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    Windows 10 1903 Software Update Issue

    By wlesler,
    I recently upgraded my SCCM environment to 1902, I then did a 1903 Feature update to a laptop which was successful. I made the Products and Classification change in SCCM to make Windows 10 1903 software updates available. I created a deployment packed that included 1903 updates and deploy it to a combination of Windows 7, 10 1803 and 1903 devices. The Windows 7 and 10 1803 devices applied the updates successfully but both of the 1903 devices are giving me a message in software Center that there

    SCCM + MDT Deployment Workbench Monitoring

    By sysadmin101,
    Hello! Can someone advise me how can I configure MDT Deployment Workbench Monitoring for SCCM MDT Task Sequences? I went through the guides online, and they ask to create a new Deployment Share in MDT - but I already have an existing SCCM MDT Task Sequence and content, so I won't be using the MDT's Deployment Share. Nonetheless, I created a Deployment Share in MDT, and also enabled Monitoring, however - There is no option to select 'what' is monitored (which logs folder/SCC

    TS not recognizing Customsettings.ini

    By Andy_654654,
    Hi, I have the below custom setting file. The issue is it is not being applied on my builds. When i check the logs they state that the file has been processed successfully.  Its like the rules get completely ignored   [Settings] Priority=Init, ByDesktop, ByLaptop, DefaultGateway, Default  Properties=ComputerLocationName, ComputerTypeName, ComputerSerialNumber [Init] ComputerSerialNumber=#Right("%SerialNumber%",10)# [ByLaptop] SubSection=Laptop-%IsLaptop% ComputerTyp

    SCCM OSD Resetting App Defaults

    By Edenost,
    Hi all, It's been a little while since I posted on here! Hope everyone is doing good! I'm after some advice on SCCM and Default Apps being reset on deployment... it's a bit of a weird one, so bear with me! I'm running the latest SCCM CB version (1902 w/o the hotfix). I've been deploying Windows 10 Pro 1809 with it. This is a custom image from the Windows 10 ISO, installed, apps all installed, then used the SCCM Capture Media to take a copy and deploy. Following the deployment

    SWU Deployment with content pre-cached

    By gmandar,
    Hi, I have to deploy windows updates on critical servers which gets patched very rarely due to some team dependency. I have SCCM CB 1706 installed. My client set below conditions: 1. Updates should get downloaded beforehand 48 hours actual Installation date. 2. If needed, installation time may change. Deployment should accomodate that. 3. Deployment time is 2 hours for 1 batch. So in case if deployment gets carried over 2 hours,  second batch should not start. How to achieve thi

    SCCM 1606 & ADK 1607

    By Amani,
    So l’m kind new to SCCM’s OSD and I’ve been assigned to do an upgrade for Windows 7 workstation to Windows 10 v1703. I read online that the maximum ADK supported by SCCM 1606 is v1607, lucky I also read some posts online saying that it worked fine with Windows 10 v1706 although Microsoft does not support it. Now, my questions is our environment has an older ADK version that I don’t wish to remove if that possible. Can I just install the new ADK + upload new images to consol

    Windows 7 (Enterprise SP1) to Windows 10 (1903) upgrade fails

    By xerxes2985,
    Good morning, Over the past few weeks, I've been attempting to upgrade a Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 (x64) client to Windows 10 1903 CBB (SAC I think its called now) x64. Each time, it gets through the process to about 78%, and then rolls back the installation. I've tried using an OS Upgrade package, I've tried manually using an ISO, even creating a DVD to complete the upgrade, and they all come back with the same errors. I've attached setuperr.log (from the $WINDOWS.~BT folder). What am I missi

    OSD issue with Lenovo

    By Johnny_Eyebrows,
    Hi all - I have got an unusual issue with imaging a Lenovo model - the m720. If I start imaging via the network, when WinPE loads, it does not load the drivers for the network card and reboots after 30ish seconds. If, during this time, I load the driver via the cmdline, it will run through the sequence correctly. However, If I create a copy of the winpe media on a USB memory stick, with no changes, the model can image correctly, no need to use the cmd to load the drivers. For reference

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