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  1. HI On a Windows 10 OSD TS, i want ot add the Bitlocker recover Key to Azure for Hybrid Joined devices. How can i achive this from an SCCM TS? Thanks
  2. did you add the driver to an existing BOOT WIM or did you create a new BOOT WIM for this? i have a numne rof Lenovo models including M720's and they all work fine
  3. I have been tasked to make a change to a currnt SCCM Env', at present they have Primary site - Severs only are managed here and the server support team mange the whole environment we are looking to add secondary site - this will be used to manage the workstations, a team of EUC sepport will manage the devices, but will have no access to the primary site. The SCCM will soo move to Co-Management the comapny does not want to move to CAS will a primary site do what we want, i have heard that in Co-Management the secondary site cannot be managed from its MP but only from the primary site any advice guys?
  4. Guys Been building Windows 10 1709 for about a year all fine... We are starting to build 1809 and all works except the TS/Naming now seems to ignore the Collection Variable 'OSDComputerName' I have both 1709 and 1809 images, both building from the same 'All Unknown Computers' collection, the 1709 works the 1809 does not. the 1809 uses a copy of the TS from 1709 with just the WIM changed. Any ideas? thanks
  5. Hi We are currently on 1710, last patch was KB4086143 Since May 2018 no new updates have shown up in 'Updates and Servicing' , we 'CHeck for Updates' but nothing new appears, cannot find any errors in the logs and MS Updates etc is not blocked by the FW Any advice? thanks
  6. I have set up Store Apps on out 1709 environment and i am deploying OFFLINE apps I cannot however get the ONLINE apps to deploy from the store, I have moved the apps to the private store, assigned to myself as a test user, i have recieved the link emails from the store BUT when i follow the link i click to install and get 'There seems to be an error our end, try again later' been having same issue for a week. can anyone help? thanks
  7. Hi were on 1709 and have been for some time, we do not show any further updates in the updates section. all systems including SUP work fine and the system can download patches etc from MS, so can get to the outside world through the FW, what log will show any issues? cheers
  8. Hi I currently have SCCM 1710 running in out company domain. this we use for patching [amongst other things] we now want to use it to patch Servers in the DMZ. The DMZ is a different domain with no trusts between the 2. We have the SCCM Server and the Server in the DMZ pinging each other, but sccm does not see this server. I have Forest discovery running and also have a boundary for the DMZ IP range what am I missing?
  9. KeithDib

    SCUP Catalog list

    We already subscribe to your service
  10. using the Command Support [F8] dos window and IPCONFIG command I can see the NIC seems to be lost as the Sysprep command is ran, then after reboot does not find NIC even though drivers work fin in BOOT WIM on the initial boot at the start of the TS
  11. Guys I am trying to run a 'Build and Capture' on Windows 10 1709.. All works fine until the Capture Operating System [obviously last in the list] section of the Task Sequence.. when this runs the target machine [tried physical and a VM with same issue] has lost its NIC driver, so it connot write the WIM to the network share Has anybody seen this before? OS's... Target build is Windows 10 1709 Enterprise SCCM is 1710 on Windows Server 2012R2
  12. Hi I need to add last logon date or last status message to the existing report 'Hardware 01A' report to see how long since a machine was used [sort of] i have exported and imported it to create a duplicate to work on, but do not know to add this extra data and field. simple to a lot of you I'm guessing, not to me cheers
  13. KeithDib

    SCUP Catalog list

    Has anyone produced a list of vendors that supply SCUP Catalogs?
  14. Resolved using info here http://configmanagerguru.com/sccm-1606-stuck-pre-requisite-checking/
  15. I have on one of our sites a 2012 SCCM Primary site. an update 'Configuration Manager 1606 Hotfix (KB3186654)' is stuck. was runnning pre req's only but never finished. I have restarted the SMS EXEC and also rebooted the server a few times with no change. all other options on the updates are obviously greyed out can anyone help please thanks
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