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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I recently had an issue where the WSUS on my configuration manager server wouldn't work any longer. I went ahead and removed the software update point role and removed the wsus role to just start fresh. Now once it completed, I went ahead to run the post-install task, and get the errors listed in the attached temp file. After reinstallation of the role and failure of the post-install tasks, I rebooted the server. Additionally, I have tried reinstalling using PowerShell, and still, the end result is still the same. Any help would be greatly appreciated tmp75CF.tmp
  2. I have inherited an SCCM 2211 environment that was supposed to have been setup in HA, but it was not fully configured (no passive site node). I'm a bit stumped with how the SQL AOG has been configured and the person that built it is no longer around. In the past when setting up HA, I would setup the SQL AOG and point SCCM to the listener node. In the console I would see a single site database sever and it would use the name of the listener as the server name. In the environment I inherited, they setup an AOG, but there are 2 site database server roles in the console and they are both pointing to the 2 AOG replicas rather than the listener. I can't find anything saying this is supported and I don't see how that gets you HA capability, but before I start reconfiguring things I wanted to make sure this is not a supported method for HA with SQL and SCCM? Thanks
  3. Dear brothers and sisters from the IT World, I trust this finds you very well. We have received a new DELL Model: DELL Latitude 5530. The model has the following Network Interface: Intel Ethernet I219 Network The required drivers have been properly imported and added to the task sequence (driver package). We have two vlan/subnet where we can stage the laptops: Vlan A - Same Subnet as the SCCM Server Vlan B - A diferent Subnet (Sccm Server), we use ip helpers to root the trafic. Staging Vlan A Test1 - Port RJ45 - Network Interface: Intel Ethernet I219 NetworK I tried with a diferent dell model and everything worked properly, really fast and stable. I tried with the model DELL Latitude 5530 (2 diferent laptops) and the Task Sequence return an error right at the begining, the DISK is not even formated and we get the following: An error occurred while resolving dependencies for the selected task sequence (0x80072EE2). For more information, contact your system administrator or helpdesk operator. As we can see on the SMSTS.LOG located in (X:\windows\temp), an IP is properly assigned: And as you can see in this screenshot, i have an ip address: Please find more details about the error below: Test2 - USB-C - Docking Station I tried with the model DELL Latitude 5530 (2 diferent laptops). The WINPE Img takes a lot of time to download but after that, the TS works properly (even if it is slow) and i dont get the error. Staging Vlan B Test1 - Port RJ45 - Network Interface: Intel Ethernet I219 NetworK I tried with a diferent dell model and everything worked properly, however, the network is slower but it is stable. I tried with the model DELL Latitude 5530 (2 diferent laptops) and everything worked properly, the network is slow but it is stable. Test2 - I didnt do it because the objectif if to reimage on the SCCM Subjet. This is driving me nuts.... Can you please guys have the kindness of helping me? As always, your help and support is very much appreciated. Thank you all and best regards, your help and support is very much appreciated. Peace
  4. We have some MECM managed Windows 7 PC's that are on slow satellite links. Is it possible to ship the files to those locations, have them copied to the hard drives of those PC's and run OSD to use the locally copied files and install Windows 10?
  5. I have downloaded the most recent software updates for Windows 10 20H2 x64, as can be seen in this image: I went ahead and redistributed the deployment package, to make sure the latest updates added were available. Then, I clicked over to my operating system image. right clicked, and chose Schedule Updates. Those two updates will not show as available as can be seen in this image (additionally, the Windows Malicious Software Remove Tool or update doesn't show as available either): So, to make sure that they aren't already applied, I clicked the update tab on my OS image. Any ideas? Once the image is applied, if I go to check Windows updates, the missing ones download and install. Thanks, Jesse
  6. I am running into an extremely odd issue. I have several task sequences that are failing to apply image during OSD. When I check the smstslog I see the following error "Failed to run the action: Apply Operating System. Error 255" I can find no mention of error 255 anywhere on the internet. When I check the status messages for the deployment ID I see the following: "The task sequence execution engine failed executing the action (Apply Operating System) in the group (Install Operating System) with the error code 255 Action output: ... Downloading file /SMS_DP_SMSPKG$/P0100051/sccm?/Windows%2010%202019%20LTSC_REF2020.wim range 6442450941-7214257158 Downloaded file from http://SVD-SCCM.WCPS.K12.VA.US:80/SMS_DP_SMSPKG$/P0100051/sccm?/Windows%2010%202019%20LTSC_REF2020.wim to C:\_SMSTaskSequence\Packages\P0100051\Windows 10 2019 LTSC_REF2020.wim VerifyContentHash: Hash algorithm is 32780 Content successfully downloaded at C:\_SMSTaskSequence\Packages\P0100051. Opening image file C:\_SMSTaskSequence\Packages\P0100051\Windows 10 2019 LTSC_REF2020.wim Image file P0100051 version "" will be applied Starting to apply image 1 from Windows 10 2019 LTSC_REF2020.wim to C:Wiping C:Set "C:\_SMSTaskSequence" to not be wiped Set "%OSDStateStorePath%" to not be wiped Set "%_SMSTSClientCache%" to not be wiped Set "%_SMSTSNewClientCachePathToCleanup%" to not be wiped Skipping C:\_SMSTaskSequence for wipe Calculating expected free space. Reporting deletion progress. Successfully wiped C:Applying image to C:Applying image 1. The operating system reported error 255: The extended attributes are inconsistent. I have tried redistributing the image and I still get the same issue. I was able to successfully deploy the image to a VM bu when I try on a physical PC I get the failure. I have tested on two different pieces of hardware. Thanks for the help! smsts.log
  7. Hi All, We are experiencing a weird issue with BitLocker when re-installing existing Windows 10 1709 machines with Windows 10 1903. The machines are hybrid AD joined and the BitLocker recovery information is stored in Active Directory. During a new installation of the device with Windows 10 1903, the BitLocker key fails on storing the recovery information in Active Directory. After examining the Windows event log, it turns out the device is trying to store the recovery information in Azure AD. Is this new behavior of Windows 10 1903 and can we modify this behavior?
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