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  1. Hello folks! I have a curios question about MBAM BitLocker. As some of you may know, Microsoft announced recently this year that they will not going further for feature updates of MBAM and so on. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/security/information-protection/bitlocker/bitlocker-management-for-enterprises#managing-domain-joined-computers-and-moving-to-cloud In the docs, they are recommending to plan and move to cloud-based management for BitLocker instead. To store recovery keys in Azure Active Directory. At our customer we implemented MBAM BitLocker integrated with SCCM infrastructure. But while reading the docs we are thinking that we could maybe take the advantage and enable Co-Management, and really start using Azure and Intune. But I'm more curious what you guys are thinking about this. What are your future plans around this? Will you still stick with existing MBAM infra for a few years or doing something else? Hope we maybe could help each other if there are any more out there, that are on the same crossroad as we are. If there is an existing topic about this already, please redirect me there. 😀 Have a nice evening everyone, cheers!
  2. Hi! Exacly what I was thinking also. Maybe they don't distribute worldwide, maybe they start slowly deploying the update. But then I know that in the future, to be patient. 😁 Hmm, maybe I should consider to download the script and try it out for upcoming updates in the future! Thank you so much for the info, have a great day, cheers!👍
  3. Hello Folks! Firstly I want to say that I'm new here to this forum, so hello. 😀 The ConfigMgr team just released the latest version av SCCM CB, 31 July if I understood correctly. Now, it is 8 August and 1806 hasn't appeared in the Updates and Servicing node for us. I have clicked on the button Check for Updates and even checked the dmpdownloader.log but no error messages seems to strike out. I have even restarted the SMS_EXECUTIVE component without any issues. I am currently running out of ideas, I have been googling for some answers why new versions don't appear in the node but don't find any relevant so I'm reaching out to you guys. Our current environment is SCCM CB 1802, 5.00.8634.1000 (Not the hotfix though). The only update that is available in there is the hotfix CB 1802 Hotfix KB4163547. If it isn't that what's causing the trouble? Am i too early that is searching for that update or is there something wrong that I'm doing? Can't really hesitate to try out the new third party update feature and even CMPivot! Have a great day everyone, cheers!
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