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  1. I have downloaded the most recent software updates for Windows 10 20H2 x64, as can be seen in this image: I went ahead and redistributed the deployment package, to make sure the latest updates added were available. Then, I clicked over to my operating system image. right clicked, and chose Schedule Updates. Those two updates will not show as available as can be seen in this image (additionally, the Windows Malicious Software Remove Tool or update doesn't show as available either): So, to make sure that they aren't already applied, I clicked the update tab on my OS image. A
  2. Hello, I have what might be a simple question however i am not finding an answer anywhere. I am tasked with doing the following. Reboot computers in the collection at a specific time. (I am able to do that via simple package that contain one line command to reboot them) This works fine if the computers are on the network and are online. But quite a few of our employees work from home over the weekend so therefore computers are not in the office. I am rebooting computers at 7 am Monday, what would happen if a user comes in at 9 am? Will the computer still reboot? How long after when c
  3. Hi We are currently on 1710, last patch was KB4086143 Since May 2018 no new updates have shown up in 'Updates and Servicing' , we 'CHeck for Updates' but nothing new appears, cannot find any errors in the logs and MS Updates etc is not blocked by the FW Any advice? thanks
  4. Hello Folks! Firstly I want to say that I'm new here to this forum, so hello. 😀 The ConfigMgr team just released the latest version av SCCM CB, 31 July if I understood correctly. Now, it is 8 August and 1806 hasn't appeared in the Updates and Servicing node for us. I have clicked on the button Check for Updates and even checked the dmpdownloader.log but no error messages seems to strike out. I have even restarted the SMS_EXECUTIVE component without any issues. I am currently running out of ideas, I have been googling for some answers why new versions don't appear in the node but do
  5. Background (Using SCCM CBB 1802, MDT & Deployment share on a physical computer, and the image is Windows 10 LTSB 1607) Two part question: I am capturing my Windows 10 image using MDT. The MDT TS installs Windows, then checks and installs windows updates, next it installs office 2016 - run windows updates again - sysprep and capture. - Entire TS runs without a hitch. Then that image is imported into SCCM, then being deployed to new computers. Once completed with OSD (which shows no errors), I receive the following issue when attempting to check for updates: Windows Update fail
  6. I only have English selected when pulling updates into SCCM, Why do i see all these other languages synchronizing?
  7. Hello, I have a somewhat strange issue where SCCM updates will stop coming through on Servers after a few weeks of working successfully - all maintenance windows are ignored and any new Windows updates are not delivered. After a reboot the servers will successfully then download the latest updates again and reboot during maintenance windows. Can anyone offer any suggestions on how I can resolve this issue? Thanks
  8. We are having a very difficult time locating any posts, forum topics, or ms bulletins in regards to the attached distmgr.log file. If anybody of you knowledgeable helpful users on the forum can assist in ANY way, please feel free to offer any suggestions. We currently are unable to distribute any new data, sync dp's, etc... We have performed a site reset. We have removed MP role. We have removed and replaced the mentioned file. Kind of at a loss. Short of rebuilding the main site server, I'm not too sure as to our next step. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance f
  9. Hello, I have been searching the internet looking for a solution to why my wsus updates are not installing on my clients but can not find one. I have System Center 2012 R2 install on windows server 2012 R2. I have installed and configured my Boundaries as well as the DP, MP, SUP I have created a Software update package for my windows 7 clients I have a gpo that sets the wsus server for SCCM Installed software center on my client machines. (Applications will come through and install without a problem) The weird thing is I had one or two machines that have downloaded and installe
  10. I’ve set up a task that will scan for available updates, install and then reboot (x3) but I am trying to figure out how to report what patches were just installed on the server. Is there a way to do this via the task sequence or other methods? I’d like to automate this so the report is sent out after patching in an email. Thanks in advance!
  11. I'm close to transitioning over our organization to having SCCM manage software updates. I hope someone could say what are the proper "Windows Update" policies that should be set or modified for SCCM software updates to function correctly. Looking for the recommend settings for the new semi-annual release for Windows 10 servicing. Still have some remaining Windows 7 PCs on network. Thanks!
