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  2. Yes, I can browse and download that file from the primary server. Not using a proxy.
  3. that's access denied, are you using a proxy ? perhaps it's getting blocked, can you browse that url from the primary site ?
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  5. not sure about the "supersedence" option, but i can help you upgrade your devices. google and download the OffScrub.vbs. if you cant locate it, i can send it over. We use OffScrub in a task sequence to remove the older versions of office, restart the computer, then install the new version of office. If I remember correctly, offscrub It will remove Communicator and Live meeting also. The only catch is we had some devices where Visio and Office shared some .dlls and we had to reinstall Visio on a few devices.
  6. To the Admins, apologies if this is a duplicate thread. Up against the gun - Our SCCM guru abruptly left the company, and I've been tasked with taking over. I'm a newbie in every sense of the word, but did pick up SCCM 2012 Unleashed and have been reading and watching videos, but have yet to find one to break down my issue in detail. I need to upgrade 2000+ users from Office 2010 to Office 2013 using SCCM using Supersedence. Also, I need to make sure that MS Livemeeting, MS Conference Add-in, and Communicator is uninstalled before pushing 2013. Can someone break the process down for me like I'm one of the cavemen from the old Geico commercials? I went into application management, and I don't see Office 2010, nor Livemeeting, etc. Do these need to be created first before supersedence will even work? Also, I'd like to know how to forcefully push this to a collection of specific devices, and have it as an option in the Software Catalog for the users who still need Office 2010 for specific software, but may want to switch in the future. Appreciate all feedback.
  7. I checked the log and these are the last few lines... INFO: File msrdcoob_amd64.exe already exists Configuration Manager Setup 4/26/2017 5:14:40 PM 22340 (0x5744) INFO: Downloading as WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe Configuration Manager Setup 4/26/2017 5:14:40 PM 22340 (0x5744) No proxy information is specified. Connect without proxy. Configuration Manager Setup 4/26/2017 5:14:40 PM 22340 (0x5744) INFO: WinHttpQueryHeaders() in Download() returned Service Unavailable (503) Configuration Manager Setup 4/26/2017 5:14:40 PM 22340 (0x5744) ERROR: Download() failed with 0x80004005 Configuration Manager Setup 4/26/2017 5:14:40 PM 22340 (0x5744)
  8. Hi All, Hope you are all well, and sccm'ing away on the CBB I have been asked to look into a standalone task sequence from usb, which will include the djoin steps for a offline domain join. I went thru the djoin provision steps etc process manually in a lab, and got a fresh build win10 box to join the domain. but cannot seem to get this to work with vanilla sccm cbb. I have read articles that mdt has a specific step for this, but I'm not sure the boss wants mdt in place ?? Anyone got experience of a way to get this to work ? Regards, Wazzie
  9. does your c:\configmgrsetup.log reveal what file or files it's failing on ?
  10. Turns out my domain credentials where "baked" into the old captured Windows10 image i had been deploying even though i had used a windows user profiles to remove this profile correctly and rebooted the PC before i captures the image. I only use local admin account and workgroup before capturing win10 now. Cheers everyone for your help anyway.
  11. Thank you Peter that was a huge help
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  13. First you need to create some configuration files and then you can add them to your MST with the packager. In Firefox everything is being configured in text files.
  14. I just upgraded to 1703 using a Servicing Plan in SCCM, however I lost all the pinned program from the Start menu. Also, I had to re-install the RSAT update. Wondering if you anyone had the same issue? Thanks,
  15. I searched and only found things related to the 1610 update getting stuck downloading but none of those fixes work. Relevant portion of log is pasted: ERROR: Failed to download redist for e0df5bb8-b4c8-4553-9b55-133e36536a35 with command /RedistUrl /LnManifestUrl /RedistVersion 201702 /NoUI "\\ISSCCM1.CITY.PLANO.GOV\EasySetupPayload\e0df5bb8-b4c8-4553-9b55-133e36536a35\redist" . SMS_DMP_DOWNLOADER 4/26/2017 2:19:23 PM 14280 (0x37C8) Failed to download redist for e0df5bb8-b4c8-4553-9b55-133e36536a35. SMS_DMP_DOWNLOADER 4/26/2017 2:19:23 PM 14280 (0x37C8) Restarting SMS_EXEC service multiple times shows the folder in E:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\EasySetupPayload\e0df5bb8-b4c8-4553-9b55-133e36536a35\redist gets modified date changed but still end up with the download error. Anyone have an idea? Thanks!
  16. I found installsheild to use but struggling to find where to set the proxy
  17. You're talking about "seeing" computers. You're talking about when they become members of a collection you're looking at? If so, the administrator may be looking at a collection that updates more quickly than the one you're looking at (or the administrator is not making it clear that he's initiating an update of the membership on his collection). Look at the properties of the collection you're looking at under the Membership Rules tab. Are the boxes checked for incremental updates and/or full updates? Is there a schedule?
