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  2. Excellent guides, thankyou! So everything went well as far as the migration of MBAM managed machines into SCCM. Registry settings are provided by SCCM, keys are escrowed to SQL, manage-bde is showing TPMandPIN, etc. The only problem I am experiencing is the 'No recovery options available on this PC' error when pressing ESC to get into Bitlocker recovery. I can force Bitlocker recovery fine when using manage-bde ForceRecovery, just don't get the option of recovering if, for instance, someone has forgotten their PIN. Have you seen this before? Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks Andy
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  4. Interesting, I haven't tested it yet with a CMG scenario, but now that you've mentioned it I guess I should so i'll try and replicate this in my lab and see what happens, time willing, i'll report back after that cheers niall
  5. Hi, We used this TS with some VMs and they worked fine but now we have some issues using it through CMG. When we start the TS it keeps waiting for dependencies. I double checked that all references (included the wrapper) are correctly uploaded to CMG. Also, we used the CMG for other deployments without any issues. It's weird, since we remove the wrapper as "run another program first" the TS run correctly. Are there any issue related with the CMG and this kind of task sequences? We are using CMG for intranet (VPN) clients ,I mean, we assigned the CMG as cloud DP on the VPN boundary group. Any thoughts? Regards
  6. Hi All, after moving the Primary Site (including the SUP) to another server, I am not able to download any Office 365 update. I will get the following error message: "Failed to download content id <ID>. Error: Invalid certificate signature". My WSUS Certificate of the new server (Self-Signed) is placed here: - trusted publishers - trusted root certificate authorities Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi All ! I have migrated my SQL DB to another Server. After that move the MECM Bitlocker Helpdesk Portal (Webportal) shows no recovery key for any system. When I have a look to the database, there are all entries inside (encrypted). How can I go on to get it working with the helpdesk Portal ? I urgently need the keys, because at the moment I am not able to solve any bitlocker issues for my systems. The whole MECM environment is in HTTPS mode only (if this is helpful). Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. Last year’s ebook, SysAdmin Horror Stories Vol1 by Altaro, highlighted some of SysAdmins’ funniest and most horrifying stories. It proved so successful, that Altaro decided to produce a second edition this year: they’ve gathered some more real-life stories to share with you, that are both funny and horrific! We all know that a SysAdmin’s job is no easy task, and apart from constantly having systems to update, bugs to fix and users to please, SysAdmins encounter all sorts of situations throughout their careers. From tech situations to funny anecdotes, terrible mishaps or incidents with colleagues, this eBook includes real stories of what SysAdmins go through on a daily basis. It’s very easy to download as no registration is required. Click on Download and it’s yours. It includes more than 20 short stories but this one is my personal favorite. Download your FREE copy today & Happy Halloween!
  9. I'd like to get a email when a software update installation fails so I don't have to go to deployments and look for it manually. The existing option for an alert when client compliance falls below a percentage is useless for us, and we don't use SCOM. A report would be OK too as long as I can somehow automate it and have it emailed to me.
  10. In my case it was network issue. I.e. default gateway wasn't set in dhcp options.
  11. they are not there because they have been removed, see https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/configmgr/core/plan-design/changes/deprecated/removed-and-deprecated-cmfeatures
  12. Hi Im Instaling SCCM 2006 in Add Site SystemRole Dont have 2 Catalog Application catalog Web Service Point Application catalog website point in iis featuers all item as instaled
  13. Hi! 😃 Recently I made settings for PXE and sccm site configuration (https communication clients), these edits did not help and I returned everything back. But from that moment on, all clients turned gray and errors appeared in the logs: : 1. ERROR: can't retrieve SQL connection. Exception: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): A connection was successfully established with the server, but then an error occurred during the login process. (provider: SSL Provider, error: 0 - The target principal name is incorrect.) 2. Failed to authenticate with client [::ffff:]:60583. 3. ERROR: Don't have SQL connection when get client certificate for client Now everything is configured over http, but apparently somewhere there is a connection over https. Please tell me how you can solve this problem? What settings should I check? Thank you in advance
  14. You can check out this link to fix this issue: Windows Couldn't Configure One or More System Components
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  16. One DP for 4500 computer is a lot! The spec is one dp for every 4000 computers. Secondly downloading is generally a boundary issue. Exactly what boundaries are you using? Are we talking apps or packages? Have you reviewed the logs on a problem client?
  17. 2006. I had to run a new Sync. After that, all the new patches were downloaded. S Strange problem, but glad the sync resolved the issues.
  18. Hello, Our SCCM environment is experiencing several computers showing a status of "Installing" or "Downloading" when attempting to install applications from Software Center. Some computers tend to stay this way indefinitely. As far as I can tell this happens with newly imaged computers. Other computers which have been active for a longer time don't show this behavior. To attempt fix the issue I updated the SCCM current branch to 2006 in hopes of installing some hotfix. However, the issue persists. I do not have a complex environment. One DP and about 4,500+ computers. I've done some research but it's very dated - like years ago. Any other info I can include please let me know. Thanks, Tyler
  19. Has anybody experience this issue with patches not downloading. I am having this problem for October? My ADR is running with no errors, but no updates are being downloaded. Last month's ADR and downloads went off without a hitch Rule Engine Error ADR - no problems ADR settings No patches under Preview
  20. Hi all,Thanks for any help in advance.I am new enough to SCCM and working on Office 365 client updates through ADR. On my test bed currently is O365 v1705 (Build 8201.2294), I am pushing client update v1808 (10730.20438) to it.ADR, Deployment Packages and Software Update Groups are setup and working.The Office 365 update does appear in the Software Center for installation, for testing I have everything set to the most visibility. When selected to install, the process goes through the download and install process according to the info displayed within Software Center but after it completes the Office version has not changed while .The update is downloaded to the ccmcache folder, separate question is that is it supposed to go in there or in the Microsoft Office folder in Program Files?I have eliminated installs inside of business hours being the issue, have turned that option off and also left client overnight.Looking at the updateshandler.log I do see the below:Failed to start WSUSUpdate, error = 0x87d00698When checking the Deployment in Monitoring the clients in that collection indicate as being compliant when they are not, any ideas?Also to add, doing a direct deployment of the client update without using ADRs has the same result. I am aware the versions I am troubleshooting are out dated, its just for testing. I have also tried with 1908 going to 2002 but that does not appear in Software Center at all when the config settings indicate it should. Checking the compliance report for the deployment it says it is Compliant when it is not as 1908 is still installed on the machine. Maybe I am not understanding something here, if 1908 is still supported, will SCCM see it as needing 2002? Thanks
  21. i've no idea sorry, and i wouldn't do it that way, just restore your back up to another vm server and export the ts from there
  22. Ah, my SQL drive is backed up daily as part of the backup process. Could I not somehow restore or look through that? If so where would I be looking? Definitely a lesson learned. 😥
  23. Thanks for the response, I'll try that next. I thought the data for the task sequence was stored in SQL? Just so I can get my head around the issue.
  24. if you've deleted the task sequence then it's gone i'm afraid, you could restore the backup of your server to a vm and export the task sequence from that vm to your online server, that's what i'd do cheers niall
  25. what type of headphones are they and are you using bluetooth or wired to use them ?
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