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  1. pretty much all computers need drivers, what makes you think the Surface Pro does not ? have you tried deploying it yet ?
  2. without the accompanying smsts.log file we'd only be guessing what the issue is, if it's real hardware i'd guess that you might be missing storage drivers, attach the entire smsts.log file and we can take a look
  3. here's a quote from the original post: Tip: If you have rendering issues with the popup on different devices then edit the call ResizeWindow(425,335,500,375) values and ResizeWindow Function in UPGRADE.HTA to fit your specific needs, I don't have access to too much hardware to test this on. The popup is fixed, if you want the user to be able to move it change the line caption="no" to caption="yes". If you want to programmatically use it then add a Window.moveTo(x, y) line. cheers niall
  4. add a continue on error on your application install steps, then once done, attach the smsts*.log files here so we can troubleshoot.
  5. World Backup Day is something we’re used to mark as an event every year, as a reminder we need to take good care of our data. But this year Altaro challenges us to change our mindsets and start considering the value of a good backup solution not just once, but every day. On this occasion, they’re launching this contest where you might win an Oculus Rift & Touch Virtual Reality System! Let’s hope you’ll be the lucky winner, but if not, they’re giving free eGift Amazon cards as well for all the valid entries. So, for those who want to give it a try, this seems to be a good time to do it.To enter the contest, click here. Good luck and happy backup!
  6. first things first, i hope you snap shotted your labs after each part like i suggested at the start of these guides, secondly, if you look at step 4 part 4 here have you missed anything ? my CDP locations looks quite different to yours and don't point to the root ca at all, but instead it's on the IssuingCA, so how did you cdp end up on the rootca (if you followed my guides...)
  7. change the Upgrade Operating System step to include the %drivers01% variable, read my original blog post again from start to finish to see what you missed.
  8. well you'll need to add some drivers for the chosen model, use WMI queries to determine which model it is
  9. ok well if it's restarting over and over it's probably missing drivers, did you apply any driver package for that model during the IPU task sequence ?
  10. I mean I scheduled updates and something broke. I checked everywhere on my primary site but i am not able to find it. Please guide me. is your post related to using an Upgrade Task Sequence in ConfigMgr or something else ? if it's something else then please raise a new topic.
  11. how can I make this TS lightweight, what steps can be disabled from screenshots attached? you could just create a new task sequence from scratch (non MDT integrated) and start learning what each step does Do I use DISM to capture a custom image with drivers and software on it or how can I do this? I don't capture images today any more, and instead just deploy the built in install.wim (thin image) and use the task sequence steps to customize it, however some people still like to capture thick images, and for that they tend to use MDT, or even SCCM using build and capture. Is it better to include the drivers with DISM or with this TS? never include drivers in a captured image, always inject drivers using steps in the task sequence which are based on wmi queries by make/model, or use modern driver management Would it be possible to customize start menu tiles and shortcuts to my preference? absolutely, i've a blog post here on that
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