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  1. can you attach the smsts*.log (zip them up)
  2. the error means Required management point not found Source: System Center Configuration Manager ----- are you specifying something in relation to MP in the setup windows and configmgr step (in installation properties) ? what do the App*.log files reveal ?
  3. did you look at the youtube video showing you how to test this ? here it is
  4. I would raise a call to Microsoft CSS, they should be able to fix it for you, if not, have you a backup of the site taken prior to the failed upgrade ?
  5. yup works ok for me, so before we go any further, can you explain where you got the error's you posted, and what happens when you run the code pasted directly above this reply on that machine (and not in the task sequence), does it produce an error, or not, or, do you only see an error when you run the script via the task sequence
  6. it's copied from the package source in the CCMCache or direct from the dp, what issues does this particular computer have ? bad battery ? can't you replace it with a new battery
  7. I can't see that you can use it if it produces errors when run during the task sequence, how can it set the variable if it doesn't work, do you see my point ? if I was using a script to set a variable i'd add a logging function to see where it's failing, below is an example function Function LogWrite { Param ([string]$logstring) $a = Get-Date $logstring = $a,$logstring Try { Add-content $Logfile -value $logstring -ErrorAction silentlycontinue } Catch { $logstring="Invalid data encountered" Add-content $Logfile -value $logstring } write-host $logstring } # script starts here $Logfile = "C:\Windows\temp\logfile.log" so for each action in your script use LogWrite "about to do... whatever" so you can see where it fails... once you fix the script, then you can use the variable in the task sequence
  8. the test domain in Azure doesn't matter, does your autopilot company branding appear during OOBE, if not, something is not right...
  9. but you pasted above that it's producing an error on line 7 ?
  10. is windows deployment services service running ?
  11. so you are running an English PowerShell script on a French OS ? that might be part of your problem, "ASSOCIATORS OF" might be something else in French..just a thought have you actually tried running this script on that computer without running it in the task sequence, (New-Object -COMObject Microsoft.SMS.TSEnvironment).Value('OSDDiskIndex') = $MonDisk.Disk }" will fail as no task sequence is running but if your script works (and i'm not sure it is working), then you should get some valid output
  12. the first thing i'd say is why 2 disks ? and, when you say it's not working efficiently, can you explain what is not working exactly ? what errors are you seeing, and can you zip up and attach the smsts.log ?
  13. anyweb

    MIssing .sys file when loading boot image??

    i'd suggest the Dell WinPE driver cab, if you look at the smsprov.log around the time of the failure, does it reveal the problem ?