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    Update Error SCCM to 1906

    By AlekseyM,
    Hello! Can help me? I have the following situation. There was a problem updating on one of the primary SCCM sites. Error: 0x87d20b15. The problem begins here: *** declare @t table (ObjectKey nvarchar(512) , ObjectTypeID int)                 insert into @t (ObjectKey, ObjectTypeID)                 select distinct ID,  TypeID from vRBAC_AllItemsID                 where TypeID IN (select ObjectTypeID from RBAC_ObjectOperations where OperationName=N'Set Security Scope');                 insert

    SCCM 1902 migration to new server

    By HaroldM2,
    I'm trying to migrate my existing SCCM server to new servers.  We have SCCM on one box and SQL on another box. Both old servers are running Server 2012, and SQL is 2012 Std CU10 SP3. What's the easiest way to get everything to the new servers?  I haven't done anything on the new boxes yet, as I want to do this correct and not have to redo things..

    SCCM 1902- Driver Package

    By Hardik,
    I added Dell drivers which were available in CAB format. How to add drivers for "surface go" as they are available in MSI format.  Please guide.

    SCCM 1902 Distribution Point Prereqs

    By Hardik,
    What are the prereqs for creating distribution point?

    Dell 5290 2 in 1 USB dell dongle and nvme drive

    By amakusa007,
    Hello We currently have over 30 desktops, laptops and tablets models and never have any issues with sccm. Using currently version 1906 with 1809 boot image using windows 10 image. All computers go through the process with no issues except this new model of dell tablets. We are able to deploy just fine on the 5285 with no issues and they use m.2 sata drives. This new model is using nvme with is the only difference I see between these. When I try to boot up, it searches just fine using either

    TS Domain Join Failing

    By Joe13,
    Good day everyone. I'm experiencing a weird issue lately, in my TS under network configuration I have domain join enabled, everything setup to the correct OU etc. If I do a test it completes successful, apply and ok. When I go back in the settings, like immediately after the apply close and do the test again it fails. It fails with incorrect credentials / login. It was working fine for a while, I think it started after I upgraded to 1906. Is there any log file I can look at?

    SCCM 1902 Imaging

    By Hardik,
    My imaging process gets stuck at "Applying Operating System". It does not even start download of install.wim. I did ipconfig and network looks good. SMSTS log file says " shellexecute raserver.exe failed 0x80070002" if this is relevant. Please provide input if this is related to storage drivers or any settings on distribution point or something else.

    Is there a new PXE configuration for CB?

    By jfdensmore,
    What i mean is, i had PXE working just fine using DHCP Scope options. Just last week i converted my Site to "HTTPS Only" and everything went great and is working well except for PXE Booting. Currently I can get a computer to PXE and then get to the SCCM Splash screen, put in a password, then it sits there at retrieving policy for a few minutes, then reboots.    After trouble shooting this for a bit im wondering if i need to rethink how i configure PXE booting.  Is the DHCP WDS method outdated? 

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