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  1. Hi, I have a strange issue with one of my remote sites it has its own DP, when I run task sequence it is picking up content from an other DP even though the remote site has it own boundary and boundary group, and sometimes it picks up from the correct one (local). There is no fallback setup (there used to be) also check for boundary overlap. Very strange. Anybody point me in the right direction. Only problem is I have limited access to the site for testing.
  2. I performed a migration to a new Site (new server in a different location) and one of the DPs from the old site is listed in the v_SystemResourceList and v_DistributionPoints views as a DP but does not appear in the console in either the list of DPs or Site Systems. Additionally, when I try to add it as a new Site System using the SCCM console, I get an error saying the site system already exists. How can I get this added to the site? I have a deployment next week targeted at the location where this DP is located and I need to populate the packages before then. Thanks! Mark
  3. Hi All, I am hoping someone can help. my SCCM knowledge is not very advanced still learning. The company SCCM expert left the company he was in the middle of providing a DP to an outside company to use as a PXE DP ( to build new desktops before being delivered.) He set it all up but it never worked, now its fallen in my hands to get it up and running. When the desktops try to pxe boot it fails. The pxe logs display these errors "Unsuccessful in getting MP key information. 80072ee2." PXE::MP_initializeTransport failed;0x80072ee2 PXE::MP_Lookupdevic
  4. Dear Experts, I Would like to get some inputs from you Please. My Data Center is located in 2 Regions. This data center is supplying the services (Windows Server, Network., etc) At Present we are planning to perform SCCM CB Implementation with High Availability for SCCM Client Roles. In fact not for SQL (Due to Commercial items) Single Standalone Primary Site is fair enough for the environment. However, We would like to reduce the usage of SQL Server, and make the Client facing roles with HA. Hence your inputs would be helpful for us Data Center Region A: Server
  5. We are having a very difficult time locating any posts, forum topics, or ms bulletins in regards to the attached distmgr.log file. If anybody of you knowledgeable helpful users on the forum can assist in ANY way, please feel free to offer any suggestions. We currently are unable to distribute any new data, sync dp's, etc... We have performed a site reset. We have removed MP role. We have removed and replaced the mentioned file. Kind of at a loss. Short of rebuilding the main site server, I'm not too sure as to our next step. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance f
  6. team, I have Offices spread about the world with DPs at each of them. I'm cooking with Config Man CB 1702, Single site. 14 internal DPs and 1 internet facing DP. Shiny. Albeit Drivers, Packages or Applications; not every site (office) requires all content I have to offer. I have a single OSD TS I'd like to use, but I cannot afford distributing every package to every DP around the globe. e.g. a site sporting only laptops does not need to have all desktop drivers on their DP. The problem and question is: How do I keep the TS from failing it's dependency check when a laptop only site UEF
  7. I need help with Software Updates on SCCM 2012. Client machine has "Downloading (0% complete)" in the Software Center for every update. There are about thirty updates that apply to this client machine. What I have done: Created an Update List Created a Deployment Package with the Updates. Downloaded the Updates and distributed the content to a DP. Content status is success. A Boundary is defined for the client. The Boundary is in a Boundary Group. The Boundary Group is assigned to the DP. The Deployment for the Update List is targeted to a Collection with one machine in it. Updates are ​a
  8. As title says I am having some issues with my Azure cloud distribution point. First some info about my Azure cloud setup: It is set up with 2 certificates with common name of my FQDN to my Windows Azure. Exported them to the sccm-site server. Configmgr group have read and enroll rights. 1 certificate (.cer) is without a key, uploaded to Windows Azure. Second key (.pfx) was used when setting up cloud dp in the SCCM console. It was set up successfully as far as i can tell and according to the cloudmgr.log on SCCM-server: Deployment instance status for service 75dcea72c6724f99a68bcda7 is S
  9. Gents, Do you know if software updates are stored in the content library and then distributed by the distribution points or if they are stored on the SUP (so clients need to download them from SUP) If there is an article dealing about this please do not hesitate to send the link.
