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  1. Just to be clean NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM MUST be SA within SQL.
  2. GarthMJ

    Last Logged User

    This WMI class is not enabled by default within hardware inventory. You would enable it as you would any other class.
  3. Since you are on CMCB 1606, You missed the obvious things like. - Are you running a supported version of CMCB? - Is SQL running the latest SP/CU? - Is the OS uptodate? etc.
  4. Since a SU is limited to 1000 SU, this doesn't make sense to do. Instead, create or purchase that can report set the will report on all SUG.
  5. This blog might help. https://www.enhansoft.com/blog/why-wont-collections-update-on-the-cas
  6. Have you enabled software inventory Is software inventory Inventoring .lnk files? Is there a reason you aren't just using a configuration baseline? it is easier to do this.
  7. I wouldn't bother with a collection for this. instead, I would just deploy these SU just as you would any other SU. I would use this to determine what SU to deploy. https://www.enhansoft.com/blog/how-to-determine-what-software-updates-are-required-within-configuration-manager
  8. GarthMJ

    Need to deploy updated version of software

    ok, So what have you tried? what is not working for you?
  9. GarthMJ

    How to remove Client Auto-install

    You have the automatic push enabled or you have a GPO to force the install. In either case you need to figure out witch and turn it off.
  10. GarthMJ

    see an ApplikationCache

    Unless you say within package (not application) the deploy run from DP, all content will be cached.
  11. GarthMJ

    see an ApplikationCache

    I'm not following you, can you provide more details as to what exactly you are trying to do.
  12. yes but depending on what version you are using now. That recommend might have changed. Are you using CM12 or CMCB?
  13. Again CM uses the local computer account, you can't change its password. So exactly what account did you change its password?
  14. CM12 doesn't have a service account, it uses the local computer account. So exactly what account did you change?