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  1. Hi Niall, Thank you very much for the feedback and very sorry to take you away from your vacation and taking your precious time. My Lab is new installed just missing the SCCM Server and i did the "Setting up PKI Guide" in a lab first that was why i mentioned PKI (Sorry didn't say it was HTTP) and will go on to do the HTTPS after, thank you for the guide. The only issue is that i'm asking, is that in Step 1 Install Roles and Features, it says Install Web Service (IIS), does that mean i can have more than one IIS, if not can i use the one i have done during the "Setting up PKI Gui
  2. Dear Niall, Hope this finds you and your loved ones well and safe, can i please ask 2 questions, 1. when you say run as a Local Admin, does that mean use the Local Admin account or use the account i added to the local admin group? 2. I did the PKI guide first and i have a IIS on my WebServer already, should i create another Lab to do this guide or ignore IIS part? My Config, DC1 & DC2 ROOTCA ISSUING CA SCCM SQL WebServer IIS WSUS Thank you for your feed back and appreciate the time you put on the guides that are always up
  3. Dear Colleagues, Hope this finds you and your loved ones well and safe, thought it might help you, we had these kind of issues with Microsoft Surface, the issue was with the time and date. Please check if this might be your issue. Wish you a lovely evening.
  4. You're welcome, Just a small question if i may, would it be possible to have a guide WSUS and SCCM on separate servers, Thank you and wish you a lovely sunday
  5. Hi, Hope this finds you and your loved ones well, thank you for the lovely tutorial and just needed to notify that you're missing the hyperlink for Part 5.
  6. mniceguy81


    Thank you for your lovely tutorials, on to the next SCCM part. Wish you a lovely evening Sir
  7. Thank you very much and thank you again for the tutorials you make as they're very very helpful. Wish you a lovely day and a great week.
  8. Thank you for your feedback and appreciate getting back to me. I did change the url and was just waiting for the OID as i was not sure. After running the script it generated a lot of numbers 1.2.840.113556.1.8000.2554.xxxxx.xxx.xxxxx.xxxxx.xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxx, Should i copy the whole numbers or just some of it?
  9. Thank you for your help and as always much apprieciated. Wish you a lovely day
  10. Thank you for your feedback but I’m stuck at that exact comment, should I paste only the OID Line or the whole information inside that file?
  11. Thank you Sir, very very much for your lovely Tutorial that is easy to follow but i just have one problem as i'm confused on this part where i'm supposed to enter OID , Should i copy this and enter it in my line [InternalPolicy] OID=1.2.840.113556.1.8000.2554 URL=http://pki.XXXXX.XXXXX/cps.txt Much apprieciated for your help nad wish you a lovely evening
  12. mniceguy81


    Thank you Sir for your feedback and will start on that. Wish you a lovely weekend.
  13. mniceguy81


    Hi Everyone, Hope this finds you well and hope you can forgive me if i didn't respect the rules as i'm new in creating a topic on this site i have been following since May 12, 2014 but never interacted just learning from the site but decided today to create a topic to ask for guidance or help if anyone can provide. Short story -- Basically i'm a Level 2 tech who was only doing troubleshooting and i became good at it that i was invited to the table where Level 3 tech ate and started to get comfortable with them that 3 team members decided to teach me a few things about SCCM which is s
  14. Hi Everyone,

    I'm a new Level 2 Technician as i was previously Level 1 technician and my main role was helping users troubleshoot issues on their Computer and recently had a few colleagues from Level 3 started helping me get into SCCM environment were i flourishing from their Wisdom, so found your site and started to visit this site to learn a few things and decided to register.

    Thank you for visiting my page

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