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    sorry just read the rest of your thread... as a work around, you can advertise the task to your desktop collection, but have the task respond ONLY to PXE and MEDIA, have it set to AVAILABLE and put a password on your boot media. MEDIA and PXE only, available setting and the password are all items to prevent current devices from getting reimaged by accident.
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    I've contacted Microsoft support 3 weeks ago. They said because I used the Fast Ring option they do will not fix this issue. But the options they gave me helped me find a way to finally update my Site Server. I did the following: Delete the update records from the SQL Database: - DELETE FROM CM_UpdatePackages WHERE PackageGuid='239E18DA-5872-47BF-93C5-9531A744C6F3' - DELETE FROM CM_UpdatePackages WHERE PackageGuid='DBEF803D-D936-46B3-88FE-A5BDD7A03168' 239E18DA-5872-47BF-93C5-9531A744C6F3 is the guid of hotfix KB4018732 DBEF803D-D936-46B3-88FE-A5BDD7A03168 is the guid of hotfix KB4019926 Go to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\EasySetupPayload and delete inside folders Restart SMS_EXECUTICE server Check for Updates from Console. Ussually it takes about 10 minutes. Don't click on Download Updates!!! When the Updates appear, you should go to the properties of the Service Connection Point Role and change it to offline Then use the service connection tool https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sccm/core/servers/manage/use-the-service-connection-tool to download the update files It will download several CAB files. You need to extract the files from 239E18DA-5872-47BF-93C5-9531A744C6F3.cab or DBEF803D-D936-46B3-88FE-A5BDD7A03168.cab to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\EasySetupPayload. They need to be extracted in a subfolder with the GUID name. After you got the files in place, you can turn back the properties of the Service Connection Point Role to online. Now you can try to install the hotfix again. On my Site Server these steps result in installing the hotfix. I think it is not supported by Microsoft, but it worked for me. Hope this helps.
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    Doh! It was my bad. The path was wrong. Fixed it and it ran beautifully. Thanks so much for all of your help!
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    So how do you uninstall it manually? Once you know that you can automated it.
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    As you already know from your others post on TechNet, No you can't do this. You only need a CAS if you have others 150,000 computers. Since you have a CMCB primary site, use that and migrate all of your clients to it. Save yourself the headache of a CAS.
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    Here is a tip how to add an icon to 7Zip (or any other MSI that doesn't contain an icon): Download and install Orca. Right click on the 7Zip MSI installed > Edit with Orca in Orca go to Transform > New Transform Hit CTRL+T to add a new table. (or right click in the Table pane > Add Tables) Select Icon from the list. Click the Icon table and add a new row: Right click > Add Row Enter Row Name; Data: browse to a file that contains the Icon. I usually just browse to the application EXE of the installed application as it contains an icon but you can browse to an ICO file as well. Orca will read the Binary data of the file. Now go to the Property table and add a new row: Property: ARPPRODUCTICON Value: Name of the Icon row (in my case it's 7zFM.exe) The ARPPRODUCTICON property specifies the foreign key to the Icon table, which is the primary icon for the Windows Installer package. You can now either save the transform (MST) file and apply it during the installation or you can save the MSI. Best practice is to keep the original MSI and only save the MST file, but it's up to you what you'll do. You can now install your application with the MST file: msiexec /i "7Zip.msi" TRANSFORMS=7Zip.mst /qn
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    IIRC the 1355 error means the domain couldn't be found or contacted. Did you put the FQDN of the domain in the domain join step? I've also ran into an issue where the nic wasn't grabbing an IP quick enough so the network never initialized and communication failed. We added a step in the task sequence to ping the loopback address to give the network adapter long enough to pick up an IP.
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    You are a gentleman and a scholar!!! Can't tell you how much your work and help on all that is sccm is appreciated!
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    I uninstalled each update you had listed and then rebooted, and reinstalled each one in the exact order you have listed. That's what is making me crazy. I greatly appreciate your time on this. I have been fighting this and some other issues for a very long time, I have actually spun up a new server and im Upgrading everything, Server 2016, SQL 2016 and Sccm 1610. Do you have any guides on transitioning from one SCCM installation to another? I do not plan on Migrating as im looking for a clean start.
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    The pop-up that states you need to install those updates is normal. Are you looking in the right place? Win 10 Upgrades are listed under the Windows 10 Servicing folder and not with the rest of the software updates.
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    $location = Get-ItemProperty "HKLM:SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS\Setup" | Select-Object -ExpandProperty "UI Installation Directory" Resolves to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole. That is the correct registry key. However AdminConsole folder is not in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager The Module is only in x86 folder. I changed the registry 'UI Installation Directory' to point to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole and script is working after that change.
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    Niall, Thanks for all the awesome guides! I got around the language issue by opening the WSUS console on the SUP, deselecting all languages besides the ones I needed and then syncing updates in the SCCM console. I performed these steps before my initial sync. It's odd that all of the other SUP settings carry over to WSUS besides the languages.
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    Earlier this year I completed a similar task going from a 2012 R2 hierarchy to a stand-alone Primary running CB 1607. I chose to do a side-by-side migration which resulted in zero downtime and I was able to take my time moving clients/apps/settings over. There was no impact with AD. Existing clients continued to report to the old environment until I moved them to the new one. This is one of the articles I used as a guide. https://www.systemcenterdudes.com/sccm-1511-migration/
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    of course you can do it using ConfigMgr, most people do it using MDT as it's quick and easy and well documented
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    We are still using a reference image because we want to deploy a new system as fast as possible. The step that usually took the most time in the deployment was bringing the system up to date with patches. I know you can inject Windows patches into the WIM, but since you mentioned you are using the default WIM I guess you are not injecting updates. What also takes a lot of time is Office 2016 updates. To my knowledge you cannot inject those into the WIM because there is no Office in the WIM. The alternative might be to streamline your Office installation with updates. But... instead we've created a VM were we installed a reference Windows 10 machine with Office 2016 and most needed C++ libraries (according to this guide: http://deploymentresearch.com/Research/Post/613/Building-a-Windows-10-v1703-reference-image-using-MDT ) The base image is updated with all the needed updates before we capture the custom WIM. We also create a checkpoint in Hyper-V before we create a new capture so the next month we can just revert to last version of the image and update it again. So far this has worked quite well for us, but we are always open for any suggestions making it easier or faster to deploy or Windows 10 image.
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    Hello all I need to set Advertisment as mandatory, to run every logon. I set the program to "Only when a user is logged on". I set the Advertisment as Mandatory at logon and "Always rerun program". The Advertisment run the program just once. What am i doing worng? Thanks a haed Peled