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  1. Hello all, I hope someone can help me with this issue. We are using SCCM for managing workstations and servers and all worked so far with 1706 version for servers part (2003SP2 + bits2.5 ,2008R2 and 2012R2) My collegue have upgraded sccm 1706 to 1710 for having a new functionality for the workstations side. Since this upgrade I am not able to push sccm client on W2003SP2 servers (and yes, unfortunately we still have these systems which hosting critical applications) Pushing method: Only 2 files are copied (ccmsetup.exe and MobileClient.tcf) when I try to start it manually , the popup message "is not a valid Win32 application" appears. Manual method with older version 5.00.8498.1008: The process seems goes well but stay stuck at the client.msi install:failed during patch install CLP1031.msp SCCM pushing them from the last version: Windows Installer installed an update. Product Name: Configuration Manager Client. Product Version: 5.00.8577.1000. Question: Is it possible to install a old sccm client version which still work with 1710 and 2003SP2 ? Have you got any solution for me ? Thank you for your help and time, I am stuck with this issue and I am not a sccm expert. Kind Regards,
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