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  2. try re-distributing the content that it's failing the hash on, if that doesn't help, then redeploy the task sequence and try again
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  4. I am running into this same issue while trying to upgrade 1511 to 1709 via task sequence. Worked fine on all my 1511 desktops but will not work on any of my Surface Pros or VMs. Acutally will not run on any 1607 machines either. Just hangs forever.
  5. My task sequence is pretty simple, I just want to include Office 365 in it as it takes a long time to install during a normal W10 deployment, which is why I'm including it in my Capture. It's coming up with this error 0x00001007 This is the log from CONFIGMGR TASK SEQUENCE MONITOR ... ESULT=80091007 (e:\qfe\nts\sms\framework\tscore\bootimage.cpp,798) TS::Boot::BootImage::StageBootImage(sPkgID), HRESULT=80091007 (e:\nts_sccm_release\sms\client\osdeployment\prepareos\prepareos.cpp,846) PreStageWINPE(m_bDebug), HRESULT=80091007 (e:\nts_sccm_release\sms\client\osdeployment\prepareos\prepareos.cpp,1292) pCmd->Sysprep(bActivate, bMsd), HRESULT=80091007 (e:\nts_sccm_release\sms\client\osdeployment\prepareos\main.cpp,270) De-Initialization successful Exiting with error code 4103 Hashcould not be matched for the downloded content. Original ContentHash = CE4C495E359A3A0A18BF1B429BB909D2119C05531AD7980D12346772E662343A, Downloaded ContentHash = A9F2E5E0475E0D4C33625C81C0E4A254DB52A37E7977FBB777C9AA82E3E06351 Boot Image package not found. he hash value is not correct. (Error: 80091007; Source: Windows) Failed to resolve boot image LS100005 source Failed to pre-stage WINPE image, hr=0x80091007 Unable to sysprep the machine, hr=80091007 Sysprep'ing the machine failed, hr=80091007 Any help is much appreciated.
  6. SCUP Catalog list

    We have an affordable SCUP Catalog. You can get some more info here: https://patchmypc.net/third-party-patch-management-sccm-scup-catalog The supported products can be found here: https://patchmypc.net/supported-products-scup-catalog Customer testimonials can be found here: https://patchmypc.net/customer-testimonials Let me know if there is anything I can answer for you. - Justin Chalfant
  7. 0x80072efe means "The connection with the server was terminated abnormally". Is this happening on all clients or specific machines ? can you try to restart windows update services and initate software update scan. you can start troubleshooting software updates using http://eskonr.com/2015/04/sccm-2012-troubleshoot-client-software-update-issues/ Regards, Eswar http://www.eskonr.com
  8. This tab shows the accounts that are configured in SCCM console ,it cab be like network access account, client push account etc. Unless you configure any accounts,this tab is empty. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sccm/core/plan-design/security/configure-security#BKMK_ManageAccounts Regards, Eswar www.eskonr.com
  9. Aha! Mystery solved. I had made a small mistake with the IF statements for 'is upgrade allowed to run'. I had the last IF statement running as a child of the second. Removing this and putting it inline with top, IF..All, and my machine is now upgrading. Thanks for the pointer and for your time in responding. Doug
  10. Build failures on SCCM 1710

    This is now escalated with Microsoft for a code review. To be clear this failure only happens when rebuilding from Windows 10 to Windows 10 using the SCCM client. We think the failure happens when there are updates pending in Windows. It doesn't happen every time so it may be a combination of certain updates. My point with Microsoft is that the SCCM client should be able to handle this particularly if you are doing a wipe and load and don't care about updates.
  11. Hi Niall, Thank you for your comments. I have attached the requested log here, but it looks like it has no errors and is passing the 0 exit code. The file Upgrade_Forced.txt exists in ProgramData with content 'Upgrade selected'. This is within a test VM that I have clicked on 'Upgrade now'. I think I will revert the snapshot back a day, before I made any attempts to upgrade and see if something in my testing has affected the behaviour. Many thanks, Doug Windows10RequiredUgradeWrapper.log EDIT: I reverted snapshot and tried again but suffer from the same problem as before...
  12. Failed to send request, error 0x2ee7

    May this GIF will help explain things. Does the URL work in IE or chrome? It should work.
  13. Failed to send request, error 0x2ee7

