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  1. I would disagree with you. Do you really want to give your management the SCCM console, just to look at reports? No, they would generally want them emailed to them. Reports can be pretty too, you need to take time to make them or find either (free or paid) reports. Don't forget that you will need to update those consoles ever 3-4 months when you update to the latest version of CMCB, this is not a great experience for them.
  2. Yes but it will always be out of date, so why not use the reports?
  3. This is to be expected, Reporting is always 100% correct, whereas the console uses cached results.
  4. When you created the SSRS SQL Server instance, did you create it with that name or did you create it with "SSRS", from the screenshot above it look like the later.
  5. I'm not sure what you mean by this. What exactly are you trying to find? i'm not seeing anything wrong with this setup.
  6. What is displayed is the instance name not the database name. This mean you setup your instance as SSRS
  7. That is because CM's SQL requires 8 GB of RAM for itself as a bare min. You will never get CM up with just 4 GB of ram, you will need at least 10GB
  8. I'm guessing but so did you set the system account account to English too? Is the OS English or German?
  9. I believe that this is based on the SSRS server language, once that is changed you might need to re-install your reporting point.
  10. No, not without customizing the report and even then Version is not a number it is a string. So you get odd results.
  11. When you look on your CAS, do you see the devices? I hope you didn't use the same site code for the new server.
  12. How do you know AD discovery is finding devices? Is the DNS entry correct? Where are you looking at the collection on your CAS? Is your replication healthy?
  13. You should always use v_r_System_Valid. Otherwise you could bu looking at deleted computers too. Take a look at this blog, it also applies to CMCB too. https://www.enhansoft.com/get-the-most-accurate-and-up-to-date-data-using-the-v_r_system_valid-sql-query-in-configuration-manager-2012/
  14. you need to use the count command. SELECT RV.Netbios_Name0 as 'Computer', Count(UP.localPath0) as '# of Profiles' FROM dbo.v_R_System_Valid RV INNER JOIN dbo.v_GS_USER_PROFILE UP ON UP.ResourceID = RV.ResourceID WHERE UP.localPath0 IS NOT NULL GROUP BY RV.Netbios_Name0 ORDER BY RV.Netbios_Name0
  15. First off in AI I would turn ON USB and turn OFF Shortcuts, in any case these have nothing to do with SW inventory. Second, I would review the InventoryAgent.log on any computer to confirm that SW inventory is working. look for the text {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000002}. Personally, I would turn off SW inventory altogether as it is useless.
  16. It is document in the CM docs that your site server must be SA within SQL/SSRS. So I don't see this as a problem or issue. Again, it is unclear if you have actually configured SW inventory. Post a screenshot. Again, it is not recommended that SW inv be used and there is no guarantee that it will return results, lots to read here https://www.enhansoft.com/?s=software+inventory
  17. It will not be a permissions issue for SW inv., why because if HW inventory is working then SW inv will work too. So this thread started with SSRS problem and has move the SW inv. so is the SSRS problem fixed? for SW inv, have you confirmed that it is actually being inventoried on a client computer?
  18. If you just configured it, now you have to wait several days for results to show up. However again, keep in mind that I NEVER recommend doing a *.exe. some light reading. https://www.enhansoft.com/?s=software+inventory
  19. Did you configure SW inv? if so exactly what did you configure? aka why do you think it is unhealthy?
  20. You can get the version number from ARP reports too. SW Inv is NOT configured when you first setup CMCB. until it is configured, it will never return anything. aka blank reports.
  21. ok I will bite, Which of the SW inventory reports is useful? You can never know for sure that you are getting full true results with them. Your site server requires full permissions (SA and local Admin) to SQL/SSRS . The error says it doesn't have SA rights. This blog will help you fix that. https://www.enhansoft.com/updated-how-to-create-a-sql-server-computer-account-login/
  22. Look at the report called Count of all instances of software registered with Add or Remove Programs.. this should give you what you want.
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