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Found 4 results

  1. I have been tasked to make a change to a currnt SCCM Env', at present they have Primary site - Severs only are managed here and the server support team mange the whole environment we are looking to add secondary site - this will be used to manage the workstations, a team of EUC sepport will manage the devices, but will have no access to the primary site. The SCCM will soo move to Co-Management the comapny does not want to move to CAS will a primary site do what we want, i have heard that in Co-Management the secondary site cannot be managed from its MP but only from the primary site any advice guys?
  2. Hi everyone, Currently, our company has 2 sites(Site A, site B)in different locations, and we already setup 1 SCCM 2012 R2 server in site A which as a primary server to deploy software, OS, patches to all PCs in 2 site. So my boss wanna build one more server to reduce its resource requirements and improve its performance as well as to load balance the potentially significant network traffic generated by clients downloading package source files. I found out 2 solutions: Solution 1. Setup one distribution point in Site B, so boundary group in site B will get applications, patches content from this new DP, and boundary group in site A still get a content from old one. So if I distribute 1 application contents from DP A to DP B, will PCs in site A will get software content from DP B? For example: In SCCMconsole, I select Winzip, click distribute content, then select DP B, so the PCs in site B can be deploy Winzip quickly right now, but how about PCs in site A, it will deploy from DP B as well, make it slowly, how can I get rid of this issue? Solution 2. Setup 1 secondary SCCM server in Site B, but with this solution, do I need to build 1 more server for central administration site(CAS), thus need 3 servers for SCCM(1 CAS, 1 primary, 1 secondary), is it possible if I just create secondary site without CAS? Actually we just have 400 PCs , no need to build hierarchy with CAS. I'm new in SCCM, so I don't know how to fulfill the requirement, pls advise Thanks so much.
  3. We have a central admin site and a few primary sites. I want to pull in user groups from AD. Is it better for network traffic to do the discovery from the Central admin site or from the primary sites? I'm thinking of running group discovery as well as user discovery from the central site but I'm not sure. Also, I'm guessing it's better to run user discovery as well even though I technically only need groups?
  4. We are running Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 with 1 CAS server, 2 Primary's, and a SQL server. I was tasked with bringing up a 3rd Primary site and I have run into some issues. I created the DB on the SQL server and set the static ports. The"Assess Server Readiness" tool did not show any issues so I continued with the install. I selected to join the primary site to an existing hierachy. During the install the following error came up: 5/16/2014 2:50:30 PM: ConfigMgrSetupWizard Verbose: 1 : Received error [setup failed to configure SQL Service Broker. Possible Cause: Each Configuration Manager site must have its own SQL Server instance. Verify that the selected SQL Server instance is not in use by another Configuration Manager site.] from native code. - I verified nothing else is accessing this instance. - If I pull up the SCCM console I can see the the new Primary site in the administration section and it is showing as an active site. My question is - How do I proceed from here? Do i need to uninstall the site and start over or is there a way to pick back up from where it failed? If I try and start the install again I get the error: 5/19/2014 4:52:06 PM: ConfigMgrSetupWizard Information: 1 : Setup detected an existing SCCM installation. Currently installed version is 7804 I have attached the install log.
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