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  1. ok this is weird, i've looked at the first command in part 3 of step 4, i copied the text, and pasted it into notepad++ and even in ansi it shows Correctly ! but your paste has the hidden characters... so what's going on, it looks fine to me now without me making any change, what browser are you using and how are you copying/pasting the text ? here i copy the original command line and paste it into notepad ++, and there are no hidden characters !
  2. ok thanks, i'll fix it today, i can see the characters when switching to Ansi in NotePad++, so are these the characters you are referring to ? I've no idea how they ended up there, maybe it's the forum software...
  3. thank you ! I put a ton of effort into creating it. I've seen this before too, and i thought i fixed all code in the 8 part series, if you could point me to the commands that you copied the code from i'll verify them again (with notepad++)
  4. check your site server to see what adk is installed, as regards the boot loop, next time it get's to winpe, press f8 and browse C:\ for the smsts.log file(s)
  5. how are your boundaries set up, it seems like the client doesn't think it matches to any boundary
  6. what version of windows 10 are you deploying and with what ADK ?. you can always pxe boot again to grab the logs from the computer while in winpe.
  7. you can only download the script if you are logged on as a member of this site, so please do try again now that you are one
  8. does the unattend.xml left in c:\windows\panther\unattend give any clues ?
  9. yes as long as there is a service called GenerateName
  10. which webservice are you using ? do the webservice url(s) match those in the ini file above, if not then you must amend it accordingly, the lines that have a ; in front of them are merely comments, they are not actually used
  11. you need to paste in YOUR OID which you created in step 4 into the file, so that it looks pretty much like what I've shown you, other than it will have YOUR OID and not MINE. you might want to change the pki cps url also to point to your url cheers niall
  12. thanks the important bit is... " Once done, paste in the OID created in Step 4 and then save the file as C:\Windows\CAPolicy.inf. "
  13. reinstall is not a backup, so you must be doing something wrong. If i have time tomorrow i'll take a look at the logs, sorry but i've had a really long day today...
  14. dont confuse the ConfigMgr client policy (default 60 minutes) with the MBAM client check policy (default 90 minutes). Full disk encryption always takes time, that's the way it is, the only 'fast' encryption is something called used space only, which you can do with OSD task sequences with a Pre-Provision BitLocker step during operating system deployment. And for laptops yes connect power so it doesn't power off during encryption.
  15. you can download the xml file in the original blogpost here https://www.windows-noob.com/forums/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=14650
  16. and what have you configured your client policy to refresh at ? the default is 60 minutes for configmgr client policy, and 90 minutes for the mbam policy checks triggering machine policy manually will check immediately
  17. ok so on the real computer, i assume you are not RDP'ing to it during testing ? and secondly, what settings did you pick ? what type of computer is it ?
  18. first problem is this <![LOG[Failed to run the action: xcopy viewlog. The system cannot open the file. (Error: 00000004; Source: Windows)]LOG]!><time="18:09:22.504-480" date="08-04-2019" component="TSManager" context="" type="3" thread="1884" file="instruction.cxx:942"> < make sure you follow the guide correctly otherwise it will fail.
  19. are you trying this in SCCM Technical Preview version 1905, 06 or 07 ? and did you look at my video ? are you trying this on a real client or a virtual client ?
  20. yes of course, do it and if it doesn't help choose the second shrink option and try again (it's a while since i did it)
  21. there you go ! now you know why i use TreeFreeSize, the problem you have is as i guessed, the sql server transaction logs, look at my link above and you'll see how to compress them down to almost nothing
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