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Found 6 results

  1. I'm using SCCM 1710 and have been having the following error happen part way through the TS. This is from the SMSTS.log This link, https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4096313/the-apply-driver-package-task-fails-with-error-80070057 says to update my Boot Images to my DP's and I've done that with my main PXE boot image, however I was a bit scared to go all the way. With such a large difference between the current ADK - 10.0.16299.0 - and the current production client ver. - 5.00.8577.1115 - I'm wanting some reassurance and guidance. I have several different Boot images, some of which are stored in the default directory ( \\servername>\SMS_<sitecode>\osd\boot\<x64>, which should mean they are being updated when I update SCCM) and others which are custom boot images. However, when I go to update the DP, an option for both types shows up that's not covered anywhere and I'm a bit nervous to go forward with. 1st, why is there such a large range on the default boot images? 2nd, I've done the update on my default boot image (without reloading to the current WinPE ver of the ADK) and still had the same error. Does that point to needing to reloading, or do I need to update all the boot images as well (I came into this environment after it had been set up already and are still using the previous TS.) 3rd, do I need to update any of the TS themselves after doing this update? I know some are using old MDK packages... Thanks for the help in advance.
  2. Guys I am trying to run a 'Build and Capture' on Windows 10 1709.. All works fine until the Capture Operating System [obviously last in the list] section of the Task Sequence.. when this runs the target machine [tried physical and a VM with same issue] has lost its NIC driver, so it connot write the WIM to the network share Has anybody seen this before? OS's... Target build is Windows 10 1709 Enterprise SCCM is 1710 on Windows Server 2012R2
  3. Hi all Currently preparing for the 1710 upgrade from a previous version. According to MS, it's advisable to upgrade ADK on site servers beforehand. Currently running ADK 1607 (10.1.14393.0) and our default Production Boot Image is located in the ADK installation folder. I'm supposing that if/when i upgrade ADK to 170x that this default boot image would get overwritten, is that a correct assumption? If it is, any ideas of what i can do to prevent or remediate this? I don't want to have a situation where the we upgrade to 1710 and immediately afterwards, PXE/USB boot media no longer works due to missing PE drivers (our current boot image has a bunch of PE drivers added to it). Any thoughts from anyone? Thank you
  4. Hi all, after I've updated my SCCM fro 1706 to 1710, I'm not longer able to boot my machines from PXE, with error "PXE-E16: No offers were received". I've already tried to redistribute my boot image and update the ADK to the last version, checked taht WDS service was running and rebooted the server... but nothing seems to work. Help please! Thank you Luca
  5. Hello all, I hope someone can help me with this issue. We are using SCCM for managing workstations and servers and all worked so far with 1706 version for servers part (2003SP2 + bits2.5 ,2008R2 and 2012R2) My collegue have upgraded sccm 1706 to 1710 for having a new functionality for the workstations side. Since this upgrade I am not able to push sccm client on W2003SP2 servers (and yes, unfortunately we still have these systems which hosting critical applications) Pushing method: Only 2 files are copied (ccmsetup.exe and MobileClient.tcf) when I try to start it manually , the popup message "is not a valid Win32 application" appears. Manual method with older version 5.00.8498.1008: The process seems goes well but stay stuck at the client.msi install:failed during patch install CLP1031.msp SCCM pushing them from the last version: Windows Installer installed an update. Product Name: Configuration Manager Client. Product Version: 5.00.8577.1000. Question: Is it possible to install a old sccm client version which still work with 1710 and 2003SP2 ? Have you got any solution for me ? Thank you for your help and time, I am stuck with this issue and I am not a sccm expert. Kind Regards,
  6. I am in the process of upgrading our SCCM infrastructure from Svr2008R2 and SQL2008R2 to 2012R2 so I can upgrade to current branch. We are doing in-place upgrades, to 2012R2 on our Primary Site and also our separate DB server. Our DBA is going to start by upgrading our SQL version to 2014 on the box and they have asked the question where do these facets attached to the database come from and how are they generated, as the DBA plans on detaching backing up and re attaching the DB, they said these facets will not be carried over. Are these facets generated by SCCM and will they continue to exist after the version of SQL is upgraded and the database reattached?. I have attached a screenshot of the facets in question. Thanks
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