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    Create an Alert or Report for DP cert?

    By xerxes2985,
    Good afternoon, Is there a built-in Alert or Report (or one that can be made simply enough) to send an email (or notify in the console) that the Distribution Point certificate is expiring within 30 days? Is this possible? Thanks! Jesse

    CM 2002 PXE Boot UEFI issue

    By xerxes2985,
    FYI -  If you're having UEFI and PXE boot issues since upgrading to CM 2002, a patch was released today. Here's the details. https://support.microsoft.com/help/4567007 V/r Jesse

    CCMS client installation fails

    By Shaabash,
    Hi, I'm trying to push client installation but I receive few errors. Could someone take a closer look into log? ccmslogs.txt

    Failed to add TPM protector to OS device exit code 1

    By TR-909,
    Hello, hoping for some help from with a strange issue I have on a customer site I am currently unable to build Dell Optiplex 5040 devices with Windows 10 1909 x64 Enterprise from an Endpoint manager 1910 MDT integrated task sequence. The task sequence fails when trying to execute the Invoke-MbamClientDeployment.ps1 script. I have detailed the high level tasks below and attached the SMSTS.log. BIOS upgraded to latest version BIOS Reset to factory settings BIOS

    Management Point issue

    HI Everyone, I hope this finds everyone in your best health! I have been facing a weird situation that I am facing during OSD and don't seem to have any answer to my doubt having googled everywhere so thought about putting it out here. Majority of my devices are failing during the OSD and upon checking the log it appears they are not reaching out to preferred nor fallback management point but a random one. I have checked the boundaries and boundary group and all seems to be in pla

    SCCM upgrade 1906 to 2002 (Distribution Point problem)

    By rene1981,
    Hello guys,  Maybe you can point me in the right direction. I've updated SCCM Current Branch version 1906 to 2002.  prerequisite checks and installation was appearing to go without any problems. After checking all the status of all our 4 SCCM servers, one of our four distribution points (a remote DP) didn't upgrade to the new version 5.00.8968.100 (it's still on version number 5.00.8853.1000) I've added a screenshot with some information in the dismgr.log file.  It looks like

    Remote Tools

    By Nicked,
    Hi all, We don´t use the Windows Firewall at the moment. I enabled the Remote Tools feature in the ConfigMgr client. Does this start the Windows Firewall, all clients now have Windows FW enabled.   Regards Niklas

    Computers do not switch to PKI based certs

    By Martinez,
    Hello, We are on SCCM CB 1910 since end of January [WS 2016], single primary site and 20+ DPs. Last week, we have moved to PKI based certificates, all required cert templates are in place, GPO; Two new certs were also requested on every site system with IIS role, reconfiguration of MP to HTTPS, IIS bindings on every site system plus additional IIS config on SUP, certs imported to DPs. On Primary site I haven't switched to HTTPS only, yet, due to issues with PXE (resolved now). I have c

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