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  1. to download scripts from windows-noob.com you need to be logged on as a member of windows-noob.com, now you are so try again please.
  2. ALTARO FREE Webinar + FREE ebook - Save your seat Many people still don’t know the difference between Office 365 and Microsoft 365 and to be honest it’s not immediately clear because the names don’t really give much away. However, for businesses, and those managing IT environments, it’s important to understand the implications of choosing one over the other. Luckily, Altaro are hosting a free webinar presenting the two options, their respective merits, and to ultimately help you figure out which is best for you. As with all Altaro webinars, questions are highly encouraged so if you want to directly address which package suits the specifics of your environment during the session, you can feel free to ask! The webinar will be presented by Microsoft MVP Andy Syrewicze and Microsoft Certified trainer and Consultant Paul Schnackenburg on October 1st and registration is completely free. All webinar attendees will also receive a free 50+ page eBook on Office/Microsoft 365 containing critical user information! To receive the eBook, all you need to do is attend the webinar - Save your seat The webinar will be presented live twice on October 1st so you have two chances to attend. First session: 2pm CEST/8am EDT/5am PDT Second session: 10pm CEST/4pm EDT/1pm PDT. It’s a nice touch from Altaro to present the webinar twice and enable as many people to join live. I will be attending the webinar, so I’ll see you there! - Save your seat!
  3. I've seen upgrades fail when SEP is installed, disabling it was not enough we had to uninstall it, reboot and try again is there anything different about this site versus the other ?
  4. uninstall Symantec, reboot, then try the upgrade again
  5. i see these messages SQL MESSAGE: - Found UpgradeViewMapping exists, previous upgrade may have failed. Try to revert some of the objects related to DVIEW $$<CONFIGURATION_MANAGER_UPDATE><09-13-2019 12:12:33.914-180><thread=4296 (0x10C8)> followed by... INFO: Executing SQL Server command: < declare @t table (ObjectKey nvarchar(512) , ObjectTypeID int) insert into @t (ObjectKey, ObjectTypeID) select distinct ID, TypeID from vRBAC_AllItemsID where TypeID IN (select ObjectTypeID from RBAC_ObjectOperations where OperationName=N'Set Security Scope'); insert into RBAC_CategoryMemberships (CategoryID, ObjectKey, ObjectTypeID) select N'SMS00UNA', ra.ObjectKey, ra.ObjectTypeID from @t ra left join (select distinct ObjectKey, ObjectTypeID from RBAC_CategoryMemberships ) rcm on ra.ObjectKey=rcm.ObjectKey and ra.ObjectTypeID=rcm.ObjectTypeID where rcm.ObjectKey IS NULL; > $$<CONFIGURATION_MANAGER_UPDATE><09-13-2019 12:24:26.852-180><thread=4296 (0x10C8)> ERROR: Failed to execute SQL Server command, SQL Server error <>~ $$<CONFIGURATION_MANAGER_UPDATE><09-13-2019 12:24:26.852-180><thread=4296 (0x10C8)> *** [HY007][0][Microsoft] Associated statement is not prepared $$<CONFIGURATION_MANAGER_UPDATE><09-13-2019 12:24:26.853-180><thread=4296 (0x10C8)> ERROR: Failed to assign default objects to default security scope(FinalSqlOperations). $$<CONFIGURATION_MANAGER_UPDATE><09-13-2019 12:24:26.853-180><thread=4296 (0x10C8)> Failed to update database. $$<CONFIGURATION_MANAGER_UPDATE><09-13-2019 12:24:26.854-180><thread=4296 (0x10C8)> is there any third party antivirus software installed on this server ? are you doing the upgrade as the same user as on the other primary ?
  6. ok sorry about the delay, busy working, from first (quick) looks it looks like your logs are way too small and therefore missing details (such as the info we really need to see to diagnose this_), so you'll need to modify the ccmsetup command line to increase the log file size this will show you how to do that once done, deploy a machine again and capture the new logs, attach them here cheers niall
  7. it all depends on what you mean 'forcing systems over to the new environment' means, for example do you have client push enabled and boundaries defined ? i'd suggest you take a look at this guide I wrote recently to get a good understanding of the different discovery methods and enabling them.
  8. hi is this primary under a CAS ? can you attach the cmupdate.log please...
  9. on your extensions tab, what does your CRL Distribution Point (CDP) list ?, attach it here...
  10. I did this 8 part series several times in separate labs to be 100% sure of the result and it always worked, so i know it works. You might have done something incorrectly or missed a step, as regards requesting a certificate via a webbrowser, i didn't cover this in my guide but if you try it you'll see the following text, i've bolded the interesting bit... does that explain things ?
  11. have a look at the comments at the end of Part 8 here
  12. creating a dp and enabling pxe are two separate things, so are you trying to enable pxe ? is WDS installed ?
  13. here you go https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sccm/core/plan-design/configs/site-and-site-system-prerequisites#bkmk_2012dppreq
  14. what does the smsts.log file tell you ? and the netsetup.log in %windir%\debug
  15. here's some info about it https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/1323ea44-7f8d-41b7-a258-ae4c1d6c12ee/slow-wim-winpe-download-via-pxe-tftp-with-sccm-wds?forum=configmgrgeneral and here http://blog.danovich.com.au/2011/07/28/slow-sccm-osd-tftp-pxe/
  16. it's slow to download the boot image because it's using old technology to download the winpe.wim file, aka tftp (trivial ftp), you might be able to tweak registry settings on the server hosting WDS to get it to go faster, but it might also break pxe boot capability.
  17. First things first. the BitLocker capability I blogged about above is not yet released, it's still in technical preview as of todays date, however it's coming soon. Secondly, you state you want to export the keys, what keys exactly ? are you referring to Sophos disk encryption ?
  18. hi Christian, i'm not using any prestage TS, so yes that might be part of your problem. my user also doesn't have access to the ccmcache but as i said, it's working just fine for me
  19. ok just tested it in my lab with a user that is a standard user, and it starts the powershell wrapper no problem at all. so something else must be different in your environment, double check your settings pls
  20. have you tried right clicking it to view what the actual errors are ? those errors will give you an indication of what is actually wrong with it.
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