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  1. I contacted Johan and here's his reply Hmm, I have actually done this once.... He will have to run a ds-Query against Global Catalog, as opposed to Ldap..... Or pay me to give him a custom TSCommander, including him signing a paper that he's responsible for not having several computers with the same samAccountName in multiple Domains
  2. why do you tink you need a reboot ? just add a rescan to your diskpart script...
  3. hi, i assume you mean this post if you try the net use commands manually what is the output ?
  4. Introduction I recently presented a session with Paul Winstanley in a USA Windows 365 User Group meetup focused on all things Windows 365. The meetup included some great ‘what’s new’ content from Microsoft Program Manager Christiaan Brinkhoff and some great Powershell/Graph automation information and demos from Dawn Hertz. Myself and Paul then did a session about Windows 365 Hybrid Azure AD join which is one of the parts of our current series all about getting started with Windows 365 here. The video is now up on youtube and you can review it here. Our session starts at the 1:20 mark here: do us a favor and check it out, oh and do check out our series too ! Below you can find all parts in this series: Getting started with Windows 365 – Part 1. Introduction Getting started with Windows 365 – Part 2. Provisioning an Azure Ad Joined Cloud PC Getting started with Windows 365 – Part 3. Provisioning a Hybrid Azure Ad Joined Cloud PC Getting started with Windows 365 – Part 4. Connecting to your Cloud PC Getting started with Windows 365 – Part 5. Managing your Cloud PC Getting started with Windows 365 – Part 6. Point in time restore Getting started with Windows 365 – Part 7. Windows 365 boot Getting started with Windows 365 – Part 8. Windows 365 switch Getting started with Windows 365 – Part 9. Windows 365 offline Getting started with Windows 365 – Part 10. Patching your Cloud PCs with Windows Autopatch cheers niall
  5. the machine account (cm01$ or whatever your site system account is) can install the roles, add the machine account to the local administrators group on that site server but on my lab server(s) I always define boundaries (based on ip ranges), so that would be the first thing i'd suggest you look at, even if you think you don't need them...
  6. ok we need to see the smsts.log to dig deeper, feel free to clean if of any sensitive info before attaching here
  7. the content might be on your dp but is it the correct source version ? enable the Source Version column in your boot images to see what source version it is set to did you set boundaries correctly ?
  8. you forgot to include the smsts*.log and app*.log files, they will show any failure.
  9. i need to check when i get home, i don't have them online... i'll check later tonite and ping you on pm
  10. i'll see if i can find the files and make them available to you
  11. dont use a task sequence, use a powershell script that runs based on events that are triggered from actions that you are interested in, such as logon, logoff etc...
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