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  1. First off it is NOT support to query the tables directly for you report. Only use the supported SQL views listed on the docs page too. Hardware inventory views - Configuration Manager | Microsoft Docs This is why you are see a permissions issue. Secondly the dups are to be expected, as the dell service give you all of the row that you see within the web page. I wrote a blog on why you need normalized details. You Need Normalized Warranty Results - Recast Software
  2. There are a few Q there: Here is a list of all of the report and what they display. List of reports - Configuration Manager | Microsoft Docs Reports will show current detail, as of the last HW inventory cycle (not historical), and I hope HW inv. is set to daily too Remember that all report can be exported to a CSV or PDF or Word or Excel. Just use the save option on the report sub menu. Are their other prefab reports out there, Yes. some are free, some are not or you can create your own just be carful to do it right. Keep in mind that I do work for a company that does create prefab reports and as such I can't point you to others out there.
  3. To convert this to SQL. I would prefect the query within SQL server Management studio first, before bring it over to report builder. The views that you need are: SMS_R_System = v_r_system SMS_G_System_PC_BIOS = v_GS_PC_BIOS
  4. What is unclear with the error messages? You have exceed the size limit and computer doesn't existing within the db. On top of that It is NOT recommend to enable SW inv. there are just far too many problems and it is NOT reliable. https://www.enhansoft.com/sccm-software-inventory/
  5. Being able to ping or not, does not show a problem per se. For example from the site server when you ping the computer is it the right IP address? Can you connect to the Admin$ of the computer AS the site server itself (aka NOT you).
  6. The error is clear the device is not on the network or it get access denied to it. So what troubleshooting have you done?
  7. exit code 2 = The system cannot find the file specified.
  8. Any WS that is approved, is approved for the life of the ResourceID. However if the ResourceId changes for any reason, then you will need to re-approve it. So it sound like your WG computers are duplicated and old computers are purged out and a new resouceid is created for the computer.
  9. What exactly isn't working for you? Also remember that the BIOS version is a string not a number too.
  10. Well, there you go, you will need to create your own powershell/VBS script to do the detection. And move the data to an area that CM can inventory. Once you do that you can have CM inventory the data. This might not be a simple task as it will depend on if the users are Admin on their computer or not.
  11. ok, I will bite, why isn't this doable for you? Are you trying to say this doesn't work for you because of the cloud lic?
  12. This first thing you are going to what to do is understand where the data that you want existing within CM. These two links will help you with that. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/configmgr/develop/core/understand/sqlviews/software-updates-views-configuration-manager https://www.informit.com/store/system-center-configuration-manager-reporting-unleashed-9780134466811 .
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