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    The migration of sccm2002 management center site and main site to AlwaysOn environment causes problems

    By radish,
    AlwaysOn server multi-instance, 2 member servers W2019-SCCMDB1\MSSQLSERVER    1433,4022 W2019-SCCMDB1\MSSQLSERVER2 1633,4023 W2019-SCCMDB2\MSSQLSERVER  1433,4022 W2019-SCCMDB2\MSSQLSERVER2 1633,4023 AlwayOn-DB 5022 5044 port AlwayOn-DB2 5023 5045 port   First migrate the management center site to W2019-SCCMDB1\MSSQLSERVER2. Everything is fine, even if the members of the alwayson database are restarted. After the management center site co

    What's new in Microsoft Endpoint Manager - part 1

    By anyweb,
    Introduction These are my notes from a session shown today @ Microsoft Ignite 2020, the session was hosted by Steve Dispensa (Director of Program Management at Microsoft Endpoint Manager) and Ramya Chitrakar (Director of Engineering at Microsoft Endpoint Manager). For the last couple of years at Ignite I blog my notes for sessions I'm interested in as I always find it nice to later refer to this reading material and punctuate it with content I've covered, and sometimes the videos just

    Client upgrade behavior

    By bramk,
    Hi, We have this behavior when upgrading the Config Manager client and i'm just curious if someone recognizes it and dealt with it before.  This is what happens; After a Client upgrade of the Config Manager client to 1910 some desktops fall into sleep mode, they shouldn't because their powersettings are set with Collection based power scheme. If you reboot the device everthing works again. With the upgrade to 1810 i noticed something similiar, client temporary unaware of sett

    Sys Admin

    By takoroni,
    hi  is there a way to find/display specific certificate that is on client side is there and rdl for the sccm report server ? can i see the certificate in resource explorer ? roni

    Ip helper for PXE boot

    Hi everyone, Hope all are being safe and sound !! Need someone experience in setting up ip helpers for pxe boot as we are trying to establish the same in our environment but having some issues. Since we have our VLAN ranges and WDS server on different subnet and due to cost constraints we can’t set up a local WDS for this range we thought about going for up helpers for it . It’s already configured on switched by our network team but need someone expertise with

    Cannot Apply Operation System

    By stones@fcisd.net,
    I am using SCCM current branch and a month ago before upgrade images were applying just fine.  No I get errors when applying operating system.  I have done all kinds of searching and cannot find an answer.  Below is partial log with error.   System root for target OS is C:\WINDOWS, System drive is C:    ApplyOperatingSystem    9/16/2020 5:22:48 PM    1748 (0x06D4) OSArchitecture=X64    ApplyOperatingSystem    9/16/2020 5:22:48 PM    1748 (0x06D4) OS version is 10.0 ( OS system file

    How Are Automatically and Manually Triggered Deployments Different?

    By Sanchez,
    Hi. I have an application which has a "required" deployment. If I leave it to install by itself, it always fails. But if I log-on to one of the target computers, open Software Center, go into the deployment and click "Install", it always works. So what I'm wondering is: when SCCM automatically triggers the deployment, how is that different to triggering it from Software Center? Why would one work, but not the other? I suspect the problem is to do with the executable itslelf, but u

    Application install fails because dependency already exists

    By fj40ratt,
    I'm trying to deploy an application that has multiple dependencies.  One of the dependencies is Visual C.  The application deployment fails because it states that Visual C already exists and it must be uninstalled through control panel for the deployment to succeed.  Is there a way during application deployment to bypass a dependency if it already exists on the target computer?  Thanks in advance.

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