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  1. Hi guys, Got SCCM 2012 with MDT 2012 U1 on a single server. Never had SCCM before and have extended the schema. Server OS is Win 2012 running in VMWare 5.1. Doing OSD's fine, and application deployments via the software catalogue is working without a problem. All good. However when performing an OSD, after installing the SCCM client I have application installs. Regardless of what application I use it fails with error 0x00000032. Nothing really in SMSTS however LocationServices.log does have the following: A Fallback Status Point has not been specified. Message with STATE
  2. Hi Guys, Following the tutorial documentation done (very good by the way - thank you!), in particular around SCCM 2012 SP1 for OSD's. Followed the guide, built and captured my image, all working well. However if I try to deploy the image I captured (via the build and capture process) then I end up with a working system but have the system partition on D: rather than C:. I understand this is a common issue, and is to do with the original media being built in a particular way. (Although I used the only Win7 Enterprise ISO on our volume licence website, build and capture to make it an
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