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  1. if you have two package sharing the same source files then yes it will clean up. and remove SU that don't below to the package. aka the other package. make sure that this isn't the case and everything will be fine.
  2. There is a user voice for it, I would not hold my breath that it will happen anytime soon. As it only has 0 votes. https://configurationmanager.uservoice.com/forums/300492-ideas/suggestions/40878685-hardware-inventory-to-collect-certificates
  3. Since Certs are not inventory by ConfigMgr, you will not be able to query on cert templates either.
  4. There are no built in inventory task for Certs and therefore no reports for this either.
  5. Since computer doesn't generally have email address, and there is not simple way to map a user to a computer. This will not be easy. It would be easier for you to create a report to locate user by user name. Like this one. https://www.enhansoftknowledge.com/knowledge-base/locate-computers-by-username/
  6. First off SW inventory is NOT reliable, you should be using CI for this. Secondly, if your SW inventory runs for more than 4 hours it will NEVER send up update results. Yes is it very common for SW inventory to run for more than 4 hours runtime (not real time). Third did you review the inventoryagent.log file to see how long it takes for SW? Did it complete? Are you sure?
  7. Well that is the first problem, Windows 10 is NOT supported on SCCM 2012. You need to upgrade to Current Branch.
  8. So Having IP Subnet and AD boundary can cause overlapping boundaries which can casuse problems for site assignment, Why cna the AD and IP subnet boundaries at all? Why are you not use IP Ranges only?
  9. Have you confirmed that the Rules are collecting results on a computer by reviewing the log mtrmgr.log? Until you do this step it doesn't matter how old the rules are.
  10. Has it been 30 days since you created those rules? That report will take time to populate.
  11. When did you create your SW metering rules? if the has been under 30 days, don't expect anything useful for this report and even then you will really need to wait for 60+ days.
  12. First off that report doesn't use HW inventory. It use SW inventory. SW inventory is disabled by default as it is useless. https://www.enhansoft.com/sccm-software-inventory/ Instead use the ARP reports to see what is installed on computers.
  13. To answer your questions directly about one or two SQL instances for WSUS. Is that it will cause conflicts between the two WSUS Servers if they share a db. Aka if some deploys an software update (SU) on WSUS, it will get installed on CM clients too (outside of CM control). From the CM standpoint, CM will change that products and classifications existing within WSUS, including declining SU too. Thereby stopping any WSU deployment of that SU.
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