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    Delete machine record in AD and SCCM?

    By Kingskawn,
    Is there a way to delete a machine from ad and sccm before or during a TS? We want to do this because it's still linked to collections with app deployments the end-user doesn't need/want.

    Failed to read the required Operations Management component (SMS_SITE_SQL_BACKUP_) registry key values on local computer; error = 6 (0x6)

    By edd080,
    Hello to all,                   so we currently have an SCCM setup which has the DP on one server and a separate SQL server ; all is running fine, however I am noticing the below errors when monitoring compmon.log ; Failed to read the required Operations Management component (SMS_SITE_SQL_BACKUP_) registry key values on local computer; error = 6 (0x6). I checked this using procmon and also noticed the below issues. The Performance folder cannot be found and in actual fact it is

    Problem with SCCM Task Sequence stuck in "installing" state

    By Nerano,
    We are deploying a Windows 1909 IUP which consists of a Pre-Cache TS which tattoos the registry and then moves the client to a new collection which has an app advertised to run the actual IUP (which references another TS). I have followed Martin Bengtssons excellent guides to do this https://www.imab.dk/windows-as-a-service-sharing-my-precache-and-in-place-upgrade-task-sequences-part-1/ https://www.imab.dk/windows-as-a-service-sharing-my-precache-and-in-place-upgrade-task-sequences-part-2

    booting directly into winRE via PXE?

    By jasink,
    Hello, is it possible to directly load and boot into the Windows Recovery Environment over PXE? To apply repair-tools or diagnosis for example. Our company is trying to accomplish this to support our technicians whenever a user is having some kind of trouble booting his standard image. The technician then can apply the RE over PXE and try to repair the users system. However I'm not sure how to make a winRE deployment over SCCM. What I have done is creating a task sequence where the acc


    By Markosss454,
    I'm experiencing a high percentage of Task Sequence OS upgrade Stuck "In Progress". Message ID 11142 ( This Task Sequence execution engine performed a system reboot initiated by an action). A few machines in the same Device Collection did Upgrade successfully so I know the Task sequence works. Any idea on what I can check? The computer system has updated to version 20H2, but the status in SCCM does not change. Status is "In Progress".

    IPU is not working on some machines

    By Kingskawn,
    I've got the weirdest thing on some machines (200). These were the first bare-metals on 1803 we did, and now we want them to upgrade to 1909. When launching the IPU TS it runs like 8 seconds and the status goes to failed and quickly (like 50ms) it changes to available again. I monitored the CCM\logs and "C:\$Windows.~BT\Sources\panther" folders but there's no change at all. @niall always says that logs are the answer, but I don't even know where to look for them 😪  


    By now4you,
    I am having these 2 error message , I also attached the Bgbsetup file to tell me how to fix itSite Component Manager failed to install this component, because the Microsoft Installer File for this component (srsrp.msi) could not install.Site Component Manager failed to install this component on this site system.Solution: Review the previous status messages to determine the exact reason for the failure. Site Component Manager will automatically retry the installation in 60 minutes. To force Site

    SCCM Users report

    By JO123,
    Hi, I need report in sccm having following information. Computer name, user name, location and department. Please share. Thanks.  

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