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Found 21 results

  1. May I ask for your help please? Capture image was successfully imaged using DISM (.wim file) and deployed it successfully however the restore partition is missing on the deployed PC. Can I ask for your recommendations please. For reference please see details: Windows server 2012 dell OS (captured image) Windows 10 x64 PC dell micro 7050
  2. Hello all, I hope someone can help me with this issue. We are using SCCM for managing workstations and servers and all worked so far with 1706 version for servers part (2003SP2 + bits2.5 ,2008R2 and 2012R2) My collegue have upgraded sccm 1706 to 1710 for having a new functionality for the workstations side. Since this upgrade I am not able to push sccm client on W2003SP2 servers (and yes, unfortunately we still have these systems which hosting critical applications) Pushing method: Only 2 files are copied (ccmsetup.exe and MobileClient.tcf) when I try to start it manua
  3. Afternoon all, Long time reader but first time posting on the forum. We have SCCM deploying updates via WSUS and SCUP for updating Dell drivers, Adobe etc. On all client machines I'm receiving the following error message when running Windows Update: "There were some problems installing updates, but we'll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help: (0x8024000f)" My colleague who has since left the company had a similar issue which he described the fix in the following blog post: http://gsilt.blogspot.co.uk/20
  4. I need someones help, I'm currently running SCCM 2016 deploying windows 8.1 Winpe starts correctly, get to the task Sequence and runs through it too quickly it should be taking about 45 mins to complete but finishes in less then one minute. Here is the beginning of the logs, And i cant seem to find where its failing. Succeeded loading resource DLL 'X:\sms\bin\x64\1033\TSRES.DLL' TSBootShell 9/6/2017 4:47:21 PM 752 (0x02F0) Waiting for PNP initialization... TSBootShell 9/6/2017 4:47:21 PM 756 (0x02F4) RAM Disk Boot Path: NET(0)\SMSIMAGES\NRC00011\WINPE.NRC00011
  5. We have a scenario in our organisation where we want to map a huge lot of environment variables for specific machines. Each and every variables are unique to each machine. There are around 6000 variables which needs to be mapped to 6000 machines. Is there any way we can handle it through SCCM ?
  6. Hi, First post, relatively new to SCCM but I have a question. We upgrading our servers to 2012 r2 and 2016 but don't want to use SCCM to manage updates for them. They are currently set to download and install updates via Windows update but I am unsure whether this will mean that SCCM will be unable to report on the status of installed updates for those servers. Is it only able to identify the status of updates deployed by itself? Thanks, Simon
  7. Hello All, as the name says, I'm a SCCM noob. we upgraded to SCCM 2012 R2 to 1511, then to 1610. since then, all of my clients are seeing a red x over the action center, and when you open it you see that SCCM has either failed to or forgotten how to take over the windows update service. I have gone over WUAHandler.log, PatchDownloader.log and UpdatesHandler.log and have found nothing that would explain this. the clients are still getting patches, and when the machine is added to a collection it will push to software center and install successfully on the client. I will say that I have no
  8. Hey guys We currently have many Window 7 machines within our estate which we would like to upgrade to Windows 8.1 via SCCM. We would love to be able to upgrade these via distribution points which are already set up in different locations/depots across our business. We have searched the internet and have seen many guides relating to Windows 7 to Windows 10 however have not seen anything in regards to upgrading to Windows 8.1. First or all we would like to know if this is possible and secondly if there are any suggestions for best practise to action this. Apologies if there are any re
  9. Hi from ─░stanbul this my first post I'm working on an operating system to use an organization that has 1000+ clients. Are there any settings you can recommend in Wsim? Settings that can help ease. Keyboard, language, domain etc.
  10. Hello, We have a big problem for Dell Precision M6x00 models with two discs. We try to apply Windows OS on Disk 1 (mSATA) with the task sequence SCCM, but impossible! We have upgraded the BIOS version, same result ! A priori, the Disk 0 has priority over the Disk 1 in all cases Nothing in the BIOS proposes to change this state. Topics similary http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/10561-sccm-2012-r2-osd-fails-with-error-80070032/ https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/297f9adb-d71d-445b-8fdf-9776b70c7b98/multiple-harddisks-and-apply-operating-system-im
  11. Hi Guys, I've been building my Win10 image lately and for some reason SCCM refuses to complete any OSD Task Sequences successfully (on Win 10, or our old Win8.1 TS). It seems to be failing to setup the SCCM Client and then rebooting to a half built OS. smsts.log is here: https://pastee.org/7dkq5 I don't have a CCMSetup.log, it doesn't get that far. Any ideas? The key line that seems to stick out for me is: <![LOG[The action (Setup Windows and Configuration Manager) requested a retry]LOG]!><time="13:16:09.927-60" date="08-14-2015" component="TSManager" context="
  12. Hello everyone! I have been deploying Windows 7 for quite a while now, and every time i encounter some kind of issues. Therefore i would like to ask for some help with my questions. My Deployment scenario: 1. - Install Windows 7 SP1 on Hyper-V 2. - Log on as Administrator and Update OS with all required updates (PC is in WG) 3. - When updates are installed, i configure Local Administrator profile (I only install few extra applications, so i would consider this a thin image) 4. - When system is configured, i add Capture Image .iso file to my Hyper-v and start included .exe 5.