  18. If I may go on further, Even through the administrator can see the computers immediately, the packages sent to computers does not install until the time I can see them also in SCCM.
  19. Thats a good thing to look for. There isn't any such GPO however, and the machine has the 'defer upgrades' button unticked, and shows on the config manager console with "do not defer upgrades" regardless, the machine is deemed compliant for some reason.. I also posted to technet regarding the issue (have virtually no hope of getting a solution. But its worth a try)
  20. Thank you. I will get in touch with them immediately.
  21. If your CM12 admin can see the PC within minutes, it mean that delta updates for the collection that you are limited to seeing computer for has not been enabled. Ask them to enable delta updates to the collection.
  22. Hoping someone can shed some light on an ongoing issue... When I image a computer, via PXE, it takes about 24 hours before I can see it in SCCM. Our administrator can see the computer withing minutes. At one point I was also able to see the computer within minutes, but now it reverted back to the 24 hour delay. Can anyone assist? Thank you,
  23. Hi again, This issue is with another unit HP X360 1030 G2 with different specs as I reported in another thread. On this machine, it seems the disk is not getting formatted and the TS fails when trying to install the OS image. (fails at step 2of MDT install image). This is what we have: 1) The TS is bound with the latest boot image that has all the drivers, even the SATA driver that was available for this model. 2) The TS starts and in the logs I can see that the disk is detected properly and all partitions are listed out. 3) The TS has been tested in both UEFI and Legacy and both modes. 4) I tried cleaning the partition with diskpart and that also doesn't seem to work. What says the collective. Thanks Chanderjeet smsts.log
  24. Had the same issue. Saw this reply in a Reddit thread: So I declined all 1703 updates in WSUS, and my clients started updating again! Happy days! I think the reason for my problems were that the 1703 feature update does not supersede the 1607 update, so the SUP basically sends out two conflicting updates to the client and it just flips out. But I'm not really comfortable having declined updates in WSUS, is there any good way of declining the updates in SUP? Or at least filter out the 1703 updates until they supersede the 1607 update?
  25. Hello, I seem to have a riddle at hand. We got the GP X360 1030 G2 unit and I hooked it up for OSD testing. I've got the driver package created and when I run the TS, it goes through all steps as expected and then the domain joining step occur. Interesting, it does not join the domain but also do not fail at that step, even though it's set to. After domain joining, TS is set to reboot and then come back and start SCCM client installation. The client installation happens and then it reboots again and start with the next step too before failing. 1) Boot using bootable USB and start TS 2) Steps happen as expected. 3) Domain joining step happens but machine does not join the domain. (Under Panther folder, the setuperr shows 0x57 domain join failed due to bad credentials. We've run this TS on other machines and they work fine) 4) After domain joining step, a reboot happens and machine continues the TS. 5) SCCM client installation happens. 6) Machine reboots. 7) Next TS step happens and after a few seconds into the step the TS stops abruptly that the machine comes to a administrator login screen. We've checked and found that during all steps, the machine maintains network connectivity. We've checked credentials for Domain joining account. We've checked with another USB ethernet. We've also reinjected the ethernet drivers into the driver pkg. Actually, we've recreated the pkg entirely. After login using the admin password, we can see that all network components installed in the device manager Machine is still getting IP address so we can attribute this behaviour to "network lost" during TS. Panther\UnattendedGC\Setuperr.log shows: [DJOIN.EXE] Unattended Join: Failed to load all required input parameters, error occured processing [Username]: 0x57 [DJOIN.EXE] Unattended Join: Unable to join; gdwError = 0x57 What says the collective? Thanks Chanderjeet --
  26. Check that you do not have any GPO's in place that allow users to "Defer Updates". The ability to Defer updates has a direct impact on whether a Servicing Plan update is applicable to a machine or not.
  27. If you have over 100 machines with this issue then it's likely you have a problem with your WSUS setup. Are you positive that your Software Update Point is installed and configured correctly on the Primary Site server? In relation to the log files for IIS. Each IIS website has a unique ID. This unique ID can be seen when you right click on a website in IIS and then select "Manage Wesbite", and then "Advanced Settings". A new dialog box should open and the unique ID is listed in the ID field. Let's just say that the ID is equal to "1234567890". The corresponding log files for this website would be normally located in c:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles\W3SVC1234567890\ So, in your case you need to find the unique ID of the "WSUS Administration" website in IIS on your Primary Site server. I would also suspect that re-imaging won't necessarily resolve your problem. If over 100 machines have the problem, then it's more likely that there aren't 100 machines with an issue, there's an issue on the backend infrastructure that's preventing these 100 machines from functioning correctly. Could be wrong though.
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