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  2. Nothing, as that is the default to have TLS 1.2 enabled. But keep in mind that since you have a CAS and therefore over 150, 000 computers, you should be opening a support ticket with MS directly. As their might be a reason why TLS 1.2 was turned off.
  3. We have 3 primary servers in different regions, so need CAS server , on checking doc to to resolve your TLS problem, I see below error when i open the URL in web browser, should i turn on TLS1.0, 1.1 ,1.2 on CAS server and what is impact of doing Turning on TLS 1.0,1.1,1.2 on SCCM servers, network and other things
  4. why do you have a CAS ? how many clients are you supporting ? start reading this docs to determine how to resolve your TLS problem https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/configmgr/core/plan-design/security/enable-tls-1-2-server
  5. I see this error when i open the URL in web browser, should i turn on TLS1.0, 1.1 ,1.2 on CAS server and what is impact of doing tht on network and other things
  6. is sql installed locally (recommended) or remote ? is this a PKI infrastructure ?
  7. Hello, I'm currently building out an environment for testing SCCM 2103 and ran into this error (see screenshot) at the beginning of the setup. I have the following in my environment: -Server 2022 -SQL 2019 -SCCM 2103 Everything is setup as I normally would with configuring SCCM but I can't figure out why I get this error. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. I am having an issue with imaging the surface pro 7+ everything goes through I apply the driver package which works for some I found once completed the touch screen doesn't respond I have to connect a keyboard and mouse anyone else having this issue?
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  10. CM itself doesn't use "my docs" or "desktop", Why do you think folder redirection is a problem/conflict for CM?
  11. I user 15-20mb per client + 2gb for the db itself. (#of clients * 20mb) + 2048 MB for db size. But honestly, the db size is not the issue, having the correct data is the issue and db grow within reason is more important.
  12. Thanks for above info, Also wanted to check if we can estimate the increase to the DB? what is the size now and how much space on the drives where the DB file is?
  13. The machines that were giving me issue I just did the delete on SMSCFG.INI and then restarted the SMS to get a new cert to register correctly I'm back to way above my #'s Sorry for the long thread but I got it fixed in end.
  14. what happens if you copy the url mentioned into your web browser on the same server, does it download correctly, yes/no
  15. Hi, We see Dmpdownloader.log failing as per below log , please check on this error and let me know what we can do to resolve it asap- Regards Kiran
  16. Hi, We have Config Manger 2107 running smoothly and status all green. we need to setup Folder redirection of "Documents" and "Desktop" folders. we have tried GPO in our on-premises DC but seems there is a conflict in GPO with others maybe what SCCM is setting up. My question is: Is there a setup configuration for Folder redirection in Config Manger? some sort of How to ...? Appreciate any light on this. Kevin H.
  17. Every three years Windows unveils a new version of its massively widespread OS, Windows Server. But this time it feels different. The rollout of Windows Server 2022 has felt strangely subdued compared to past iterations and it seems that this is part of Microsoft’s larger strategy to push admins towards a more cloud-hosted future. So, what does this mean for the future of system admins? How will your daily operations change because of this strategy shift? Presenters, Microsoft MVP Andy Syrewicze and IT security expert Paul Schnackenburg, will explain the full new feature set, security enhancements, editions and license comparisons, where Hyper-V Server has gone, where Azure Stack HCI fits into this discussion, and more on this unmissable upcoming webinar from Altaro/Hornetsecurity on 13 October. They will explain the full new feature set, security enhancements, editions and license comparisons, where Hyper-V Server has gone, where Azure Stack HCI fits into thisdiscussion, and more! The presenters will also be answering all your burning Windows Server 2022 questions so come prepared and make the most out of this event to prepare your organization for the next generation of IT workloads! Sign up here !
  18. you could create the media in ISO format, and ftp the iso, then mount the iso on a USB key and try that way
  19. Would it be possible to FTP the files to the PC and have it run the task sequence? I've been told the client wants to FTP the files to the PC vs shipping media.
  20. It is the same affect BUT if you are going to change it to 10 MB why not go to the max that is can be? What problem will setting it to 10mb solve that 50 mb will not solve? BTW, I'm finding that the avg full MIF is ~ 15mb these days, with AI data so....
  21. We have some MECM managed Windows 7 PC's that are on slow satellite links. Is it possible to ship the files to those locations, have them copied to the hard drives of those PC's and run OSD to use the locally copied files and install Windows 10?
  22. if you have some script for this to check certificates expiry and and renew them as we have to manually check this on each DP, primary servers
  23. Thanks for all the info, as you mentioned increasing MIF size to 50MB - will REDUCE (yes reduce) network, CPU and IOPS on your clients and MP, site server as it will Stop the resync looping does this mean clients will use more bandwidth to reduce network speed and increase N/W traffic, is it same effect if we set MIF size to 10MB from default 5MB
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