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    Surface Go 2 PXE Issues

    By Damo,
    Has anyone managed to get a Microsoft Surface Go2 (LTE Model) to PXE boot successfully?, I have just got a model in to test and I'm unable to get it to PXE boot correctly, it just sits at waiting for approval.  I've tried booting using a surface dock 2, i have also tried with the official USB C adaptor and it wont boot.  I've updated the firmware to the latest version, I have also added the MAC in the hierarchy settings in SCCM to allow duplicate hardware identifiers.  I'm currently running on v

    My TS fail with error code Error executing Task Sequence Manager service. Code 0x80004005

    By lalajee,
    Hi, When I apply TS  on some machine it crash the software centre and I can see following error in the logs 0x80004005 My TS has a powershell script which set a registry key and then copy some files based on that key Error executing Task Sequence Manager service. Code 0x80004005 I try following things on an machine 1. Check BIOS Time 2. Apply All updates 3. Remove and reinstall SCCM client SMSTS log Expand a string: WinPEandFullOS TSManager 20/01/2021 15:39:16 99


    By wudevr,
    I have some disconnected (no internet) CM 1606 sites.  Can I upgrade these to 2002 using the Baseline Media? If not, what is the best way to upgrade them?

    Prequisite check 1910 to 2010 stuck

    By Kingskawn,
    I just created a lab with 1 AD server and 1 CM server hosting the SQL server service and wsus. After the install I want to upgrade to 2010 directly but I have some network/auth complications with the prerequisite check For some reason there's a 'GetFileSize' error on a file which seems to be related to the pt-BR language as everything is en-US based on the servers: I attached the logfiles. I enabled 'named pipes' I disabled all firewall But the prequisite

    Device collection unavailable for deployment

    By fj40ratt,
    I seem to be running into this more often as of late.  I've created a basic OSD task sequence but when I attempt to deploy it the collection I wish to direct it to, it does not appear in my list.  I know it is there because I have deployed other OSD task sequences to the same collection previously without issue and I can see the collection.  I also run into this when I create a new device collection and try to deploy an existing TS to it.  Thoughts?  Thanks.

    Device name mix up?

    By jdensmore,
    Hello everyone I hope you are well.... I need some help on an issue that has been plaguing me!  In my device list I see some devices that do not have a client installed. So I'm going through trying to figure out why, and I started to notice something odd. A few of these devices have mixed up information. For example, in my device list I have a device named LAP0677 and the "Currently logged in user" is oxl.user (Who has never logged onto this computer before). When I examine the properties of thi

    Applications don‘t get installed during Build and Capture

    By FSiglmueller,
    Hi All ! I am struggeling with the following topic since a few days: I am not able to install applications during my Build and capture sequence. I have a PKI (HTTPS-only) infrastructure.  I installed a client certificate during the unattend.xml. (https://www.jamesbannanit.com/2012/05/how-to-build-and-capture-in-configuration-manager-2012-using-https/) Softwareupdates install Fine - only Applications are the problem. Have you got an idea what I can do to fix this ?  It

    Cloud Management Gateway ERROR

    By speedloader,
    Hello SCCM's friends,I'm trying to install/configure CMG, i have follow lot of thread about the configuration but finally it doesn't work properly.When i use the connection analyzer (with Azure auth), the following error appears :   However all seems be alright :   So i have checked logs and i see errors : Here is my mmc for certificates on my SCCM Server.SRVAPPSCCM is my SCCM Serverxxxcmg.mydomain.fr is the CNAME for my CMG.xxxcmg.cloudapp.net is my

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