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  1. Timeout issue is generally a network issue.
  2. GarthMJ

    Setting up a report Subscription

    If email was set up during the SSRS configuration. it is a 2-second process to use email with SSRS. https://www.enhansoft.com/blog/how-to-set-up-an-email-subscription-in-ssrs
  3. GarthMJ

    Setting up a report Subscription

    Is there a reason why are you are not using email subscriptions? To answer your question, it will depend on how you setup SSRS, as to what rights are needed by SSRS to create a file subscription. in a nutshell, give SSRS full file and share rights. the users will only need read rights.
  4. GarthMJ

    Custom Compliance Report

    What have you written so far? What is not working for you?
  5. GarthMJ

    Find computer with specific file version

    Use a CI to locate the file that you are looking for.
  6. ok, Why don't you have normal server backups? Again why can you use powershell on computer b?
  7. Tip, when posted log, post the whole log file and not a screenshot, The text is too small to read. You either have a problem with your detection method OR your install is spawning another thread on the computer which completes after the detection occurs. In either case, you need to figure out what is going on and fix it.
  8. Have you asked prajwal what is wrong with his blog post? Have you checked that the detection is correct?
  9. Ok, I will bite, why are you doing this via CM? Why aren't you doing this on the server itself with PowerShell?
  10. Yes, you would need to adjust all collections to the newly created collection. In most companies that leverage RBA fully, only a handful of people have access to All Systems.
  11. I'm not following you as to why they need access to the All Systems collection. Why exactly do they need access to the All System collection? What is BAU?
  12. Ok, I will bite, Why do they need to the All Systems collection? If you write your All Workstations / All Server collections correctly, there should be no need for this. except in rare cases. Then you are the overall admin, will fix it for them.
  13. Just be aware that there is no guarantee that SW will return results for any computer, even if it has in the past. This is a well-documented and known issue that the 4-hour timeout will abandon the results and never update CM. So unless you look for the issue you will never know it happens.
  14. Why not update the SQL query and not user SSRS itself. Something like this. Select datepart(mm,getdate()-1) as 'month'
  15. Does the computer know it belongs to that OU? has the Heartbeat discovery run on that computer?