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    1910 - BitLocker / MBAM Task sequence

    By Mr.Anderson,
    Hi All - We just completed setting up BitLocker management with 1910.  We’re able to push the policy to the clients and install and the self service portal is all working.  We aren’t currently using BitLocker so this a totally new deployment.    My question is we are about to start a large roll out of new systems and I’m looking for documentation on how to set this up in our task sequence so that BitLocker is installed and turned on after imaging without end user interaction.   I’ve

    SCCM CB 1910 - Bitlocker

    By FSiglmueller,
    Hi All, I have the following problem. Today, we have the SCCM CB1910 Bitlocker Selfservice and the Helpdesk on the SCCM Primary Site Server. Now, we want to move out, those mainly used services to another server (in our case a distribution server which is located in another data center). First: Is this possible, or must those services be located on a Primary Site ? Second: How can I get rid of the actual IIS Sites (Self Service and Helpdesk) or move them to another server ? T

    Restart options

    By Kevin79,
    I have what is probably a dumb question. If I have a mandatory assignment, the reboot option is not shown unless System restart under User Experience is checked, correct? If so, if I check that and then check to suppress notification on Servers and Workstations under User Experience, the result will be the same as it would have been if I didn't check the System restart box, correct?

    Tasksequence auto selection

    By FlyFly,
    Hi Everyone, My First Post Here For a while, I'm trying to find on the web some guidance for my lab, how to skip the task sequence selection window in WINPE and go straight to imaging -- Example Collection: Win10 -> Task sequence Win10 or Collection Server 2016 -> Task sequence Server 2016 The only tip I found was to to create a VBScript and apply in the Boot Image  cscript AutoStartOSD.vbs Set DefaultOSDTS = CreateObject("Microsoft.SMS.TSEnvironment") DefaultOSDTS("SMS

    SCCM CB and Bitlocker

    By wanderer,
    I'm trying to get Bitlocker set up in SCCM CB 1910.  When I got to Client Management though the "Allow Recovery Information to be stored in plain text" is greyed out. Does anyone know why this might be the case?  This is in a lab, first Bitlocker Policy. Many thanks

    Bitlocker during refresh task sequence in hybrid domain

    By rdevos,
    Hi All, We are experiencing a weird issue with BitLocker when re-installing existing Windows 10 1709 machines with Windows 10 1903. The machines are hybrid AD joined and the BitLocker recovery information is stored in Active Directory. During a new installation of the device with Windows 10 1903, the BitLocker key fails on storing the recovery information in Active Directory. After examining the Windows event log, it turns out the device is trying to store the recovery information in Azure

    Cloud Management Gateway

    By Kevin79,
    I want to make sure I understand this correctly. If I want to deploy Windows Updates to clients that are on the internet (part of our domain but never VPN in) and have those computers download the updates directly from Microsoft, I would only need to setup a Cloud Management Gateway and PKI (if not using AAD) or use Azure AD, correct?   If not, what would I need to setup to do this? 

    Deploying OS to Dell 7070 with bios set to Raid On - nvme drive - BSOD after reboot

    By Adam_Nox,
    We have some Dell Optiplex 7070 computers, and I'm trying to deploy a Windows 10 1909 image to them without changing the default bios configuration, which comes set to "Raid On" in Sata Operation.   The default dell image works fine, so I'm not sure why ours does not. I'm imported all of the drivers that I could find for this model and intel storage in general. The task applies the OS and works in winPE fine, but after rebooting just gets a blue screen.   How do I get this wo

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