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  1. Compliant = The SU has been installed correctly. Non-Compliant = the SU is needed and not installed or not rebooted to complete the install. Compliance State Unknown = The SU scan results have not occurred and therefore the status is unknown.
  2. You should open a support case with Microsoft directly, it is not supported to delete anything within the database like this.
  3. Unless you have any custom reports that you don't have backup for. I would deleted the Db and start over.
  4. You need to extend disk 1 then you can extend your F:.. However, I personally would take the time to clean up all the chop up drives on one VHD per drive letter. I would also look at extending your c Drive and 100GB is on the smaller side.
  5. How are you getting the files to d:\? And yes you can do it and there are no tricks. Do it exactly the same why do do any other program/application. Just make sure your part is correct.
  6. First off how are the files getting to d:\vs? if you are manually putting them their then you are using SMB which is not network aware and there are other ways to get the data within the cache before a user click install. You can run any command you like with ConfigMgr. There are no tricks to this, just enter the execute the command line with the program or application.
  7. Do you have SW inventory enabled? How often is it enabled? What do the log say when you trigger the Heartbeat discovery on the client?
  8. Are those software titles user installed? If so you will not see them within the built in ARP reports. You will need to use 3rd party addon to inventory them. Here is more reading on the subject. https://www.recastsoftware.com/resources/user-installed-software-and-why-you-should-care/
  9. Yes you can do that and there are no tricks to this.
  10. Start with the built in reports, find the one that gives you the closest to what you need and make changes to it.
  11. Just as a note, OU data will get returned to ConfigMgr via Heartbeat discovery. This means by default it will take 7 days or longer for the details to get returned.
  12. No SMSID is not the same as Windows SID. Try running this query. select * from sms_g_system_SYSTEM as g INNER JOIN sms_gh_system_SYSTEM as h on g.ResourceId = h.ResourceId where g.Name <> h.Name
  13. Without looking at the logs, we are guessing but duplicate SMSID, Collection membership rules issues are places to look.
  14. Did you review the log? Did you test the problem using the local system account?
  15. 0x87d00213 = Timeout occurred Did you review the log file that you create? did you test this MSI as the local system account? https://www.recastsoftware.com/resources/how-to-access-the-local-system-account/
  16. Did you delete the database before reinstalling WSUS?
  17. The bypass reg key no longer work. You need to move to packet level or apply all of the SU to all computers. e.g. console and site server computers.
  18. One or both servers is missing SU. Or you do a bing search for the reg key to change. using the error message listed above.
  19. What do you mean the regular script is not working? What error are you getting?
  20. You can run the ConfigMgr console from your WSUS server, then it will download the SU via WSUS server. But if you are asking can ADR do it? No, you will need to allow for proxy traffic.
  21. The support for SCCM 2007 has long ago ended. Why would you be looking for something SO old? @aero37
  22. Did you read the docs? https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/configmgr/core/servers/deploy/configure/about-discovery-methods What is unclear with them?
  23. Here is the doc page https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/configmgr/core/servers/deploy/configure/about-discovery-methods
  24. The easiest way is to NOT have them listed within the OU to discover.
  25. What firewalls have you looked at? What troubleshooting have you done all ready?
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