  10. Hi All I am stuck with a problem in SCCM 2012. It is unable to distribute newly packaged content. The DP just says "starting to process content" and doesnt change. I have removed the DP from the server and re-added it. Reinstalled IIS Recreated the package(s) Installed update http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2854009 I still have the issue, All the distmgr.log file says it "Package is already in the queue" One thing to note: I tested the DP by removing the SMSPKG (driveletter) $ share, but recreating the DP does not re-create this share. This started mid July, no SCEP definitions a
  11. Our environment contains a CAS site and 3 Site servers. Currently each site server has 1 DP and 1 MP. Because of a firewall and various security limitations, we are setting up a new DP, MP and update point that reports to one of the existing site servers. We use SCCM for OS Deployments. We Use Site Based boot media today. I do not see the benefit of selecting dynamic Media option when creating a boot disk because I still have to enter in a DP. So in my existing setup, does it just make sense to still use Site base media but have 2 boot disks for my one sccm site that has 2 MP a
  12. Hi all, I've just setup a lab environment at home, I'm currently limited to 8GB RAM on my desktop. I've got one VHD with Server 2008 R2 with the ADDS and DNS roles, it's got SQL Server 2008 R2 running on it as well as SCCM 2012 RC. Performance is fine and works quite nicely However, my question is, every time I try to add the Distribution Point role to this server nothing appears in the list of Distribution Point servers and nothing in the Distribution Point Configuration Status view. Is there anything I have to do other than go through the Add Site System Roles and add the DP ro
  13. We have an AutoCAD program that we just added, and the installation package size is 25gb. I distributed the content to the DP and gave it a day to make sure it copied over...checked the content status in the SCCM console and it said that it had been distributed. When we advertised the program, it failed...the client logs said that it could not find the package. So I started looking on the server and distmgr.log repeatedly has the following lines: "Found notification for package 'XXXXXXXX'" "Package 'XXXXXXXX' (priority 2) is already in the queue" ... "Package 'XXXXXXXX' is found i
  14. Hello All Been a many time reader of these great forums but first time asking for help. I have an issue with trying to run a task sequence. I have created a new wim through CM and originally I put down one of our servers as the save point for it. When I built the TS I selected this file as the windows image but when I ran the TS it failed at this point saying it couldn't find the file "a package referenced by the task sequence could not be found". I moved the wim to the SCCM local server as the distmgr.log said it couldn't find the file/or didn't have access rights to it. Again I got the
  15. Hello all, I am having a few issues deploying my OS image to a Distribution point. All other packages deploy ok, but the OS keeps failing. I have tried using the console and also tried the Prestage process to import the OS. For the Prestage process I have used the following commands: ExtractContent.exe/F /P:D:\pkgx\OperatingSystem.pkgx The PrestangeContent.log error gives me: ============ Content meta data end ===================== PrestageContent 10/11/2014 12:32:06 1248 (0x04E0) Content library contains higher version of content LDN00021.4 than what is in the prest
  16. Is it possible to add a SCCM 2012 R2 distribution point to a server that’s already hosting a website using IIS? If so are there any special configuration issues to consider? I’ve added the DP role to the server in question and from a SCCM standpoint everything appears fine, I can distribute software to it and it otherwise seems functional. However when I try to install something from the Software Center the installation never gets past the point where the status message says, “downloading”. Eventually it will time out and say it failed. I’m somewhat new to SCCM so this may be an obv
  17. HI Some bright spark turned off one of my DP's, by the time i realised it was off it had a load of missing content. (36 App's). which are showing as failed on the DP status, under monitoring. Would a content validation fix this, as i thought this only validates the existing content. This DP is a member of a DP group so would of thought it would just pick up the missing content ? I don't really want to go into the individual packages/apps and replicate the content so any ideas would be gratefully received. thanks Rob
  18. Having issues installing software on machines through non admin accounts. The user can request it through the catalog but then it sits on downloading 0%. Have checked the logs and am getting these errors: Successfully sent location services HTTP failure message. DataTransferService 9/3/2014 10:00:29 AM 5196 (0x144C) Error sending DAV request. HTTP code 404, status 'Not Found' DataTransferService 9/3/2014 10:00:29 AM 5196 (0x144C) GetDirectoryList_HTTP failed with code 0x87d0027e. DataTransferService 9/3/2014 10:00:29 AM 5196 (0x144C) Non-recoverable error retrieving manifest (0x87d0027e).
