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  1. mniceguy81


    Thank you for your lovely tutorials, on to the next SCCM part. Wish you a lovely evening Sir
  2. Thank you very much and thank you again for the tutorials you make as they're very very helpful. Wish you a lovely day and a great week.
  3. Thank you for your feedback and appreciate getting back to me. I did change the url and was just waiting for the OID as i was not sure. After running the script it generated a lot of numbers 1.2.840.113556.1.8000.2554.xxxxx.xxx.xxxxx.xxxxx.xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxx, Should i copy the whole numbers or just some of it?
  4. Thank you for your help and as always much apprieciated. Wish you a lovely day
  5. Thank you for your feedback but I’m stuck at that exact comment, should I paste only the OID Line or the whole information inside that file?
  6. Thank you Sir, very very much for your lovely Tutorial that is easy to follow but i just have one problem as i'm confused on this part where i'm supposed to enter OID , Should i copy this and enter it in my line [InternalPolicy] OID=1.2.840.113556.1.8000.2554 URL=http://pki.XXXXX.XXXXX/cps.txt Much apprieciated for your help nad wish you a lovely evening
  7. mniceguy81


    Thank you Sir for your feedback and will start on that. Wish you a lovely weekend.
  8. mniceguy81


    Hi Everyone, Hope this finds you well and hope you can forgive me if i didn't respect the rules as i'm new in creating a topic on this site i have been following since May 12, 2014 but never interacted just learning from the site but decided today to create a topic to ask for guidance or help if anyone can provide. Short story -- Basically i'm a Level 2 tech who was only doing troubleshooting and i became good at it that i was invited to the table where Level 3 tech ate and started to get comfortable with them that 3 team members decided to teach me a few things about SCCM which is something i fell in love with. So i need some help to create a Lab at Home that i can do all these things without touching the Productions Servers, I'm sorry again if i didn't follow the rules or research enough to find these things in this wonderful Forum. Things that i need help with are links to the following questions; How to create a Domain Server? How to create a Certificate Server? How to create a SCCM Server old so that i could do a upgrade to version 1810 or 19XX and the new branch (Don't know if it is the correct term)? How to create a SCOM for Monitoring? How to create a SQL Server (Can i have different Servers for SQL and SCCM or is good to have it on the Server) ? Thank you for your help and wish you a lovely day. May 12, 2014
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