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  2. It is odd. I did join the laptop to AD. On my laptop I can ping both my AD server and my primary site server. From the servers I can ping the laptop. GPO's apply. I setup a custom wallpaper for example. That is why I'm a bit confused over the error in the log.
  3. I am looking for the same solution and have explored using a configuration profile in MEM/Intune. While the following article provides the services examples I don't see how to implement them. Has anyone figured this out in the past year? https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/client-management/mdm/policy-csp-bluetooth#bluetooth-servicesallowedlist
  4. I have transitioned everything in my site to an HTTPS environment, however, this is the only portion that won't work via HTTPS. I'm not exactly sure what is the reason that having it enabled prevents the updates from appearing.
  5. The error is clear the device is not on the network or it get access denied to it. So what troubleshooting have you done?
  6. My target laptop is joined to the domain. Domain Admins is a member of its local admin group. Boundaries are setup. Machine shows up in "All Systems" since system discovery finds it in AD. in my CCM.LOG I get this. All firewalls are OFF. ======>Begin Processing request: "2097152022", machine name: "P3560" SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER 4/22/2021 7:19:59 AM 14424 (0x3858) Execute query exec [sp_IsMPAvailable] N'TST' SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER 4/22/2021 7:19:59 AM 14424 (0x3858) ---> Trying each entry in the SMS Client Remote Installation ac
  7. Last week
  8. I have created a Task sequence deployment type for an application which is comprised of packages that run programs. i have also deployed the application to a device collection and have tested this many time in our DEV environment with no issues, works perfectly.the application has now been promoted into QA and each time it is attempted to launch it fails after 30 seconds with the following errors.Downloading policy body {70de7448-de08-44cf-84e0-428a1698b10c}. TSAgent 4/19/2021 3:28:29 PM 11548 (0x2D1C) Not in SSL. TSAgent 4/19/2021 3:28:29 PM 11548 (0x2D1C) BOM not found on policy reply TS
  9. here are the 2 blog post i have written to find the office365 activation details. http://eskonr.com/2019/09/check-microsoft-office-activation-status-using-sccm-compliance-settings/http://eskonr.com/2018/10/how-to-get-office-365-proplus-activation-status-and-excluded-apps-etc-using-sccm-configmgr/ Thanks, Eswar
  10. ok so based on this, can you check the IIS services on your mp, and verify it is started (or not), if not, try starting it. IIS=Internet Information Services (IIS), such as here...the actions in the right pane govern start/stop etc...
  11. I also think I found the file you were talking about. Attaching. SMSPXE.log
  12. Thank you so much for your help. I found some Event ID's that I think are going to tell us more. The description for Event ID 9009 from source Microsoft-Windows-IIS-APPHOSTSVC cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer. If the event originated on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event. and On 4/20/2021 2:52:13 PM, component SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER on computer \\server\.COM reported
  13. I'm happy to help but this is just the ccmsetup log from a client, it's nothing to do with attempting to image a computer, you need to first review the management point status on your site server, if and only if that is ok then move on to troubleshooting the clients
  14. Hello, We do have site wide client push set up to install the client to Workstations only. For servers, we have chosen to deploy the SCCM client in a "control way". I have an AD group "Server client deploy". I created a collection based on this AD group. My team would add selected servers to this AD group. I pushed out the client to this "Server client deploy" collection. However, every time new members are added to the AD group and show up in the SCCM Collection, the client is not installed automatically. I have to manually push out the client to the collection again. How do I deplo
  15. I was able to get the attached log file from a laptop I am trying to image. If this is a network issue do you know how to fix that? ccmsetup.log
  16. Create a device collection with computers where you want to keep Chrome. You can exclude this collection when you target your uninstallation deployment. The collection with Chrome users can be maintained manually or based on an AD group for instance (computer is member of security group 'ChromeUsers' or something similar)
  17. that makes sense, give it a go and report back with your success or lack of
  18. Great thanks Anyweb. So in my use case I could create an Azure Dynamic Device group (A), that is selected in the auto enrolment options within Device Management. So when a new Surface Hub is joined to Azure AD it is added to the group automatically and also auto enrolled in to MDM/Intune because that group is specified in the auto enrolment settings. Hope that makes sense. Thanks
  19. I checked with a Hub user and this was his response 1) autoenrollment is not enrolling in to intune, only Azure AD 2) all policy and apps need to be assigned to a device group, as there is no "concept" of a user on the device
  20. I'd like to help but I don't have a surface hub lying around, I'll ask someone who does...
  21. ok well one step at a time then, if you cannot get policy then either its a client issue, a network issue or a server issue, to rule out the server having an issue, check your component status logs in the Monitoring node of ConfigMgr for anything MP related
  22. So I use a bootable usb drive that has the .iso on it. I do not do PXE boot. it will get to the Welcome to the Task Sequence Wizard but then when I hit next it gives the error 0x80004005
  23. ok so to summarise when you pxe boot you cannot get policy is that your problem ? if not please add more details
  24. This log file is from the 16th. I was able to get this file off that particular pc that I tried reimaging.
  25. check date time on the client computer, today is the 19th but your log is from the 16th, so which is correct ? the client must have the same date/time as the MP, and it's not able to get policy from the MP as you can see here <![LOG[SyncTimeWithMP() failed. 80004005.]LOG]!><time="17:00:38.460+480" date="04-16-2021" component="TSMBootstrap" context="" type="3" thread="1572" file="tsmbootstraputil.cpp:1516"> <![LOG[Failed to get time information from MP: http://xxx.yyy.com.]LOG]!><time="17:00:38.460+480" date="04-16-2021" component="TSMBootstrap" context="" typ
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