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    ConfigMgr Clients Inactive

    By day79,
    We have a ton of ConfigMgr clients that are showing they are on, but "inactive". Clients haven't sent their heard beat or inventory in several days...see attached pic. These machines have been powered on all week.  They aren't able to install software from Software Center or take deployments.  We recently upgraded to 5.00.8968.1000 and installed a hotfix.  Any suggestions on what to check?  Management Points all look good.  Reinstalling the client appears to work but there are tons.  We do use S

    Cool new features in Technical Preview 2008

    By anyweb,
    Introduction Microsoft released TP2008 yesterday, more details here, but I was busy building my deck so I didn’t blog anything, but I did the upgrade and waited until today to see what’s new. And as usual, it’s a list of loads of new additional features.   So what is new and exciting in this technical preview release of ConfigMgr? Collection query preview When editing queries for collections you can now preview the results real time. So let’s try

    SUP mess

    By ngreene,
    I'm pretty new with SCCM and have taken over some responsibility of making sure it works at my current job (my predecessor got it up and running with a contractor).   Right now, my focus is on our software update point not working correctly. We have a monthly synchronization set up to get new updates from Microsoft but machines cannot find the updates in both Windows Update or in Software Center even though they are in the software update catalog. This is problem #1.   Proble

    Reference computer image capture

    By fj40ratt,
    I'm trying to capture a Win 10 reference computer that has multiple partitions in preparation for BitLocker.  The machine is not domain joined.  Is there a proven way to do this?  My task sequence keeps failing when trying to capture the machine.  If I image the machine with a single partition image the capture works flawlessly.

    SCCM 2002 (Bitlocker MBAM) - Keys not getting into SQL DB : Error 0x803d0013

    By glen8,
    Hi Everyone, We have not looked into bitlocker before but would like to start encrypting our laptops.  There is SCCM 2002 already in place and configured for PKI.  I've added the bitlocker feature to SCCM and packaged up the MBAM deployment scripts. During the OSD task sequence it's coming up with 0x0000001 during the powershell command phase.  Running this manually from F8 it's showing 0x803d0013. The event logs on the SCCM server / MBAM has this: An error occurred while add

    Pxe issue durning image .

    mohd aamir
    By mohd aamir,
    we have issue with pxe issue during imaging on secondary site server . steps done :- Removed MP role and reinstalled MP role Removed PXE role and reinstalled PXE role . Removed wds role and reinstalled wds role . Error details :- I am trying to image a laptop over the LAN ( PXE) . I am receiving the following error : Station IP address is Server IP Address is NBP Filename is bootx64wdsmgfw.efi NBP filesize is 0 bytes PXE-E23: Client received TFTP error

    Newly OSD device are not getting detected by SCCM from a specific OU

    HI Everyone, Hope everyone is doing great and being safe! Want your help with an issues that i face frequently in the organisation during OSD and hope to have some expert advise on this. While reimagine a device as bare metal we have this query that once the device gets moved to a OU over domain it becomes the part of some specific collection which helps us to deploy some department wise software on it. But it happened so many that even a device becomes the part of that OU it just

    Instant obsolete files in Software Inventory. Need help!

    By Maestro,
    Hello!   Win 10 on devices, SCCM version is 1810, SCCM clients on devices are actual version.   I've used the SCCM SI to find devices with the certain .EXE files in order to delete these files. Something like "c:\Somestuff\111.exe", "c:\Install\Somestuff\111.exe" OK, ~40 devices  were found, files (and folders containing them) were deleted and I run the report again. Surprisingly, ~10 devices still showed that these folders and files are exist (let's call them "bad").

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