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    SCCM software update and patch inconsistency seen by WSUS

    By radish,
    你好,请问我在SCCM 搜索KB4054518补丁,在WSUS控制台里面能看到,在SCCM里面看不到这KB4054518补丁,我该如何设置操作才能在SCCM看到这个KB4054518补丁呢?还是说取代 和过期的补丁是没办法同步到SCCM?   Hello, may I search for the KB4054518 patch in SCCM, which can be seen in the WSUS console. I can't see this KB4054518 patch in SCCM. How can I set up the operation to see this KB4054518 patch in SCCM? Or is there a way to replace and expire the patch to sync to SCCM?

    Want to learn about MBAM integrated with Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager ?

    By anyweb,
    Introduction Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) is the ability to have a client agent (the MDOP MBAM agent) on your Windows devices (7,8 10) to enforce BitLocker encryption including algorithm type, and to store the recovery keys in your database, securely. It includes reporting, key rotation and more. This is something that has been around for quite some years now and is working great, however, MBAM is currently it’s own separate solution. The following blo

    A quick look at reporting in MBAM integrated within Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager

    By anyweb,
    Introduction Microsoft have been hard at work adding MBAM (Microsoft BitLocker Management and Monitoring) features natively to Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager, and those features have been improved since they were first released, with bug fixes and new features added over time. Initially, when TP1905 shipped with MBAM integrated, there was a lot of excitement about this new integration within ConfigMgr. It finally brought together native integration of MBAM within Conf

    How to update Lenovo BIOS during OSD SCCM

    By pcteklink,
    I'm having problems updating the BIOS for any ThinkCentre tiny desktops. M700, M710q, M720q.  I've tried in WinPE via  x64 boot image. I saw on the ThinkDeploy Web site that x86 was only supported. Not sure if this is true or not. I've also tried placing the command in various places within the TS. It doesn't matter where I place the command it never works and breaks the TS.. ERROR ERROR  I've tried several variations of the BIOS update command. No luck. flash.cmd /sccm /quiet   

    Been Hacked

    By jerrycsakany,
    We were hacked and have the ryuk virus on our sql server. What would  you recommend as the steps to do a rebuild. How do we clean up anything that remains in AD as well as making sure we have a clean install and avoid any issues with discovery, clients, AD containers, policies, ect.  Are there any articles to deal with this situation. We did not have an redundancy.  . We have a 2 primary and 1 cas. Also is the cd.latest on the primary server server usable for reinstallation if it wasn't infected

    primary server OFFLINE

    By sysadmin101,
    hello, is it possible to proceed with OS deployment while the primary server is offline? this is assuming the deployment is taking place within a boundary that is served by a secondary site.   is there any way to make the deployment work while primary server is offline?   thanks!

    Can SCCM connect to another Forest?

    By jfdensmore,
    We recently purchased another company, and we haven't merged them into our domain yet. So they are in a separate forest. I can ping their devices from SCCM, and i can C$ to them. But i cannot get SCCM to detect them. I would like to start managing their computers. Is there a way for me to do this? If so what is the recommended solution? Currently i have a boundary configured to use their IP Range.  And i have added it to my Boundary Group.  But still nothing. 

    Account artifacts remain after removal of domain in SCCM 1902

    By limiteddenial,
    We recently decommissioned a domain and removed Group, User, and System discovery methods and the Active Directory Forest from SCCM. However after everything was removed the accounts still show up. 2 accounts are still showing up in  Administration -> Security -> Accounts it still shows the "Active Directory group discovery agent" and "Active Directory forest discovery agent" accounts. Running Site version: 5.0.8790.100 (1902) Does anyone know of a good method to clean up these accoun

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