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  2. Have you looked at the default software update compliance reports? they do provide similar but more granular. Thanks, Eswar
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  4. I haven't approved any feature packs above 1809. Some computers seem to be ingoring SCCM for the feature packs and going to MS, thus installing them (1909). While I look into why they are doing this, is the a group policy setting that will allow me to turn of installation of feature packs from MS? In case it matters, all of my clients are running Enterprise edition.
  5. thanks for the thanks,. first thing though, is your 1910 lab in HTTPS mode ? if not you cannot use MBAM integration, it must be in HTTPS mode. if you need help with https mode see the following links, i converted one of my labs from http to https yesterday using these guides, it's not that hard if you pay attention to the guides: *to learn how to setup PKI and convert MEM CM from HTTP to HTTPS see https://windows-noob.com/forums/topic/16252-how-can-i-configure-pki-in-a-lab-on-windows-server-2016-part-1/ and then once complete, do this https://windows-noob.com/forums/topic/16300-how-can-i-configure-system-center-configuration-manager-in-https-mode-pki-part-1/
  6. Hi. Great article, and I watched your vid as well. very helpful. I'm installed SCCM 1910 in my lab (which has only VMs), and configured and BitLocker Policy. MBAM client is installed on the VMs as expected. Event viewer indicates that MBAM policies were applied successfully. The machines however, are not popping up the MBAM interface telling me to encrypt. I saw in your video, that the interface popped up on the VM, and then gave you an error when you tried to encrypt - mine aren't even popping up. Any idea why ? Thanks in advance
  7. Make sure that your Firewall allows inbound remote management on the DP as well outbound on the MP. Also make sure that your MP computer account is a member of the local admin group on the DP.
  8. Can some please guide how to resolve this error while installation of DP? ERROR DPConnection::ConnectRemoteIISManagementWMI() - Failed to connect to sccm.test.local. error = 0x800706ba
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  10. Hi there When mapping drives should this box be ticked? Run in logged-on user's security context? thanks
  11. Hello, old topic, but I thing I found the issue. The task sequence execution engine starts the next installation before the current one is finished. The engine waits for an exit code from msiexec and starts the next installation right away, but in some cases msiexec is still doing stuff. You get this error in the TS status messages, but the actual application exit code received is 1618. That was it in my case at least. Hope this helps
  12. I’m currently working on a user Onboarding script as the company can not afford a system to automate etc and want to check if you can help me on something which I cannot figure out? On a nutshell we have 4 different sites and each Location has its own OU for user accounts. We have departmental shares like IT, Accounts etc n want to add newly created to their respective department group and lastly distribution group based on location. Can you please help me a script for this if possible? I am able to create users but not able to add users based on departments also to the distribution group based on location Searched online could not find much Appreciate the help. Thank you
  13. How do I only do a mandatory assignment to users primary devices?
  14. I solved the problem. We install with clean iso win8.1, the first inclusion we create a local account (disable Internet access at the time of creation) Next, we remove all Windows applications by running the following cmdlets: Import-Module Dism Get-AppxPackage -AllUser | Where PublisherId -eq 8wekyb3d8bbwe | Format-List -Property PackageFullName,PackageUserInformation Get-AppxPackage -AllUser | Format-List -Property PackageFullName,PackageUserInformation Remove-AppxPackage -Package "package name here" We remove all application packages. Now we install all updates, after again we delete all applications through the cmdlet: Remove-AppxPackage -Package "package name here" and now it captures the image for pouring on pxe
  15. Niall, You wrote: "Note: The SCCM 1902 Current Branch media is not yet available on MSDN or VLSC. When the new baseline media is released I'll update this note. In the meantime you can download the baseline media ISO from the Microsoft evaluation site here. This will be the same media that will make it's way to MSDN and VLSC. Once downloaded, extract the media to C:\Source\SCCM1902." Since it now has been released, would you care to update your note? Also - this terrific series could be seriously improved were you able to publish Part 8 on boundaries. Thanks again for putting this all together. And, may I wish you Happy Birthday about 4 days early? -HarleyKM
  16. Doesn't two deployment work? as mandatory to TCU and second one as available?
  17. Is there a way to deploy software to a users device only and make all other devices they log into "available"? For examle: User A regularly logs into computer A, so SCCM makes them the primary user. User A then logs in compuer B one time so it is not their primary device. I want the software the is deployed to User A to install automatically on computer A but only be available to install in Software Center on computer B.
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  19. Thank you, I observed that Script settings is "Run this script using the logged on credentials" = "Yes ". My requirement is postpone the app installation using AppdeploymentToolKit(CodePlex). Zoom is the application which is going to upgrade ( uninstall old version and install new version) & this is the core application, so all machines having it. To execute this application administrative rights required. So using above Script settings can't keep "Yes". Is there any other way to provide pop-up message box from Intune. Note: I am using Powershell AppDeploymentToolKit.
  20. Bit confused.. I have "Collection1" which is limited to "All Systems". One Task sequence is advertised to "Collection1". Can I give permissions to "user1" only on "Collection1", to add/remove systems?
  21. Hi guys, thank you for answering, I am sure that the disk layout does not correspond with the tool to work, simply to many partitions. I have abandoned this approach, either i leave the disk like it was (MBR) or we are doing a fresh install of Win10 1903. Cheers.
  22. 在wsus和SCCM 看到的软件补丁不一致 该如何解决,有的补丁没有过期或者被取代, 在SCCM看不到而在WSUS里面能看到,也就是说没有同步到SCCM里面去。 The software patches seen in wsus and SCCM are inconsistent. How to solve them? Some patches have not expired or been replaced. They can not be seen in SCCM but can be seen in WSUS, that is, they are not synchronized to SCCM.
  23. I'm trying to check if Visio is installed and re-install it after the Office upgrade. I have a collection if visio is installed and set a collection variable. Then I reference the collection variable to install the application in the OSD task sequence. Visio is never reinstalled after the upgrade. What am I missing?
  24. yes of course it's possible, and you've already figured it out
  25. I hope this is the correct forum. I have a task sequence the upgrades Windows 7 computers to Windows 10. I also have devices that have Office 2010 and want to upgrade those to Office 2016 when Windows gets upgraded. Is there a way to check to see if a current version of the application is installed and if it is, install another application or even set a TS variable?
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