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    Thanks. Very useful. Usually I use VPN services from this site.
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    That is cuz you are one crazy awesome dude Niall!!! Still have my fingers crossed that we get to have that drink this summer!! Waiting to find out if we are still going to have our CTG Summit in August! 🤙
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    if i had a vote left Marc i'd vote for it, did you tweet it yet ?
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    Added this a week ago: https://configurationmanager.uservoice.com/forums/300492-ideas/suggestions/40637050-provide-support-for-bitlocker-management-with-ibcm It could use some attention and more importantly some votes! 🤙
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    Having your Bitlocker Management keys stored on your on premise database (ConfigMgr) is an asset to many customers, and also gives you time to migrate to Intune and see the different ways it can manage your recovery keys, you could create an Azure web app proxy to connect back to the on-premise server handling the requests.
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    I tried this. There was no change.
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    I was able to Solve my authenticate issue. While running the site install Powershell script, I had to give the group names as the Pre-Windows 2000 as they differed slightly.
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