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    i presume the collection is setup using a query, can you share the query so we can see what you are looking for... also, have you checked that the computer is actually present in that specific OU prior to ending up in the collection ?
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    Hi all - The title states it all, really. I have created and been maintaining my site's SCCM environment for the past 9 years, with no training or aid beyond what I have gained from reading information presented by a number of patrons of this site and similar (Niall Brady, Garth Jones, Anoop Nair, and Mikael Nystrom to name some), and I was wondering what options there are for gaining some accreditation. I am based in the UK, in case this removes some options from the list!
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    First off SW inventory is NOT reliable, you should be using CI for this. Secondly, if your SW inventory runs for more than 4 hours it will NEVER send up update results. Yes is it very common for SW inventory to run for more than 4 hours runtime (not real time). Third did you review the inventoryagent.log file to see how long it takes for SW? Did it complete? Are you sure?
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