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  1. I had to double check it is not easy to see withing the MIF file. Here is another way does it say "add" for the classes AFTER workstation status?
  2. It means that your collection query is causing the problem. Review the query to fix the problem.
  3. Take one of the bigger mif file open notepad. Near the top it should say full or delta inventory. What does it say?
  4. Did you look to see how big that mif file is? Did you restart the smsexec service after editing the regkye?
  5. there is no quick and fast method. without knowing why things aren't working, there isn't a lot anyone can do to help.
  6. What do you mean productions can't wait for a solution? The only way you are going to get a solution / workaround is to talk to the application owner or to MS. One of them has to fix the problem.
  7. Again assume a cumulative update, No as the KB would change each month. Why can't you open a support case with MS or update the software in question?
  8. Assuming that this is a cumulative KB, you don't directly. You contact MS to so that the KB can be fixed or you fixed your software that it works with the KB.
  9. You will not lose you custom reports. However if you have any doubts, you can always backup your report first. (Which you should be doing anyways.) https://www.enhansoft.com/blog/how-to-backup-sccm-reports
  10. Then you need to review the IIS logs to determine why you are getting 401 errors from you DP. it is mostly like that you have locked down the DP server with some extra security.
  11. Any share, particularly on your DP. You are just trying to prove that the account works, nothing more.
  12. Have you tested the network access account (NAA) on you WG PC to confirm that the account does work? You do this by mapping a drive with the NAA account .
  13. So to be clear, you give it a Null value like this?
  14. if you look at the RDL you will see that it is a Null to get the (All) for the prompt.
  15. Start by looking at the built-in report. Which one get you the closest to what you need.
  16. Each Month Enhansoft gives away a free SCCM dashboard / report. November's Free Report is... Total Usage Trend Analysis for Collections! This software metering dashboard gives you results for all applications and will display these details for up to four collections. The results are grouped by month and will go back as far as what is stored in your SCCM environment (usually 9-months to a year). Get your free report today! The Total Usage Trend Analysis for Collections report is only available in November.
  17. If you are looking for the SCCM Application install date, then you will to look at third party tools for this. Below is an example of what you will see.
  18. Here is a list of all of the log file and what they do. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sccm/core/plan-design/hierarchy/log-files
  19. It will depend on how you are deploying reader. Here is the list of log files. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sccm/core/plan-design/hierarchy/log-files
  20. What exactly doesn't work? What do the log file say is happening?
  21. You will need to use a sub-select query to do the not in stuff. Here is an example. https://www.enhansoft.com/blog/subselect-wql-query-to-find-pcs-that-do-not-have-either-x86-or-x64-versions-of-software-installed
  22. You need to export it from the console (client settings) . However I would try Sherry's stuff first, as it is harder to "kill" the sms_def.mof in CMCB.
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