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  1. that's access denied, are you using a proxy ? perhaps it's getting blocked, can you browse that url from the primary site ?
  2. does your c:\configmgrsetup.log reveal what file or files it's failing on ?
  3. i'm not following, what are you actually trying to patch here ? do you want to update your windows 10 1607 wim files using offlineservicing ? if so use any of the updates available (cu's etc), but that will NOT allow you to update those wim files to 1703, you have to create new media for 1703 and patch that with it's available CU's when they become available
  4. try setting your partitioning like this instead
  5. are you trying to patch Windows 10 version 1607 with a CU ? you cannot patch Windows 10 version 1607 with the 'creators update' feature update.
  6. sure you can right click and deploy, and follow the wizard, it's just a software update after all, the ADR created by Servicing Plans is just a way to automate that...
  7. Jason Sandy's explains it very well here - have a read !
  8. you can import them whenever you want, the only issue i'd worry about is distributing them to all your dp's as that may impact other software time scales, you also shouldn't add these new drivers to production task sequences without testing them thoroughly, we normally import new drivers, add them to a test driver task sequence, distribute the drivers to the nearest dp only, and verify that all is good, only then do we distribute them to all dps and then once done, add them to production task sequences
  9. what does your ccm.log reveal on the primary site ? can you attach it here, here's another (more recommended) way of installing the client
  10. thanks, and havn't you seen this ?
  11. hi ok i think i found and corrected the problem, can you please verify now
  12. sorry to hear it guys i'll take a look at the permissions and post back.
  13. restart the SMS_Executive component using the configuration manager service manager
  14. hi Chris after looking at your logs your error is not the same as Par's i'll see what i can find out but please contact me as you mentioned this morning so we can decide how to troubleshoot it, do you have any possibility of doing a teamviewer session with me ?