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    Hello Shashi, you're very welcome and stay safe yourself too. So long Peter
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    I was able to Solve my authenticate issue. While running the site install Powershell script, I had to give the group names as the Pre-Windows 2000 as they differed slightly.
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    Make sure you have a valid certificate bound to your IIS default site for the Distribution Point.
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    yup, for anyone wondering, in part 4 of my series you'll see how to do this silently, https://www.niallbrady.com/2019/11/13/want-to-learn-about-the-new-bitlocker-management-in-microsoft-endpoint-manager-configuration-manager/
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    are all packages failing to get to the dp ? or only some packages ? i'm confused about you mentioning PXe, what has that to do with packages getting to the dp, you need to fix the packages getting to the dp first and then concentrate on your other issues
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    you need to provide more detail about this distribution point, was it ever working ? have you tried to reinstall the DP role on this server ? you mention 'during the reimage of the device' what do you mean by that ?
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    did you look at your logs ? there are some errors in there, i've highlighted one for you
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    have you seen this yet ? https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/configuration-manager-blog/cloud-management-gateway-addressing-common-challenges/ba-p/1351262?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
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    To answer your questions directly about one or two SQL instances for WSUS. Is that it will cause conflicts between the two WSUS Servers if they share a db. Aka if some deploys an software update (SU) on WSUS, it will get installed on CM clients too (outside of CM control). From the CM standpoint, CM will change that products and classifications existing within WSUS, including declining SU too. Thereby stopping any WSU deployment of that SU.
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    This will not be supported and you WILL have problem when you manage WSUS outside of SCCM for non-SCCM computer. There is NO problem having WSUS installed on the CM server with its own clean db.
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    Start with a Clean WSUS server using full SQL server.
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    you can use these guides to get going for server 2016 see below for server 2019 see below
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    you don't want to use an existing WSUS server. You want a fresh one that is use SQL database not WID.
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