  12. Hello, One of my Management Points in SCCM 2012 seems to have developed an issue where it will not allow clients to download Windows updates in software centre. When you click install they just stay on 'waiting to download' and then eventually fail with 'The software change returned error code 0x80240438(-2145123272).' Please can somebody help with this issue and point me in the right direction? Thanks
  13. I need help with Software Updates on SCCM 2012. Client machine has "Downloading (0% complete)" in the Software Center for every update. There are about thirty updates that apply to this client machine. What I have done: Created an Update List Created a Deployment Package with the Updates. Downloaded the Updates and distributed the content to a DP. Content status is success. A Boundary is defined for the client. The Boundary is in a Boundary Group. The Boundary Group is assigned to the DP. The Deployment for the Update List is targeted to a Collection with one machine in it. Updates are ​a
  14. I am currently working with a small environment with roughly 200 clients. I have 2 servers at 2 physical locations, the secondary server is only assigned the following roles: Site System, Management Point, Distribution Point, Component Server. I am trying to deploy software updates to one device collection in particular which contains 4 RDS Servers. The updates show up in software center on 1 out of 4 of these servers, however they do not on the other three. The configuration of these servers are identical, they are all in the same IP range and AD site and therefore in the same
  15. For some reason this month I'm getting this error message when I try to distribute a newly created update package to our three DPs (one local, two remote). The DPs all have 200gb+ of storage free, so space is not an issue. The CM Primary machine account has full control on the shares and the source directory. I wiped the deployment and the package, re-downloaded the updates from the update group and created a new package. The package creates fine, but then fails to distribute content to the DPs. If it were a disk issue - either a failing drive or space - I would think it would only be one of
  16. Hello, I just applied June monthly updates via SCCM 1702, when the updates were done installing, I noticed new options in the Power option : "Update and Restart" & "Update and Shutdown". We choosed "Restart" (only), but still the computer applied the updates. any idea why would it apply them even though we didn't select "Update and Restart" ? Thanks,
  17. Hi, Simple question really. Whats the best practice when structuring windows client updates? Do people auto apply to test machines and then auto apply to all machines a couple of weeks after.
  18. Hi, First post, relatively new to SCCM but I have a question. We upgrading our servers to 2012 r2 and 2016 but don't want to use SCCM to manage updates for them. They are currently set to download and install updates via Windows update but I am unsure whether this will mean that SCCM will be unable to report on the status of installed updates for those servers. Is it only able to identify the status of updates deployed by itself? Thanks, Simon
  19. Hello All, as the name says, I'm a SCCM noob. we upgraded to SCCM 2012 R2 to 1511, then to 1610. since then, all of my clients are seeing a red x over the action center, and when you open it you see that SCCM has either failed to or forgotten how to take over the windows update service. I have gone over WUAHandler.log, PatchDownloader.log and UpdatesHandler.log and have found nothing that would explain this. the clients are still getting patches, and when the machine is added to a collection it will push to software center and install successfully on the client. I will say that I have no
  20. Our Windows 10 Enterprise PCs were getting updates directly from the Internet saturating our pipe. To stop this behavior we had to block a range of WindowsUpdate IP at the firewall but later just stopped the Windows Update service on every Windows 10 1607 PC. We are using SCCM 1610 (WSUS installed same server) - Windows 7 PCs not a problem just Windows 10. By doing an RSOP to a workstation, the Specify Intranet Microsoft Update Service Location points to http://server.contosto.com:8530, our GPOs are the following: Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Windows Update/Defer Win
  21. Hi All, We have SCCM configured to synchronise all Security updates for the Server 2012 R2 OS (among other categories and products). I've ran a full synchronisation and packaged up and deployed all updates to a development server in test. I have then asked this server to check online with Windows update and it has found some missing updates. I'm not entirely surprised however some of the updates that are missing are Security and apply to 2012 R2 and do not seem to be superseded (I checked here:https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=36982). Does anyone know wh
  22. Hello, I'm wondering if there is a way to update the Windows 10 applications (downloaded from the Windows Store for Business) via SCCM ,to we can manage and distribute the updates like any regular software. Thanks,
  23. Hey Guys - I have one more issue currently that I need advice on, please. When SCCM was first introduced and clients deployed in our environment, there was a single server local to the primary which had the SUP role & WSUS installed. We soon realized that shortly after client deployments to remote sites that them simply evaluating updates needed against the remote (to them) WSUS server caused havoc with WAN bandwidth. Since then, I have installed & configured the SUP role / WSUS at both secondary sites which many clients are local to and are in the same boundaries with. The
  24. Guys I am trying to figure out something that has happened in the last week that's never happened before. A bunch of our laptops received windows updates this past Tuesday out of the blue. When I go search in programs and features and look at the updates that were installed I can see these were patches we pushed out months ago. I know for a fact even on my own machine that I had a successful deployment (at least according to deployment monitoring) for the particular software update group. Is it possible for a client to get out of sync and send the wrong message to WSUS kicking off a reinstall?
  25. Hello All, I'm having problems with a Build & Capture task sequence in that it seems to skip past the 'Install Updates' part. I have attached a screenshot of the SMSTS.log for your perusal. Things I have tried so far: - added an SMSMP entry in the task sequence, pointing to our MP - set a 24-hr maintenance window for the collection the task sequence is being applied to - configured IIS on the DP to allow files that contain the .config extension to be downloaded. If anyone has a steer on this that would be great. I could as a last resort manually patch the reference mach
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