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    If I am understanding you right then you are having issues if the computer account already exists? Sounds like your DomainJoin account does not have permissions to reuse and existing account. I would check the account permissions. http://blog.coretech.dk/mip/creating-a-joindomain-account-for-use-with-sccm-osd/
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    UPDATE: Success1809-AnswerFile.txtAddLanguage_zh-cn.txt What I ended up doing is below because other options simply didn’t work right, and there is limited documentation on versions 1809 and 1903. Maybe I can save you some headache. MDT "Add Language Packs Offline" referenced in original comment, does not appear to work with newer versions of Windows(1903)/SCCM(1902 and later). Other options such as adding Language Packs(and other features) using dism /online after OS installation results in the Windows UI remaining the default EN-US language. resetting this setting via Powershell and rundll/xml proved unsuccessful. Download the required language packs for my environment. Inject them directly into the offline install.wim via DISM NOTE: in MS Volume Licensing site, DO NOT select 64-bit or 32-bit when trying to download the Language Packs. You must first select MULTILANGUAGE from the language dropdown, or you will only have 1511 language packs available to download. Create an answer file, My answer file is attached for reference. (EDIT)Add Language Collection variable to "All Unknown Computers" device collection, and leave value blank, and uncheck "do not display this value". Screen shot below This will add the Language variable field when your start the image process Set Language Variables using the Set Dynamic Variables after Apply OS but before Setup Windows and Config mgr (screenshot below) I added a step to use English by default if none of the rules proved true I created a package containing all the new language features for each language, Each package with a bat file that runs the series of dism commands (example attached). NOTE, some of the languages do not contain the speech capability. Added Timezone support using tzutil /s “Timezone name” and keyed it on NTDomain.ClientSiteName attribute (screen below) EDIT: I forgot to include the Language Collection variable on Unknown Computers collection
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    After the huge popularity of the windows-noob.com Configuration Manager 2012 Guides (609,165 views as of July 2nd, 2014), which were subsequently made available for download, (and downloaded 63521 times as of July 2nd, 2014) I've now made the following guides available in Microsoft Word format (zipped). These are the windows-noob Mobile Device Management guides which help you integrate Microsoft Intune with Configuration Manager 2012 R2, and then go on to add support for the following mobile devices" iOS Android Windows RT Windows 8.1 Windows Phone Mobile Device Management with Microsoft Intune integration (UDM) CM12 in a Lab – Part 1, integrating Microsoft Intune CM12 in a Lab – Part 2, adding Support for iOS devices CM12 in a Lab – Part 3, deploying apps to iOS devices CM12 in a Lab – Part 4, configuring compliance on iOS devices CM12 in a Lab – Part 5, enabling support for Windows 8.1 devices CM12 in a Lab – Part 6, deploying Windows 8.1 apps (appx) CM12 in a Lab – Part 7, deploying Windows Store apps CM12 in a Lab – Part 8, adding Android devices CM12 in a Lab – Part 9, deploying Apps to Android devices CM12 in a Lab – Part 10, adding Windows Phone 8 devices CM12 in a Lab – Part 11, using Intune Extensions Note: To download this zip file you need to register your account on windows-noob.com You can download the windows noob Mobile Device management guides in one ZIP from here: System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager Mobile Device Management - The windows-noob.com Guides.zip Once extracted you'll have the guide in Word format like below Please do spread the word ! cheers niall
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