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  1. The support for SCCM 2007 has long ago ended. Why would you be looking for something SO old? @aero37
  2. Did you read the docs? https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/configmgr/core/servers/deploy/configure/about-discovery-methods What is unclear with them?
  3. Here is the doc page https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/configmgr/core/servers/deploy/configure/about-discovery-methods
  4. The easiest way is to NOT have them listed within the OU to discover.
  5. What firewalls have you looked at? What troubleshooting have you done all ready?
  6. You will need to give a lot more details. What troubleshooting have you done. Is it the maintenance task, clean up old devices?
  7. I don't understand how it will be easier if you move it later. This will be no less work if it on one drive vs have parts all over the place. But is it wrong to break it up like this No, it is not but it will use more space.
  8. Is this a VM? if so that is a lot of broken up drive and will give you almost zero benefit. Create a C (os only) and D (virtual DVD), E (everything else) drive and be done with it.
  9. You need to give details in English. There is Nothing anyone can do to help you, otherwise.
  10. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/internet-explorer/ie11-deploy-guide/set-the-default-browser-using-group-policy
  11. There is no option to force people to change their pin every 30 day, you will need to write a script to do this with a custom interface. Personally I would NOT be doing it that often.
  12. Yes, there are at least 4 bitlocker repot within CM. No the report should be there BEFORE turned on bitlocker. You will need to review the CM reporting point logs to see what the deal is.
  13. So are you only using IP Ranges? Have you reviewed the logs as to where the content is pulled from and to ensure that the content is distributed to the DP?
  14. What exactly do you mean by "doesn't talk back to the site server"? Is HW inv working? IS Mach policy working? is Client installed? How was the client installed? What version of MECM are you taking about? are you HTTPS or eHTTP?
  15. There are far too many reasons to list here. What Troubleshooting have you done? Have you review the logs?
  16. everything that you need is listed within the online docs. SQL Server views - Configuration Manager | Microsoft Docs
  17. What is wrong with the built-in reports for this?
  18. What isn't working with this query? aka why are you looking for help?
  19. For urgent requests, you should contact Microsoft paid support. Forums are for admin to help other admins.
  20. Why are you not using the Robo copy command as the command line, aka why wrap it is a vbs?
  21. Nothing, as that is the default to have TLS 1.2 enabled. But keep in mind that since you have a CAS and therefore over 150, 000 computers, you should be opening a support ticket with MS directly. As their might be a reason why TLS 1.2 was turned off.
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