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  3. you can upgrade to 2207 now, it's available and it should not have this problem
  4. things have changed since i wrote those blog posts, the most recent article on language packs is here, please take a look at it I don't capture images any more, I always make any changes that are needed via the SCCM task sequence as the computer is being deployed
  5. Im trying to build the new win 10 21H2 image adding inside 2 extra language using DISM. This image will be included in the SCCM tasksequence . With the first simple test (without adding a language) everything worked fine .... Later once I injected another language by DISM Dism /Image:"<PathToNewFolder>" /Add-Package /PackagePath="<PathTo.CABLanguagePack>" something happen because it failed. I have seen your guide: and i need help to understand what is the best process and steps. To avoid wrong steps what is the right way to add extra languages in the tasksequence image deployment? 1) Inject the extra language by DISM? 2) create a proper answer file? 3) add both in the tasksequence? About the language: 1) where I can take or download the compatible languace pack (win 10 21H2)? 2) what about experience pack .... do I need to add also them (which I don't quite understand what they are for)? Thanks
  6. Thank you for your reply Tab and then hit Enter. You are ready to add the path. Thank you for your I found Alt +B. You can also open the path window. Is this a bug?
  7. ok it seems that it's a bug, but the button IS there you just can't see it, try this > use Tab to navigate and hit the Enter to launch the selection dialog, or you could use English version console to launch the wizard.
  8. 我可以根据你的1902版本构建它。但是我发现它无法升级到2203版本。我建立了一个新的测试环境。 新的2203测试环境如下: 1)SQL版本2017 2)服务器版本 2019 3)MECM:2203 ADK和WinpE支持WIN11 我做了很多研究。解决问题但无法解决 smsadminui.log 是的。发生此问题时,我检查了此日志
  9. Wondering how we could i revert back from ConfigMgr with full HTTPS / PKI environment to the normal HTTP mode / self signed for client. i can't figure out how to remove https 8531 binding from https
  10. are you remoted to a console for this ? can you try and increase the native resolution of the console to see if the browse button shows up ? this is how it should look, you will need to select the checkbox also
  11. ok i will ask the PG for comment and come back to you
  12. I was able to build it based on your version 1902. But I found it couldn't be upgraded to version 2203. I built a new test environment. The new 2203 test environment is as follows: 1)SQL Version 2017 2)Server Version 2019 3)MECM:2203 ADK and WinpE support WIN11 I did a lot of research. To solve the problem but couldn't solve it smsadminui.log yes. I checked this log when this problem occurred
  13. and this worked perfectly before you upgraded to 2203 as the same user ? is the provided smsadminui.log from when the problem occurred ?
  14. Thank you for your reply I checked my security role. The account I logged into is a full access administrator
  15. i meant if the user you were logged onto the console with has the Full Administrator role in SCCM like this...
  16. Hello, I don't understand what you mean. Your role is full administrator But I checked the logged role The login user name has been added to the Admisistrator group SmsAdminUI.logWill this log file help me analyze it
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  18. if you mean the remaining blog posts in the series, they'll come as we add them, each takes days (or weeks) to research and put together, but we'll try and be timely
  19. Amazing man, so we will get the rest of videos?
  20. I have set up ADR which creates new SUP groups. There are currently over 100 groups and it is becoming a bit difficult to manage. How do I proceed if I want to convert so that there is only one group per product? Is it enough to change it so it is set to "Add to an existing Software Update Group" or will it start over and only include a month's worth of updates?
  21. Hello I have a problem here When adding the operating system image package wizard. The path cannot be pasted and entered It's gray and I can't enter my path Looking forward to your reply
  22. what media are you using ? i'll remind you of this bit.. Requirements The method requires that you use the English (En-US) version of Windows 10 as delivered from your OEM. If any other language is applied from the factory then it might cause some of the logic to fail. If you do go down that route, then you'll need to prepare language specific versions of the zonemapping.csv and other files as necessary. So let's get started. You can always install language packs later.