    Again, my point being if you take the URL and paste it into IE does it work? It should work. If it doesn't work then that shows you the problem. If it does work, do it again with the Local System account and IE, does that work?
  14. Failed to send request, error 0x2ee7

    NO, that's not the same URL. It was from the log file.
  15. SCCM + MDT Refresh from 8.1 to 10

    Hello Windows Noob family! I am attempting to a very basic, nothing crazy refresh from windows 8.1 to windows 10 using SCCM with MDT. I am doing a user driven installation with the latest ADK installation. I create a standard User Driven task sequence. Under the capture user state step I have Capture all user profiles by using standard options selected, with verbose logging and Copy by using file system access - checked continue if some files cannot be captured and capture locally using hard links. Then under Restore User state I am using Restore all captured user profiles with standard options. When kicking off the task sequence from within the OS, I have no trouble managing the wizard... which reboots me into WinPE and begins the image. I watch it run the USMT package which "Processes the User State". When the image is done, the user profiles are not restored, altho - all the data is still there under C:\StateStore. I can browse through that folder and see all the user profiles that were backed up, and all the content is there. It just appears to be skipping, or failing? On the Loadstate portion... I cannot find any scanstate / loadstate logs - and the SMTS.log files don't appear to display any errors. Any thoughts from the gurus here? Thank you!
  16. hi Doug thanks ! from your smsts.log it's not allowing the task sequence to proceed because it does not see the file 'upgrade_forced.txt' file, that file SHOULD be created in the following scenarios User clicks upgrade now HTA times out and there are no deferrals left so can you tell me how you are getting to the actual task sequence running, is this after the user has clicked upgrade now ? did you verify that the file existed there or not before the task sequence runs ? can you share your Windows10RequiredUpgradeWrapper.log file as well please so i can see what it says cheers niall
  17. Hi Niall, This is such a great resource, thank you so much for the time and effort put into this. I am having an issue with the deployment of the upgrade. I previously had it working but after downloading the updated scripts and trying to deploy, the upgrade takes 5 seconds and reports to Software Center that it was successful. Looking through the attached SMSTS log, it looks like it is evaluating the 'Is upgrade allowed to run' initial step to be false, and therefore, it skips Upgrade the OS step because Upgrade_Forced variable is False. Trying to look through the log, I don't see why it is evaluating to False. C:\ProgramData\Upgrade_Forced.txt does exist, the system version is 14393 and c:\programdata\DO_NOT_UPGRADE.txt does not exist. Can you shed any light on this? Cheers Doug smsts.log
  18. hi here are my replies 1. always use virtual machines to build and then capture your master image. That keeps the image driver agnostic. 2.the following guide shows you the process from beginning to end, https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/deployment/deploy-windows-mdt/create-a-windows-10-reference-image, 3. see above 4.see above
  19. Failed to send request, error 0x2ee7

    First off that is not the same URL as above. Secondly. In the URL above, can you in a browser download this cab file? if not this is your problem. There is a network issue between the client and the URL.
  20. It’s gonna be a bare metal( wipe and load ), mostly refreshes and few replaces ,both with data migration. The approach is : USB standalone media for the upgrade ones, and online with SMP for the replace. The USB option is to avoid any network bottleneck during the migration. Most of clients (not all offices) have a 1Go connection to their DPs , no internet clients. unless I’m wrong , we don’t need a bandwith optimization in this case. So, the DPs will be mainly requested during the replace scénario as they are also setup as SMPs.
  21. Failed to send request, error 0x2ee7

    this is in the error: WARNING: WinHttp: SendRequestUsingProxy failed for <http://download.microsoft.com/v11/2/windowsupdate/redir/v6-win7sp1-wuredir.cab>. error 0x80072ee2
  22. Failed to send request, error 0x2ee7

    no, the user doesn't have access to it. I'm assuming the sccm01, is the server?
  23. Failed to send request, error 0x2ee7

    ok but if you open the URL HTTP://SCCM01.XXX.YYYYY/SMS_FSP/.sms_fsp on one of these computers work?
  24. Failed to send request, error 0x2ee7

    we actually go through our SCCM server; these machines do not reach the internet.
  25. Safely ignore this one. It is by design until accounts are added.
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