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  1. what command line did you use to install the portals ? if you specified -SqlInstanceName MSSQLSERVER then this error is expected... if you are using the default instance then leave out that switch
  2. i'd do an in-place upgrade, you'll need to create a detailed plan of action though and test it in a lab first.
  3. what does the C:\Windows\Temp\TriggerBitLocker.log tell you ? I haven't tested the second scenario,
  4. yes you can go ahead and remove them from the System Management contiainer, they won't return unless something is actually publishing them there
  5. point the gpos in an ou that has computers that you intend to manage in the new mbam environment but why do it that way, why not go with the new Bitlocker Management in ConfigMgr or use Bitlocker Management in Intune ?
  6. it's actually called Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager now, and why don't you do it this way - it works !
  7. anyweb

    OWN website for PKI

    good question ! the 'website' is only a DNS entry in some web registrar to link back to your webserver Virtual Machine, in other words, it's just a pointer, that's all you need, so if you have any control over DNS for a website then you can fix this easily if you look at Step 5 in Part 3 it shows you how that is done for GoDaddy (for example) so let's imagine that you own a website address called www.mywebsite.com you login to the website provider and configure a new DNS entry such as pki.mywebsite.com and point the IP address to the Internet facing IP address you have on your smoothwalls internet nic then, on the smoothwall, you forward port 80 requests to the local IP address of your webserver virtual machine, that will solve it if you don't have access to any web registrar or website, then you could do a hack, and modify the local HOSTS file on the issuingca and maybe some other vm's to point pki.mywebsite.com to the local ip address of your webserver Virtual machine... cheers niall
  8. let's resume this tomorrow it's time for bed, sorry, ping me in the morning and i'll try and help.
  9. what version of teamviewer are you using ?
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