  19. Hi, My home lab consist of 1 PRI 1 SEC and 1DP. Primary and Secondary are on Server 2012 R2 while DP is on Windows 7 x64 Ultimate. There were no issue with DP till 22nd May. All of a sudden from 23rd May, I am getting following error. None of the package are getting distributed to DP. Unable to find the root cause of the issue. Appreciate, if you guys can take a look and help me. Found send request with ID: 39, Package: CAN00024, Version:1, Priority: 2, Destination: ITRSEVEN.INFOTECHRAM.COM, DPPriority: 200 SMS_PACKAGE_TRANSFER_MANAGER 25-May-14 8:41:34 AM 13088 (0x3320) There is
  20. Hello. I have recently come across an issue with OSD. When performing the PXE boot, the boot image wim downloads from the DP as expected. Once a task sequence for OSD is selected, the OS wim and driver packages are pulled from our site server and not the DP. This was previously working, not sure what changed to break it. All packages/wims are set to "Access content directly from the DP" as well as "Copy content in this package to a package share on distribution points". Their is no change with the default Config Manager package and the package used for direcly accessing content. Any help is ap
  21. Hi, I have two question about distribution point Question 1: Site 1 have one warning about a package, but I can´t retrieve a package. But I can´t find it, what to do. Se picture 1 and 2 Question 2: We have 15 distribution points, and all have been disconnected for some weeks. When I connected it again some of the error are still showing in the Distribution Point configuration status. Are it possible to remove the warning under? Se picture 3,4,5. Thanks for some help. Regards, Kristian
  22. Hi all, A while ago we had to shut down WDS on all of our DP's due to a task being sent out to the wrong machines. When we started WDS up again, one of our DP's would not start the WDS service. I ended up removing the role and content from the DP and the DP's site server from SCCM and starting from scratch. Now when I try to OSD a machine in that building it fails with the following error: Windows Boot Manager Windows failed to start. <bla bla bla> File: \Boot\BCD Status 0xc000000f Info: An error occurred while attemptint to read the boot configuration data. If
  23. Hi There, Our primary site server is constantly sitting on 'install pending' when trying to update distribution points with new package versions. This has been left full days with no effect. The distmgr.log file seems to indicate it has picked up the command to update to a new version number of a package but then sits with the messages below Used 3 out of 3 allowed processing threads. SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER 10/22/2013 1:51:27 PM 17216 (0x4340) No more available threads left to process any more packages. SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER 10/22/2013 1:51:27 PM 17216 (0x4340) Sleep 3600 seco
  24. Hi All, I have been trying to work this out for a week now. We have just setup SCCM 2012, and are starting to deploy new DPs Now the DPs that we are to use, also have other roles assigned to them. Mainly they are Lotus Notes Domino Servers I have successfully installed the DP roles to these servers, and the packages have transferred across all ok, but during our first deployment it seems we are getting these error messages in the contenttransfermanager logs. Successfully sent location services HTTP failure message. Error sending HEAD request. HTTP code 404, status 'Not Fou
  25. Hello, I'm not able to redistribute one special package on a SCCM 2010 DP. Situation: After upgrading a Secondary SCCM 2007 Site to a SCCM 2012 DP some Packages are not available: Error: Failed to connect to remote distribution point Solution: Redistributing the packages was successful Problem: One special package is left, which I cannot select for redistribution. I think it's the configuration manager client upgrade package, which is not visible in the distribution point content. How can I redistribute this package (ID: xxx00004)?
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