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  2. Any contemporary smartphone or desktop device does not go without having a YouTube application already installed in it. YouTube is a ubiquitous and easy-to-use online video streaming platform and its headquarters is currently situated in California (San Bruno). If you want to transcend your YouTube viewing experience, then you must switch to the Premium version of YouTube. In YouTube Premium, you can entertain yourself with shows such as “Vsauce’ Mind Field,” “Ultimate Expedition,” “Impulse,” and “The King of Atlantis.” If you wish to subscribe to YouTube Premium right now, then you must proce
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  4. also the 0x8031005b translates to " The Group Policy settings for BitLocker startup options are in conflict and cannot be applied. Contact your system administrator for more information. Source: Windows ----- "
  5. have you enabled the client management tab settings at all when you configured BitLocker Management ?
  6. I'm not having much luck with enabling BitLocker with SCCM v2103, running in enhanced HTTP mode. I'm able to successfully create and deploy the Bitlocker policy to a few test machines. The MDOP MBAM agent does show up in the control panel, but for some reason, the machines remain non-complaint when the SCCM client runs the evaluation. Some of the MBAM registry keys appear to be present on the machines, but the MDOPBitLockerManagement sub registry key is not present. Under the Event Viewer\Applications and Services\Microsoft\Windows\MBAM\Admin section is giving the same warning message all the
  7. Hello, I tried to set an ADR rule for Adobe Reader DC. The rule has the following settings. If I run the rule, the following will appear in the ruleengine.log. Create Deployment Rule Action XML is: <DeploymentCreationActionXML xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"><DeploymentId>{e509394c-0e39-429a-b38e-f06b7b9d900f}</DeploymentId><DeploymentNumber>0</DeploymentNumber><CollectionId>PS100014</CollectionId><IncludeSub>true</IncludeSub><Utc>false</Utc>&l
  8. are you deploying apps as required or available ? what version of configmgr ? have you seen https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/configmgr/apps/deploy-use/install-app-for-device
  9. from objreplmgr.log ~***** Processing Install Policy Type ScopeId_E14592EF-23C7-442D-881C-2951E61321C4/ProhibitedApplication_cb7abf2a-2114-4fd9-b33b-6a42108673b8/1 ***** I am troubleshooting an issue why any application deploy to a device collection (including All Workstations) don't show on the software center but the same application show when deploy to a user collection I am wondering if sccm labels my application prohibited application hence don't show on software center ( the evaluation policy don't detect the new policy policypv.log) but it detect the new policy {recei
  10. Last week
  11. if you undock from the thunderbolt 3 dock and connect the computer directly to one of the displays do you see the same problem
  12. While dragging windows around and playing games I encounter stuttering shown in the video. I still haven't found a way to fix this. I am running 2 displays off of a thunderbolt 3 dock which would raise concerns but there is certainly enough bandwidth to support them. I have a Razer Blade 15 advanced with a 2070max q .
  13. it's a good question, and i'd recommend you read this guide (from Microsoft) which goes into details about that https://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/485.how-to-publish-the-crl-on-a-separate-web-server.aspx
  14. I determined that Windows Updates for the InTune Co-Mgmt had been switched to Intune and the Feature Updates needed to be configured there.
  15. problem: I can't deploy application to any device collections (new or existing applications) I can deploy application to any user collections History: someone moved 20 GB of filelib to another drive to cleared disk space issue. He moved the folders back two weeks later but didn't fix the problem sccmcontenlib\filelib Summary an SCCM instructor advised me to restore the VM (primary system and sql) all the components and site status are green. I followed the instructions on the link below trying to find the problem to no avail. I attached the logs
  16. Our desktop team didn't get off of 1809 before EOL. Now in SCCM, any newer feature update says "Affected products Windows 10 1903 or newer" So the FUs don't show required for any 1809 systems. Any way to easily fix that, or are they going to have to do task sequences? I think they said task sequences worked, but the look to the user was clunky.
  17. First of all, thank you for such a great guide. I do have a question though, is the CertEnroll directory available over the internet? So my certs are able to be downloaded by anyone? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I am just trying to learn this. Thank you
  18. Microsoft 365 is an incredibly powerful software suite for businesses, but it is becoming increasingly targeted by people trying to steal your data. The good news is that there are plenty of ways admins can fight back and safeguard their Microsoft 365 infrastructure against attack. This free upcoming webinar, on June 23 and produced by Hornetsecurity/Altaro, features two enterprise security experts from the leading security consultancy Treusec - Security Team Leader Fabio Viggiani and Principal Cyber Security Advisor Hasain Alshakarti. They will explain the 5 most critic
  19. I have the msedge_installer.log but there's no reference to azure or web page content 😞 msedge_installer.log
  20. what about the edge_installer.log on the client what does that reveal
  21. Niall, I don't see any app status 'Edge' in Endpoint Manager admin center. What I can see is the Discovered apps and versions These are the workloads for now with co-management
  22. normally what I do is uninstall the existing ADK, restart the server, then install the latest applicable ADK, but it all depends on what version of ADK you have installed, and whether it's compatible with 2103 or not here's the list of supported ADK's https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/configmgr/core/plan-design/configs/support-for-windows-10#windows-10-adk
  23. Hello, Thank you in advance. I keep looking to find a article about what to do with ADK before upgrading to sccm 2103? 1-Do I install on top of the current ADK or 2-Do I remove the previous ADK and PXE tools then install to the newest ADK and new PXE? Regards, Jose
  24. You’ve got to deploy the dell open manage client from sup that enables the wmi classes to scan for dell updates. Tbh the user experience is terrible, bios with passwords can’t use t he bios update (our main requirement) and most updates fail after the first update has installed.
  25. and are you sure it's not getting policy from Intune ? are any of the devices you are investigating showing up in your Edge deployments ? are your Edge logs on the client telling you anything ?
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