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  1. Imaging using a working image, complete with all the requirements for NVMe drives (Intel RSTe drivers, etc). The TS is just a basic install OS, with nothing additional. Once the image applies, and it goes to reboot into Windows, a box comes up saying Windows Setup could not configure on this hardware. Computer is a Dell Precision T5820 with a 512mb PCI-E NVMe drive Any thoughts, ideas?
  2. Primarily the remaining computers I am upgrading are Windows 7, so I'd like to hit them all with Windows 10 1703, then right after upgrade them to 1903. I've got individual collections for both 7, and 1703. Was hoping/trying to accomplish a one-two punch to upgrade, then upgrade.
  3. Is it safe to chain an OS upgrade Task Sequence? For example, I've finally been able to upgrade Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 to Windows 10 Enterprise 1703, then once that upgrade is complete, I want it to immediately upgrade from 1703 - 1903. Will it work like this? Or do I need to create some sort of variable, etc. Thanks!
  4. You should be using the Acrobat Customization Wizard, when you open AcroPro.MSI to create a new transform, you'll see the following. Place the serial number in there, choosing the "grant offline exception & Disable registration"
  5. That's what I'm going to try. I was hoping to skip having to upgrade to upgrade to upgrade.. but it may be the solution
  6. Unfortunately, the program fails to run successfully on Windows 7. On the MS page, it specifies the The destination OS must be Windows 10.
  7. Good morning, Over the past few weeks, I've been attempting to upgrade a Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 (x64) client to Windows 10 1903 CBB (SAC I think its called now) x64. Each time, it gets through the process to about 78%, and then rolls back the installation. I've tried using an OS Upgrade package, I've tried manually using an ISO, even creating a DVD to complete the upgrade, and they all come back with the same errors. I've attached setuperr.log (from the $WINDOWS.~BT folder). What am I missing that is causing this to fail? setuperr.log
  8. Whether I do or don't, it still fails with the same information.
  9. I'm using the "upgrade operating system task sequence", using the full media for 1903 x64 Semi Annual Channel (formerly CBB I believe). My attempt is to go from 1607 LTSB to 1903 CBB. I have an OSDSetupAdditionalUpgradeOptions specified, as the entry for Product Key didn't seem to put the "/pkey" into the command line. From smsts.log on a box that was affected, this is the resulting command it is running. Shortly after it fails with the "unknown error 0x80004005", I check setupact.log and setuperr.log and it shows the the following errors: One thing that sticks out is "Selected install choice is not available". ![LOG[Command line of Windows Setup upgrade: '"C:\_SMSTaskSequence\Packages\LIB001F8\SETUP.EXE" /ImageIndex 3 /auto Upgrade /quiet /noreboot /postoobe "C:\Windows\SMSTSPostUpgrade\SetupComplete.cmd" /postrollback "C:\Windows\SMSTSPostUpgrade\SetupRollback.cmd" /DynamicUpdate Disable /compat IgnoreWarning /pkey NPPR9-FWDCX-D2C8J-H872K-2YT43']LOG]! If I manually run setup.exe /pkey NPPR9-FWDCX-D2C8J-H872K-2YT43 from the mounted ISO, it upgrades from 1607 LTSB to 1903 CBB just fine. Any suggestions?
  10. Is it at all possible to search the version field using something that would show me "Not Equal to" or "Less than or Equal to"? Thanks!
  11. Unfortunately, the log file was clear, so I went ahead and uninstalled and reinstalled my MP, and all is working well. If it happens again though, that'll be the first file I check. Thanks @anyweb!
  12. I've checked DCOM launch and activation permissions to make sure that the "local service" account has launch permissions, which it does and it is currently set to launch using "Local Service"
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