchas etc for creating a new SCCM server in the same site code and migrating everything across?


Our current server is quite heavily utilised, all OS deployments, Windows Updates (WSUS) deployments, application/package deployments come from this one server and our site has approx 1000 devices.


Currently the server is Windows Server 2008R2, new server will be Windows Server 2012 R2, currently on SCCM 2012 R2, new server would be SCCM 2012 R2, SQL is installed on the same server and used exclusively by SCCM.


Many thanks


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I had to do a similar thing. My office was planning a migration off of older equipment onto newer and during our planning phase we lost two hard drives in the raid 5 and we lost everything. We are currently a one server environment. I have no other DPs. So this is all I had to do for mine. I mention this because you didn't mention if you had any other DPs or anything of that nature.


Basically what I did was a backup and restore to another server. So you would need

  1. The backup that you run from the Site Maintenance options.
  2. A backup of the package source files

If you are unsure of where those package source files are, you can run the following SQL query.

SELECT * FROM v_Package


It has been a while since I had to do this but once the restore is done, you need to go back into the user accounts and reenter the passwords for the accounts. I also double checked ADSI Edit to make sure that the server name was right and checked some of the client settings to make sure everything looked good. As long as everything is configured correctly, the clients should figure out the name change.

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Nope. On my system I not only changed the name but the path as well.


I would check out the link below and read through it as well. I had a very simple site at the time.




Everything I've read says you must restore to a server with the same name. I can verify this because I'm trying to restore now and receiving the following error. So, Jake I'm not sure how you made out but Brian's comment led me down a path with a dead end. Unless Brian, I'm still missing something and you can help.


"The site was being recovered to incorrect site server machine. The name of the site server cannot change."

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