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    SCCM Update from 2111

    By Joe13,
    Hi everyone, please help me before I crack my scull. I'm unable to update my SCCM server, I'm not sure what happened. I never had this issue. I get the following in the log file, I see the following error/IP but have no idea where to change it,   ERROR: Failed to download Admin UI content payload with exception: Unable to connect to the remote server    SMS_DMP_DOWNLOADER    2022/06/06 12:18:51 PM    11836 (0x2E3C) Failed to call AdminUIContentDownload.

    ADR dissapeared from MECM 2204 TP

    By ace_ventura,
    Ever since I upgraded MECM to 2204, my ADR disappeared.  I recently upgraded to 2205 to see if it would come back but it didn't.  If i try to create a new ADR i can run through the wizard to create it but it never shows in the console.  I can create a folder but no created ADRs show.  Has anyone seen this before?

    First look at the Migrate to the cloud app

    By anyweb,
    Introduction This video is a quick look at the Migrate to the cloud app. The Migrate to the cloud app is a Powershell based solution delivered via Software Center in Microsoft Configuration Manager, that takes your domain joined, ConfigMgr devices and migrates them to Intune management and converts them to Windows Autopilot devices in the process, all done without data-loss and minimal user interruption or downtime. You can check out the video here. I'll be posti

    [DUPLICATED TREAD]Removing the DP role what about the content packages peresent in the disk?

    By Datafast,
    Once we have removed the DP role, what we should do with the content packages in the server disk ? In the case I need to do remove them  manually what will be the best way? Should the server be removed also from the Boundary Group?   Thanks

    Removed the DP role what about all the content packages present in the disk?

    By Datafast,
    Once we have removed the DP role do we have to removed the content packages from the server disk manually? In the case I need to do it manually what is the best process?   The server should be also removed from the Boundary Group? Thanks

    Access to Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager current evaluation version 2103

    By RAHill,
    Greetings, I am trying to access to Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager current baseline evaluation version 2103. The link https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/evaluate-microsoft-endpoint-configuration-manager no longer works it goes to the Surface Devices web page. Am I missing something or is this web page down?  Your assistance will be appreciated, Robert

    Pre-stage content not report to site server

    By lalajee,
    I build new DP and set it up for pre-stage content but packages are not mark as successfully even after i run the pre-stage command On remote DP I have copy all of the pre-stage packages and run following command for each package ExtractContent.exe /f /P:X:\Prestage\Content\xxx28.pkgx When I check the prestage log file under SMS_DP$\sms\logs\PrestageContent.log I see following messages Sent xxxx28.5 package state message to site but after few days I still see same packag

    SCCM Client Issue

    By asad,
    Just General Information  If i change DNS address for sccm client apart from DNS port is there any other port need to be checked for sccm client to send its inventory to MP.Its not new DC just DNS services are installed  and existing DC are in place which have DNS role so client now have new DNS entry along with older ones .After this DNS update client are now showing not active in Console more like its not able to resolve MP computer name nwo https://siteserver/ccm_system/request

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