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    Awesome, I'm glad to hear it ! now make sure you check out the rest of my guides 🙂 There is plenty to learn (such as PKI, Tenant Attach, Bitlocker Management and more)
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    actually everything is now working! your guides worked perfectly, i just needed to back and understand and re-read the scripts! I am new to SQL so my understanding of media, service accounts etc was very very small. After using updated ssm18, new CU22 update, and making sure i am using the domain specified account mentioned my script.....Config Mgr passed with NO errors. Genuinely appreciate the time you dedicated into your guides, respect. -
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    Hi, I reviewed the Task Sequence (for which thanks a million!) and I believe the reason for 'error 87:parameter is not correct' in two of the steps you disabled for the time being is the wrong dism parameter: DISM.exe /image:%OSDisk%\ /Set-UILanguage:%OSDUILanguage% that should be-> DISM.exe /image:%OSDisk%\ /Set-UILang:%OSDUILanguage% Similarly Set-UILanguageFallback should be changed to Set-UILangFallback. I did not have enough time to test that one myself yet but according to DISM documentation Set-UILang is the parameter name that exists.
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    Yes, 66 and 67 must be set to see the actual situation of the device When the number of VLANs is relatively small or when the switch setting does not support ip helper, You can set a distribution point for each vlan to solve the OSD problem.
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    they are not there because they have been removed, see https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/configmgr/core/plan-design/changes/deprecated/removed-and-deprecated-cmfeatures
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