  23. Introduction This is Part 1 in a new series of guides about getting started with Windows 365. This series of guides will help you to learn all about Windows 365 in a clear and insightful way. This series is co-written by Niall & Paul, both of whom are Enterprise Mobility MVP’s with broad experience in the area of modern management. At the time of writing, Paul is a 6 times Enterprise Mobility MVP based in the UK and Niall is a 12 times Enterprise Mobility MVP based in Sweden. In this series we aim to cover everything we learn about Windows 365 and share it with you to help you to deploy it safely and securely within your own organization. This part will focus on an introduction about what Windows 365 actually is, selecting the right edition with the level of management that you need, choosing the plan that suits your users needs at a cost you can afford, or modifying the configuration to make it more suited to individual needs, purchasing licenses and saving money for your organization via the Windows Hybrid Benefit. Below you can find all parts in this series: Getting started with Windows 365 - Part 1. Introduction <- you are here Getting started with Windows 365 - Part 2. Provisioning an Azure Ad Joined Cloud PC Getting started with Windows 365 - Part 3. Provisioning a Hybrid Azure Ad Joined Cloud PC Getting started with Windows 365 - Part 4. Connecting to your Cloud PC Getting started with Windows 365 - Part 5. Managing your Cloud PC Getting started with Windows 365 - Part 6. Point in time restore Getting started with Windows 365 - Part 7. Windows 365 boot Getting started with Windows 365 - Part 8. Windows 365 switch Getting started with Windows 365 - Part 9. Windows 365 offline Getting started with Windows 365 - Part 10. TBD In this part we'll cover the following: What is Windows 365 ? What editions are available ? What plans are available ? Configuring your own plan How do I purchase licenses ? Saving money with Windows Hybrid Benefit Recommended reading What is Windows 365 ? Windows 365 was introduced just over a year ago in July 2021 by Satya Nadella at the Microsoft Inspire Keynote. In a nutshell it is a Cloud PC that runs in Microsoft's cloud and can be either Azure AD joined or Hybrid Azure AD joined. Windows 365 can be connected to from any device as long as it's HTML 5 capable. There is no need for any extra client agent. According to the official Microsoft Windows 365 FAQ (we've marked the important bits in bold) it is: As long as your device has a web browser that is HTML 5 capable then you'll be able to use a Cloud PC. That device could be iOS, Android, Linux, Mac or Windows 10 or Windows 11. There is no need for any additional Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) resources or expertise as it's all available via a web browser URL and manageable via the Admin controls (Business edition) or via Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Enterprise edition). A Cloud PC has several positives including the ability to access the Cloud PC from any device and from anywhere, it's secure as the business data contained within stays in the Cloud, and the cost is predictable. Microsoft have also recently released a new video celebrating one year with Windows 365 here and it highlighted new features that were added over the last year based on customer feedback. in addition the video revealed that the following new abilities are coming soon... Windows 365 Boot Windows 365 Switch Windows 365 Offline What editions are available ? At the time of writing there are currently 2 editions, listed below. Windows 365 Business (select this if your businesses has up to 300 users, comes with basic management) Windows 365 Enterprise (select this for unlimited users and full management with MEM) These two editions also differ based on the type of management available, so if you need to manage your Cloud PC's using Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) then the Enterprise edition is for you otherwise you'll have only basic management available via the web browser session with the Business edition. What plans are available ? By default there are currently 3 plans offered for both Business and Enterprise editions. Basic Standard Premium These are pre-configured templates of Cloud PC's that should be enough for most people, the price increases as you move from Basic to Premium. These versions may not be what you actually want or need, in that case you should configure your own. Configuring your own plan You can of course configure your own by clicking on the Configure your Cloud PC link based on the edition of Windows 365 that you selected. Configure your Cloud PC - Business Configure your Cloud PC - Enterprise Once you choose to manually configure your Cloud PC the options available and the price per user per month shown to the right change depending on what you click on. For example, if you wanted the lowest possible config, then select 2 vCPU, 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, that'll come to only 28$ per user, per month (at the time of writing). Conversely, if you max out on all the options available (at the time of writing) and order a 8 vCPU, 32GB RAM and 512GB storage then it'll cost you 158$ per user, per month. How do I purchase licenses ? After picking the plan that is right for your users, you can purchase licenses for Windows 365 directly from https://www.windows365.com or via your Microsoft Sales rep or Microsoft Partner. Saving money with Windows Hybrid Benefit To get more details about all available pricing/plans and price reductions for Windows 365 see here. Take note of the ability to reduce the price based on something called Windows Hybrid Benefit. This benefit requires the following: Windows Hybrid Benefit is available to customers who have devices with valid Windows 11 Pro or Windows 10 Pro licenses. Each person assigned a Windows 365 Business license with a Windows Hybrid Benefit license must be the primary user of a Windows 11 Pro or Windows 10 Pro licensed device, and that device must be their primary work device. To maintain your discounted pricing, during any subscription term in which you access the Windows 365 service, you must also access the service from your Windows 11 Pro or Windows 10 Pro licensed device at least once during that same term. So in case that's not clear, if your users are using a Mac, iOS, Android or Linux device with a HTML 5 capable browser, then they do not qualify for the Windows Hybrid Benefit. Recommended reading Windows 365 FAQ - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-365/faq Windows 365 editions - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-365?ms.url=w365&rtc=1 Windows 365 pricing plans - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-365/all-pricing?pricing-tab=1 Getting started with a Windows 365 POC - https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/manufacturing/getting-started-with-a-windows-365-poc/ba-p/3060929 Windows 365 Admin setup and management - https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-mechanics-blog/windows-365-admin-setup-and-management-tutorial-for-cloud-pcs/ba-p/2598140#M72 That's all for this blog post, please join us in Part 2 where we will assign licenses to users and provision a Cloud PC.
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