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    User discovery not processing discovered users

    By syparon,
    Hello, Does anyone already faced this issue ? The user discovery method did discover new users in OUs but is not able to process the message to add them in DB:    

    Update now to protect yourself from the next WannaCry

    By anyweb,
    WannaCry was a disaster that could have been prevented if people took notice. If you didn’t hear about it you must have been asleep, here is a refresher.   After WannaCry, most businesses took notice and updated their operating systems, patched them and took measures to avoid a further outbreak. But today, May 14th, 2019, Microsoft has released information that warns of yet another WannaCry-like worm. Note: If you are using Windows 10, you are OK, you are not vulnerable to t

    SCEP unable to reinstall if removed

    By zick,
    Got a strange issue. SCCM 1606 SCEP is setup and has been working for a while. If we image a PC (Windows 10 1803), SCCM automatically deploys the SCEP policy and is successfully managed by SCCM. However, in some case we need to changed the policy to a standalone as the PC will not be able to communicate w/ the server. It's basically the same policy except it doesn't include our WSUS for definition updates and only go out to the internet. If we uninstall SCEP from Program

    SCCM 1902 PXE Responder Error

    By Selby,
    Hi, I have recently installed 1902 and though I'd try the PXE Responder without WDS.  It uninstalled WDS and the service for PXE Responder is running but whenever we try to build we get the following error "sccm PXE: recvfrom() failed for DHCP. 0x80072746.".   I've since re-installed WDS and everything is working again.   PXE: A0:8C:FD:D9:42:EB:   18058, GUID:11D3E3F7-385C-4446-BE52-200EEA465B33, SMBIOS ID is NOT a match, MAC Address is a match.    SCCMPXE    09/05/2019 16:13


    By sysadmin101,
    Hi, If I apply drivers from a package during a OS deployment task sequence, will SCCM install all drivers within the package, even if the devices are not connected to the PC, or SCCM will only install drivers from the package, for the devices that are connected to the PC during the installation?

    Configuration Manager Client (5.00.8790.1007) -Error 0x80d05001

    Robbie Wallis
    By Robbie Wallis,
    Hello, Having an error getting the latest client to roll out via software updates Configuration Manager Client (5.00.8790.1007) -Error 0x80d05001 How can I find the package on the distribution points to redistribute it as I think this could be the issue? Thanks

    New boot image doesn't have F8 capability

    By doug.morrison,
    Hi, I have created a new WinPE boot image using the 'Create boot image using MDT' feature.  When doing so, I left the 'Enable command support (F8)' checkbox at it's default position of Checked.  I then mount this wim with DISM and copy over some files to allow for DaRT remote control integration pre WinPE password entry. However, I am unable to invoke the command prompt after importing the wim into my environment.   Anyone seen this before?

    System Discovery Not Adding Devices

    By jerrycsakany,
    System discovery is finding objects in active directory but they aren't showing up in the console under any collections. I have a CAS and 2 primary Sites. 

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