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  2. The strange thing is that the client is a Primary Site .... during the ADR update checking the progress I can see the primary site (SITE1) as unknown , there are no error to refer . It seems the primary Site doesn't recognize itself.
  3. too little info, have you verified that the client is the right version ? anything else you can share ?
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  5. Did you read the docs? https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/configmgr/core/servers/deploy/configure/about-discovery-methods What is unclear with them?
  6. Here is the doc page https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/configmgr/core/servers/deploy/configure/about-discovery-methods
  7. I have several PCs inactive present in SCCM. At the moment I can't delete those PCs in AD. I was wondering if I can setup somehow system Autodiscovery in order to avoid to discover all AD including a rule to avoiding specific OU. Is it possible?
  8. The easiest way is to NOT have them listed within the OU to discover.
  9. How can I setup Autodiscovery to exclude a specific OU in AD?
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  11. I am noticing that once an ADR start detects the primary Site as unknown (tab). I couldn't find the reason.
  12. I can see several PCs with no client installed present in the list. Is there a way to delete (clean) also all this devices without the agent installed? I couldn't find a way to do it.
  13. I followed your directions I only added one more. Delete Inactive Client Discovery Data Delete Aged Unknown Computers Properties Delete Aged Inventory history Delete Aged Discovery data *** Delete Orphaned Client Deployment State Records
  14. Sorry, out longer than expected. The install still fails the same way.
  15. great stuff ! which maintenance task did you configure for this (so others will know)
  16. 1) Please check the settings of IIS & check IIS logs as well for the specific client machine. 2) Please confirm are you able to see the Updates in SC. 3) Ensure there is no CU required for the patch you are deploying on the server itself. 4) Check if there is any other GPO applied on this server e.g (WSUS) or any Third party AV might be blocking. 5) Check the settings are enabled for these server as well in Hierarchy settings to connect device anonymously. 6) Further you can check the deep dive flow of Steve Rachui on Software deployment on server/client side. Hope this helps
  17. Following my tests I have noticed an improvement in the automatic maintenance of the platform by setting the "delete" suggested.
  18. I wanted to update status.... I do not have a real solution to update. Although, things seems to be working now and Hybrid devices are enrolling now. The only thing that I could think of that maybe was a change, was enabling the "Microsoft Intune Enrollment" in the Mobility (MDM and MAM. I was told to just do "Microsoft Intune" and not worry about the "Microsoft Intune Enrollment" in the past. I could be wrong since it is working, either if it was because of that or other things. Thanks,
  19. you can review the discovery logs listed in my earlier blog to determine which discovery method is finding those computers. Open them in CMTrace and do some digging. Also, this depends on how you've configured your discovery methods, you can test this by manually deleting some MININT-xxxxxx records in SCCM, then triggering one discovery method by right clicking it and choose Run full discovery now..., then reviewing the logs, and verifying if they populate again in SCCM, below is an example of that...
  20. ok, thank you. I will try doing some tests. In the mean time I was wondering: whether the discovery system works/start automatically.... and ... where I can check how ofter because In my environment, new machines are often created and later I can see on SCCM new minint-xxxxxx machines.
  21. ok in my lab i had 11 minint-xxxxxx devices, and for a test I configured the following maintenance tasks, these settings are not suitable for production, it's only a TEST lab, you need to configure the settings to work with your production setup... Delete Aged Discovery Data https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/configmgr/core/servers/manage/reference-for-maintenance-tasks and... after running this test in my lab, it deleted all but one active minint-xxxxxx devices, so I thought that I had solved it, but... I did retry this on the same lab after restoring it from a snapshot of BEFORE I configured the maintenance tasks and this time it only removed 2 devices, so give it a try yourself and let me know how it goes you may have to additionally configure the following maintenance tasks, I'd suggest you test in your lab and then provide feedback Delete Inactive Client Discovery Data (was 90, was disabled) now every 1 days Delete Aged Unknown Computers Properties (was 30, eveyr saturday) now every 1 days Delete Aged Inventory history (was 90 days every day, now 1, every day) Delete Aged Discovery data (was 90, every saturday, now 1, every day)
  22. why not change yours to one day and see what happens
  23. I can see on the Maintenance task the "Delete Aged Uknown Computer" active to delete data that have been incative for more than 30 days. But it seems not working properly. I mean: "MININT-XXXXX" pcs still prensent.
  24. the removal of these discovered devices is governed by the maintenance tasks which i showed above, there are several, you'll have to experiment with the settings
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