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  1. You will need to use a sub-select query to do the not in stuff. Here is an example. https://www.enhansoft.com/blog/subselect-wql-query-to-find-pcs-that-do-not-have-either-x86-or-x64-versions-of-software-installed
  2. You need to export it from the console (client settings) . However I would try Sherry's stuff first, as it is harder to "kill" the sms_def.mof in CMCB.
  3. There is no directly link between those two SQL views. You will need to dig deeper to find a indirect link between them.
  4. What do you have for you query already? What is not working with it? Here are a few reporting tips. Seven Tips for Writing SCCM dashboards
  5. GarthMJ

    SCCM SPOTIFY Installed Computers

    Did you create a SWM rule for spotify? When did you create this rule? Is the Software listed in Installed Programs in resource explorer? Is the SW installed under the user content? if it is installed under the user context then you will need a 3rd party tool to collected this information with SCCM.
  6. GarthMJ

    SCCM SPOTIFY Installed Computers

    Have you looked at the built-in reports for this info?
  7. I would start by looking at the builtin report to see if ARP reports give you what you want? until that is confirmed there is no point trying to join a user name to a computer.
  8. GarthMJ

    CN 1806 Failing Prereq check

    The screenshots show that you AI update point is running on Windows 2008. So what server is that on?
  9. There is going to be no wrong answer to this, each person will do it differently. I would do it so that ti makes sense to you.
  10. Did you know that Enhansoft is giving away a free report set on Software Update Health? Check out the blog about it. https://www.enhansoft.com/blog/software-update-health-dashboard-set-special-microsoft-ignite-giveaway They give away something every month too! https://giveaway.enhansoft.com/ Keep in mind that I do work for them too.
  11. GarthMJ

    Sccm clients showing inactive

    You you have reviewed the logs files on the client and MP right?
  12. GarthMJ

    Sccm clients showing inactive

    great. so everything is good now then. right?
  13. GarthMJ

    Sccm clients showing inactive

    Review the inventory.log to see if it has run.