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  1. I'm still banging my head on this package install. It's a very large 9gig package so I want to run it from the DP and I have the option checked to Copy the contents to a share on the DP and the log from above shows it accessing the share on the wrong drive and on another DP it isn't ever creating the share so it fails. I have the net access account setup. This is on 2012 SP1 CU2. I've even recreated the package and redistributed it and get the same thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks, Paul
  2. I've created a new package install and it is failing on multiple DP's. Here is what's in the execmgr.log on one client machine. Raising client SDK event for class CCM_Program, instance CCM_Program.PackageID="HOK00065",ProgramID="Navisworks 2014 Silent UNC", actionType 45l, value NULL, user NULL, session 4294967295l, level 0l, verbosity 30l execmgr 9/18/2013 3:14:13 PM 3300 (0x0CE4) Policy arrived for parent package HOK00065 program Navisworks 2014 Silent UNC execmgr 9/18/2013 3:14:13 PM 3300 (0x0CE4) Mandatory execution requested for program Navisworks 2014 Silent UNC an
  3. I apparently misdiagnosed this issue and it was not a network problem. We had a drive that was using the subst command and that was causing it to fail. I wrongly assumed that when I saw the network icon show disconnected in systray that was the problem, but it was the drive. Once I deleted it the capture worked fine. Thanks
  4. I'm trying to create a Win8 image and I have installed Win8 X64 on a Hyper-V 2008 R2 VM. I created a capture disk from SCCM 2012 SP1 CU4 and run it from the VM after I've removed it from the domain. It launches fine and I'm able to tell it where to save my image. It then launches Sysprep and after a few minutes of sysprep running I lose my network connection and then it fails because it can't access the share to save the image. The host server is a healthy 2008 R2 server with other VM's that are not having any network issues. I have the virtual adapter setup as a legacy adapter. Before ru
  5. After trying every fix I could find online I finally opened a case with Microsoft and was told this is a known bug that only affects Server 2008 and not 2008 R2. There is no real fix, but the workaround is to copy the RemoteInstall\SMSTempBootFiles directory from a working DP and then restart the WDS service. This will then populate the SMSBoot directories. This has to be redone any time the boot images are updated. Hopefully this will be resolved in R2.
  6. Yes ADK was installed on the site server before we did anything. Also, the exact same boot images are working fine on other servers. As a test I created a new boot image from the Windows ADK boot wim and I'm still getting the exact same results.
  7. A little more info... This is from the smspxe.log file on one of the affected DP's. InstallBootFilesForImage failed. 0x80004005 SMSPXE 8/23/2013 3:27:40 AM 3552 (0x0DE0) Warning: Failed to copy the needed boot binaries from the boot image F:\RemoteInstall\SMSImages\HOK00008\boot.HOK00008.wim. The operation completed successfully. (Error: 00000000; Source: Windows) SMSPXE 8/23/2013 3:27:40 AM 3552 (0x0DE0) Failed adding image F:\RemoteInstall\SMSImages\HOK00008\boot.HOK00008.wim. Will Retry.. Unspecified error (Error: 80004005; Source: Windows) SMSPXE 8/23/2013 3:27:40 AM 3552 (0x0DE0) F
  8. These are all fresh installs of CM12SP1 and the servers are running Endpoint Protection. I can see that the RemoteInstall\Boot\x64 folder does have pxe files so it seems unlikely that it would be antivirus blocking them?
  9. I am trying to get PXE setup on all my DP's and I'm finding a number of them that aren't working. I'm using 2012 SP1 CU2 and for the DP's that aren't working, it appears that the RemoteInstall\SMSBoot\X64 and X86 folders are completely empty. This is on both 2008 SP2 and 2008 R2 SP1 DP servers. The process I'm using is to open the properties of the DP in the configuration manager console and to enable PXE there. I've also enabled PXE in both my x64 and X86 boot images. I'm not manually doing anything with WDS. It's working on some so my process seems to be correct. In looking at th
  10. I'm trying to capture a Windows 2008 R2 server that is running Citrix and I'm using a Capture disk. The server is in a workgroup and the SCCM agent is installed. I'm using the same boot image that was used to lay the image down so the driver should be good. Here is the SMSTS.log contents <![LOG[==============================[ TSMBootStrap.exe ]==============================]LOG]!><time="15:26:46.641+300" date="08-16-2013" component="TSMBootstrap" context="" type="1" thread="3540" file="tsmbootstrap.cpp:1129"> <![LOG[Command line: TSMBootstrap.exe /env:FullOS ]LOG]!><
  11. Well that ended up being an easy one. I had created a new boot image for testing PXE and I didn't have a task sequence setup to use that boot image. Once I made a task sequence for that image it started working fine. Thanks,
  12. I'm trying to get PXE setup in our environment and am having some issues. We are running 2012 SP1 CU2 with a single site. I've setup the DP for PXE and deployed an X64 and X86 boot image that are both enabled for PXE. When I try to PXE boot it gets an IP, says it downloaded WDSNBP from the DP, identifies the architecture as x64, shows the pending request ID and then a message says "Please wait. SMS is looking for Policy" Contacting Server: 172.X.X.X. It then says TFTP Download: smsboot\x64\abortpxe.com and it aborts the process. The computer I'm trying to boot is already in the datab
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