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    Peer Caching, unable to download from peer

    By Siroj,
    Our Setup:
    - SCCM 1806 on Server 2016
    - Clients are running Windows 10 1709 (about 25000 clients)
    - Clients running corresponding SCCM client v5.00.8692.1008 We are trying to utilize Peer Caching but are unsuccessful in getting it to work. After a number of tries to connect to a peer, it uses the DP as last resort and successfully downloads the data (but not from a peer cache source). We verified that firewall ports (8003, 8004) are opened at the source peer. We re-entered the NAA account info and successfully verified. For testing purposes we also granted full access rights to CCMCACHE folder to the NAA account In SMSTS.log we see that the client has located a peer, tried to connect but failed. Some possible relevant LOG entries: Does anyone have any idea where to look next?

    Windows 10 Enterprise, version 1809 (updated Sept ’18) is released, and Windows Server 2019 is Generally Available !

    By anyweb,
    It’s finally released, the long awaited Windows 10 Enterprise, version 1809 (otherwise known as The Windows 10 October 2018 Update) is available for download on Microsoft’s MSDN site, also to note, the Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 version is released. There is a corresponding download for Windows 10 Enterprise version 1809 also on VLSC however it’s for ARM Architecture only (64bit), so probably not of much use to you and me… This release is packed with lots of interesting new features detailed here. Also released is the Windows ADK version 1809 here. And if that wasn’t enough, Windows Server 2019 is finally Generally Available (on MSDN), time to start downloading ! For more info about the new release, please read this: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Windows-IT-Pro-Blog/What-s-new-for-IT-pros-in-Windows-10-version-1809/ba-p/263909 cheers niall

    Capture Failing - Initialising Configuration Manager Client - Smstslog = Class Not Registered 0x80040154

    Robbie Wallis
    By Robbie Wallis,
    Hello, We have an issue that has introduced itself into what was a working system so I'm guessing it is update related We are running the latest version with latest updates of SCCM with the latest ADK and capture media After the build process a machine will capture. If you make a single change i.e. installing software the capture will fail at initialising configuration manager client - 0x80040154. SMSTS.log shows the same error code against "Class not registered" This is a process that was working fine. We make the same changes every time but this time round nothing wants to capture Just noticed prior to this there is "GetMPInformation() failed 0x80040154" Any ideas? Robbie


    By sysadmin101,
    Hi Folks, Hope all is well! I'm trying to enable IPv6 PXE boot on my DP, but the checkbox simply isn't there. I'm on 1806, and I've already selected 'enable PXE responder without WDS'. My DP does not have an IPV6 address assigned at the moment (although IPv6 is certainly enabled at the NIC/OS) - does that need to be configured first?   p.s. my clients will be PXE booting from a different subnet. Currently I use IP helpers to point the clients to the PXE server. The IP helpers are IPv4; I assume I will need to create IPv6 helpers as well?

    SCCM Complaint goes down

    By Nkhan0608,
    I am new to sccm I want to do lots of stuff in SCCM, existing sccm admin left without handovering anything, now there are lots of folders created, I want to clean it up. 2nd i want to create a new folder with my name download all the patches & Operating system deployment, help me out by sharing a layman steps to achieve this. I want to create a folder as per the OS eg Win 2012, Win 2012R2, win 2016, your guide will be very well appreciated, please reply as soon as possible.

    Config Manager Antivirus Exclusion Policy

    By teamfox201,
    I have been looking at the Config Manager Antivirus Exclusion list (https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/systemcenterpfe/2017/05/24/configuration-manager-current-branch-antivirus-update/) and was wondering how others have this organized. I am looking at having at least 2 policies (Workstation and Servers) but for servers, are you adding all the exclusions under one policy or making it neater in the console and making a new exclusion policy for SQL, IIS, ConfigMgr, etc.?    

    Unable to Remove Azure Service

    By Judical,
    I am trying to prevent smsdbmon.log from getting spammed about Azure. Since I'm not currently using Azure I decided to remove the Azure connection.
    Every time I delete the Azure Service is comes right back before I can remove the Tenant. Any ideas how I can get around this?

    Missing some Office 365 Updates

    By hecke1234,
    Hi Comm, I'm using SCCM 1802 with all hotfixes and after serveral wsus syncs, there are some updates missing for x64 or x86 architecture. In my case I need the 1807 (10325.20118) Update for x86, but it's only the x64 version available.  I've never seen this before for other products like older Office versions or Windows in my environment and found no known issue for this.   Has someone an idea or seen this before?

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