  13. Hey Guys, Long time lurker thought i would leave this here for someone to find. We have a client that wants windows 8.1 installed but have noticed the limited support for SCCM 2012 and certain drivers. My issue was the Task sequence would complete successfully (with long driver loads, hp supplies 1.5GB of drivers) but would fail with the error ""Windows could not parse or process the unattended..." it was on the windows 8.1 boot screen. To the best of my knowledge what would happen is the drivers would load but then reboot the system in the middle of the windows setup. and then set a flag
  14. I'am trying to create an custom windows vista installation cd . I have an original cd ordered from where I live and the problem is that when I go for import operating system wizard it gives me this error :The source directory specified does not contain an identifiable operating system ? What should I do ? Does this mean that my DVD is not original ? I tried to go for the second option and to import "Custom image file" and I selected install.wim all work's great but I can't see any operating system listed in MDT , but in the deployment folder it is. I'm using MDT 2013 and I have
  15. Hi, I have done a search on this matter to seek help but couldn't really find anything What I am looking for is help to set up a fully functioning server with a reliable group policy that could be implemented in a school I know the very basic of setting up the AD, DNS, DHCP. I have got this far and added a user that can successfully log in. What I would now want to know is what are the best practices to set up group policies etc Could someone put together a basic step by step of what to do. I'm not really asking for details otherwise people will be here all day and night. Jus
  16. When I try to create a new task in the windows task scheduler, it fails with the error: An error has occurred for task <task name>. Error message: A task or folder with this name already exists. The strange thing is, I've got this happening on a lot of my servers now... I have no idea what I changed, but apparently I cannot create new tasks now - this is a brand new freshly installed windows box as well. On one of our servers, I have created many scheduled tasks, but I can no longer create new ones on that server either. We use SCCM 2010 SP1 as well, with endpoint protection -
  17. Hi, I am currently in the process of setting up a server at home, for educational purposes as I wish to pursue a future career into the IT sector when I finish my College Diploma in IT. I have setup a domain on Windows Server 2008 R2. Also I have set up a remote desktop service that allows workstations to remotely connect to the server. o Although this is not neccesary, I am purely doing this for education purposes. I would now like to achieve the opposite. So I would like to be able to log into a user/onto a computer which is connected to my domain/server The reason for this is
  18. Hi Guys, Following the tutorial documentation done (very good by the way - thank you!), in particular around SCCM 2012 SP1 for OSD's. Followed the guide, built and captured my image, all working well. However if I try to deploy the image I captured (via the build and capture process) then I end up with a working system but have the system partition on D: rather than C:. I understand this is a common issue, and is to do with the original media being built in a particular way. (Although I used the only Win7 Enterprise ISO on our volume licence website, build and capture to make it an
  19. Hi, We have been happily using WDS to capture Windows 7, server 2003 & server 2008 & deploy these with great success. However we have a requirement to capture an existing server 2008 with multiple partitions & redeploy Everything I have been reading says it can't really be done successfully with WDS. Server Setup:- Windows Server 2008 OS - C:\ 68.3 GB Program Files - E:\ 136Gb Program Files - F:\ 136Gb SO as you can see above we need to capture all partitions & deploy successfully. Can anyone advise if that have successfully completed this task. T
  20. Hello, I was hoping someone could help point me in the right direction. We are using SCCM 2007 and UDI Toolkit 12 to deploy new WIndows 7 machines through a task sequence. We are now trying to migrate from XP to Windows 7 using USMT 4.0. We are trying to do this through the PE environment. We have it successfully doing a scan state, however we run into issues when applying the new OS. I'll mention at this point we have PointSec full disk encryption running on these devices. If we do the scanstate and use the task sequence option to format and partition the disk. It fails as it says
  21. Hello, I'm running into a problem at home with DHCP on a Server 2008R2 Box and just have a few questions. First off My setup includes a Windows Server 2008R2 which I want to leave on all the time for running Plex, SCCM, DHCP, WDS, MDT, AD, and so on, Might include Asterisk on there as well someday down the line, The system has 12 GBs of Ram and a 60GB SSD, and 160GB HDD and 1TB Plex Storage. Might be adding another 1TB to it as well down the line. My problem with DHCP is I can have it up and running and I'll be able to get IP address from the server but all I have is local int
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