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  2. Yes, I cache the WIM/upgrade package and other packages but they are cached in the CCM cache. It´s only the drivers that need to be stored in a custom path. /Emile
  3. Hi Yes it´s now working as expected after using a a custom path for my drivers as suggested by Martin Bengtsson in this guide https://www.imab.dk/windows-as-a-service-precaching-drivers-before-in-place-upgrades-with-configmgr-task-sequences/. /Emile
  4. HI Emile, Did you find an answer to this? I am in the same position at the moment, I pre cache content using a separate task sequence to the ccmcache and then when I run the inplace upgrade task sequence it re downloads the content and doesn't use the ccmcache, any help would be appreciated
  5. That used to be the way it was when SCCM had a hybrid mode, that has been depreciated and now, it uses cloud attach. Please see our series of blog posts on the subject here. Parts 2 and 3 will help you setup a CMG which can also function as a CDP (cloud distribution point).
  6. I have SCCM CB 2010 installed. Under administration \ cloud services I do Not see Intune Subscriptions. I see in this screenshot below what it looks like but I don't have it. How do I add that? I want to setup a Cloud Distribution Point and when I try I log in using my Intune account and it finds my tenant but the Subscription is blank and I can't manually enter it. Thank you.
  7. they are there, try again, only logged on members of windows-noob.com can download scripts
  8. Hello, Very great post but the attached files don't exist anymore. Could you post the content or upload them again? Many thanks.
  9. Any WS that is approved, is approved for the life of the ResourceID. However if the ResourceId changes for any reason, then you will need to re-approve it. So it sound like your WG computers are duplicated and old computers are purged out and a new resouceid is created for the computer.
  10. Hi everyone? I have a question about SCCM Endpoint Manager Workstation (WORKGROUP out of trusted domain) approval When Workstation are in trusted domain, the autoApproval works like a charm and no problem with that workstation But i notice that for manual approval of "Out of Tursted Domain Workgroup machine", it seems that this approval has a kind of life time in SCCM and after a certain time i need to re-approve them all manually to be able to install again the sccm client on that out of domain machine It seems that this out of domain machine are not permanent approval or maybe the
  11. so are you converting the computer from legacy to UEFI and also converting the file system > if not it won't work
  12. Hi all, We have a project within our company to refresh PCs to the latest build of Windows 10 and enable Bitlocker. It captures the user state/network/Windows settings within Windows 10 to a state migration point, and then reboot into Windows PE, format the disks, enable secure boot and then format again to GPT and restart to Windows PE. Our TS works completely fine when the computer was imaged originally using UEFI. However we have some PCs in our company that were imaged on legacy boot (we use mostly HP 800 G3-G6 devices) and when the steps to convert BIOS to UEFI, it reboots and t
  13. ha, the funny thing is that link you sent me was the first article I read in relation to this. It would appear that I have missed a bit. I will go through it again though and find what I'm looking for.
  14. Thanks Niall, yes apologies in my incorrect wording. IIS hosting the "recovery service". I'll look into that link you sent me.
  15. IIS doesn't host the recovery keys, they are stored in the ConfigMgr database. The recovery service runs on IIS and that's probably what you are thinking about. The following guides should cover everything you need including HTTPS (pki) which is listed at the bottom of the blog post. If you don't want to go all https (and i'd recommend you do...) then simply add the HTTPS cert to IIS as explained in https://www.niallbrady.com/2019/11/13/want-to-learn-about-the-new-bitlocker-management-in-microsoft-endpoint-manager-configuration-manager/ why are you testing with ConfigMgr 2002, 2
  16. Hi all, I'm configuring a lab here for SCCm 2002 and I am looking at implementing bitlocker. I have been reading that from 2002, we don't need to enable https through out the MP to encrypt the recovery keys, we can just enable it on IIS. The problem I have is I have no idea how to do this. I quote Niall here from another post: "if you choose to not use PKI in your infrastructure then you need to add a PKI-based server auth cert to the IIS website hosting the recovery service – this can be the same cert you used when configuring HTTPS on the MP or another PKI-issued cert if not using HTTPS
  17. Hello, I'm just trying to figure out how to even do this, can anyone please point me in the right direction?
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  19. For me, it takes on average less than 30 minutes to image a system with apps like Office 365, AD join, Bitlocker encryption, etc. Also, there or significant advantages to using task sequences over the old pre-built images. Technology has changed a lot since 2014, though. I'll give you an update for 2021 with this. I've imaged at least 100 systems via task sequence at roughly the same time without Multicast without delay or any other issue. I don't think SCCM now called MECM has a software limit, and I agree with the only limit being network speed and hardware.
  20. What exactly isn't working for you? Also remember that the BIOS version is a string not a number too.
  21. Introduction In a previous blog post I explained how you could use the SendGrid resource in Azure to send emails, and with a PowerShell script create an Intune app to give end users additional options when resetting their Windows Autopilot provisioned pc. This app would gather the Autopilot diagnostic logs (and other relevant logs) and send an email to your support inbox prior to resetting the pc. I've now updated the code quite a few times with the following changes. modified text boxes to 'read' better modified warnings to make it clear when a device might become unboot
  22. Our SCCM DB is on an AAG. When it fails over to one node we get the error: An error occurred in the Microsoft .NET Framework while trying to load assembly id 65541. The server may be running out of resources, or the assembly may not be trusted. Run the query again, or check documentation to see how to solve the assembly trust issues. For more information about this error: System.IO.FileLoadException: Could not load file or assembly 'smssqlclr, Version= when we set trustworthy on and change the DB owner, it works... but when it fails over to the other node... the other n
  23. I need to create a Collection based on Model and BIOS version above 1.7 I try following query but it doesnt show any machine. I have check few machine and I can see that BIOS version is 1.6.x select distinct SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceID,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceType,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Name,SMS_R_SYSTEM.SMSUniqueIdentifier,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceDomainORWorkgroup,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Client from SMS_R_System inner join SMS_G_System_COMPUTER_SYSTEM on SMS_G_System_COMPUTER_SYSTEM.ResourceID = SMS_R_System.ResourceId inner join SMS_G_System_PC_BIOS on SMS_G_System_PC_BIOS.ResourceID = SMS_R_System.Resour
  24. You are looking at the console; that's a custom view, which is only available for reporting or the console; that "last online time" simply doesn't exist in the database as a "let's write wql queries against, for collection queries". Basically I'm saying don't try to use it for a collection query. The console is pretty and all... but I don't rely on it myself. MANY things in the console are based on summarization tasks. If you are in a smallish company (at least, smaller than what I have to deal with); sure, those summarization schedules and tasks complete efficiently and successfully
  25. Hello everybody, Is it possible to create an ADR and take several update products with it? For example 1809 updates and the Office 2016 updates? Thanks!
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