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    Assistance with eHTTP Certificates and Spoofing/Forging

    By NullSID,
    Hi Folks! I'm working with a customer that has an SCCM environment, (2309). Currently setup as eHTTP. We are working through the logistics with Security on setting up a CMG, but on a side note they've asked some questions that I'm not 100% positive how to answer. The first question being: "How do the Self Signed Certs protect against spoofing/forging?" My assumption is that the signing certificate on the client validates the policies sent from the MP were not tampered with in any way.

    SCCM 2403 and MDT and UDI Issue

    By keywan,
    Hi, Since I upgraded my SCCM to the version 2403, I cannot use any more MDT and UDI. I cannot create a new MDT Task Sequence and all my created MDT Package for UDI does not work too. I could to use UDI for Task sequence in my previous SCCM 2207 and could install Windows with UDI, but since SCCM 2403, I get every time by the step "Use Toolkit Package" the error Task Sequence has failed with the error code 0x00000001 in the task sequence step 'Use Toolkit Package.  

    Failed to create/backup SQL SSB certificate error when moving SCCM database

    By PH25,
    Hi, Has anyone come across this before? I am moving our SCCM database from SQL 2012 on a 2012r2 server to SQL 2019 on a 2019 server, by recovering from a backup.  All seems to have gone fine, until the final step of running config manager setup again to choose the site maintenance option, to 'modify SQL server configuration', in order to point SCCM to the new server that is now hosting the database.    ERROR: SQL Server error: [42000][137][Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQ

    SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER with Error 12175

    Eaven HUANG
    By Eaven HUANG,
    I‘m having issue with SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER with Error 12175. I also checked my SCCM server's certificate and found that both SMS Role SSL Certificate expried 25/03/2023 and MECM llS Servers Certificate expired 13/04/2024. I suspected this might be the cause but how can I renew them step by step?  If this is fixed, is it possible to renew them automatically? I have the GPO to handling certificate related configuration but maybe I've missted any? I've been using this SCCM server for around

    ADR Rules Windows Updates - Microsoft Updates - Some Systems Failing

    By clush,
    Hello   Please see screenshots of the log files.  This system is in a lab of 25 machines and is the only one that not getting its updates.  I will check the boundaries but i would think that the rest of the machines in that lab would have the same issue.     I did check the software center and there are no updates available for this particular system.     UpdateHandler.log no errors all successful...   Please see the other 3 log files in screenshot.    

    SCCM - Bitlocker

    Bocar FOFANA
    By Bocar FOFANA,
    Hello everyone, I want to use SCCM to enable Bitloker encryption on my workstations. I have enabled the functionality on SCCM and created the "helpdesk" and "SelfService" sites. Then I created a Bitlocker policy which I deployed on a few workstations but nothing happens. On the workstations I see this entry in the event log: Unable to connect to the MBAM Recovery and Hardware service. Error code: -2147024809  Details: Incorrect parameter. Can anymone give me help ??

    Error when executing PS scrips in Task Sequence

    By xerkos,
    I have the following error when I execute my PS script via Run Command Line task in Task Sequence: Severity Type Site code Date / Time System Component Message ID Description Error Milestone CS1 3/22/2024 7:33:20 AM MININT-8DHB01O Task Sequence Engine 11135 The task sequence execution engine failed executing the action (Run Command Line - 15) in the group (Install Operating System) with the error code 3221225781 Action output: ... y Bypass -Command "& { [string] $MacAddres

    How to read reports

    By clush,
    Hello, I have recently trying to learn how to complete reports based on ADR Rules for Windows Updates as well as Office Updates. I run it against a ADR for a specific date (patch tues) against All System.   I am running one Called Software Updates  - A Compliance.   When i do so the report comes bac with 3 states Compliant - Compliance state unknown and Non-Compliant.  Just trying to understand what these mean with regards to if the clients have received the required updates.

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