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    SCCM 2002 and Bitlocker Management

    By keywan,
    Hi, I have created a Bitlocker Policy and deployed to a device collection. Everything is OK. but on the client it show me "Non-Complaint", I have checked the both Log file on the client, no error nad on the event viewer MBAM also no error. Only if click view Report I see there Non-Complaint with warning If I run MBAM client manually I can go on and it works and I can see the Password and KEY on the SQL Server. And then I see on the client it is complaint. Any Idea why? R

    Windows 10 2004 In Place Feature Update Failed

    By Syntax,
    Good day anyone also experiencing this or has anyone resolved this issue with regards with Windows 10 2004 Feature Update. TIA. Attach is the screenshot of the error we are having.    

    Deploy Windows 10

    By Dinus1979,
    Hi everyone, I'm going to tell you my problem if you can help me !!! My environment: Sccm 2012 I have to distribute windows 10 and I am testing with a virtual machine. I configured the DP by enabling the PXE and not WDS. DHCP configured (66-67) When the boot starts on the client I get the error you see in the attached file. Also on the SMSPXE.log file comes the message: not able to open SMSBoot \ x86 \ wdsnbp.com I don't know what to do anymore .... help me thank you very much!

    IBCM Server Public IP address & FQDN changed…!!!

    Deepak Verma
    By Deepak Verma,
    Question   Hi, As the title suggest, for some reason , we have changed the IBCM Server Public IP Address & the Internet FQDN. Now, I have changed the new FQDN under IBCM Site Server settings.. Also, New IBCM IIS certificate was generated with updated SAN entries which includes new Internet FQDN & Bind it in IIS. Clients which are on Intranet… automatically picks up the new IBCM FQDN & same is

    Device Based Activation Greyed Out - Creating an Office 2019 Package using the Office 365 Installer

    By torbuck,
    Greetings all I am wishing to create a Office 2019 package using the SCCM Office 365 Installer. Going through the menus in the Office Installer GUI, I have selected Office Professional Plus 2019 - Volume License as the product. Once I get to the Licensing and Activation part, I enable to automatically accept the EULA, select the KMS Client Key radio button option, and then under Product Activation, I am only presented with User Based activation. Since this will be used for clients that will

    SCCM 2002 and managed the Bitlocker PIN

    By keywan,
    Hi, Can I manage the Bitlocker PIN by MBAM Portal or SCCM? I mean if the client computer has Bitlocker with PIN and I deploy Windows uodate and the user is not available, after reboot you have to enter the Bitlocker PIN. Can I enter the PIN remotly? Is there anyway to do that with MBAM Portal or other Tool?  

    SCCM 2002 and Bitlocker Management and get the PIN

    By keywan,
    Hi, Is there anyway to get the PIN what the user have given on the Bitlocker Administration and Monitoring? How can I find it? Or it is not possible? Regards  

    SCCM 2002 and Bitlocker Management and KEY does not show in SQL server

    By keywan,
    I have created a policy for Bitlocker Management for SCCM 2002 and deploy it successfully. I have deploy the portal too and it works too. Now if I deploy my Bitlocker policy to a client, the client does get the policy and MBAM agent is installed.But The Bitlocker Administration and Monitoring does not appear. But I can start is manually If I run now the proccess, it works but I cannot see any KEY under SQL server. After some research I saw in eventlog on the client-->MBAM-->Admin

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