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Found 19 results

  1. Hi I have an issue whereby my Windows 10 IPU task sequence is downloading all driver packages specified in the TS (Download Package Content) allthough the correct driver packages already exist in the CCM cache on the PC running the TS. I have used the following guide to create a PreCache task sequence: https://www.imab.dk/windows-as-a-service-sharing-my-precache-and-in-place-upgrade-task-sequences-part-1/ (credit to Martin Bengtsson for the excellent guide) and it works very well. A PC which has successfully run the PreCache TS downloads the correct drivers (using a WMI query) and
  2. Hello, hoping for some help from with a strange issue I have on a customer site I am currently unable to build Dell Optiplex 5040 devices with Windows 10 1909 x64 Enterprise from an Endpoint manager 1910 MDT integrated task sequence. The task sequence fails when trying to execute the Invoke-MbamClientDeployment.ps1 script. I have detailed the high level tasks below and attached the SMSTS.log. BIOS upgraded to latest version BIOS Reset to factory settings BIOS Password Set BIOS Standard config applied UEFI Boot enabled TPM Cleared & activa
  3. I am new to Task Sequence. I am working on a task Sequence to convert BIOS (Legacy) mode systems to UEFI mode systems (Dell Laptops)(SCCM with MDT) . Can some share a task sequence to do so or share your experience to do so. Actually my requirement is to add these steps for PXE OSD win 10 1607 task sequence.
  4. Introduction Microsoft released the new Surface Pro and recently a new operating system, Windows 10 version 1709 (Fall Creators Update). Now you can automate the installation of it using PowerShell. This script has been written to allow you to automate the deployment Windows 10 version 1709 (Fall Creators Update) using the latest available software including: Windows 10 x64 (version 1709) Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) build 8443 Latest available 2017 drivers for the Surface Pro Windows 10 ADK (version 1709) Windows Server 2016 Note: This
  5. Hi, I'm upgrading our Windows 10 clients to 1703 build and i'm using a built-in task sequence in order to upgrade it. I tried servicing plans and it works well but i want to upgrade a Displaylink (display) driver after OS upgrade because the new build needs a new driver... so i decided to use a task sequence. I followed some posts from Niall (thank you!) and now i can advise to user, capture logs, upgrade multiple language (spanish & english), etc... https://www.niallbrady.com/2016/05/21/how-can-i-deal-with-languages-in-the-upgrade-task-sequence-us
  6. I am upgrading 3000 PCs from Windows 7 to Windows 10 with SCCM 2012. There are 10+ different models (mostly HP). I've done about 400 so far. After the upgrade to windows 10, the Intel video driver is stripped and replaced by a generic Microsoft video driver. The different models require different drivers. How can I update the video drivers on the multiple versions of PCs during the OS upgrade task sequence? Thanks!
  7. I'M wondering if anyone has had success in using the Upgrade task sequence in in SCCM CB 1710 to upgrade From Windows 10 1607 to Windows 10 1709 I haven't been able to do Successful Upgrade test when it rolls back.. On side note i haven't been able to successfully update my home computers without doing a wipe and load from 1703 to 1709 using the Creators tool Anyone know of any issues . With 1709 upgrade
  8. Hello Folks, I'm new to this forum. I believe that this is right place to post my query here. Here is problem with SCCM. I wrote a script that copy file from desktop to shared location. the script works perfectly fine when I run as administrator. Created package \ application for this script and deployed to my test machine. but It doesn't do anything while installing from my test machine even though I checked run with admin's right in SCCM. FYI: Method 2: Created bat file that calls my power shell script. No luck yet all! Method 3: Run the Powershel
  9. I'M wondering if anyone has had success in using the Upgrade task sequence in in SCCM CB 1710 to upgrade From Windows 10 1607 to Windows 10 1709 I haven't been able to do Successfully test this it rolls back.. On side not i haven't been able to successfully update my home computers without doing a wipe and load from 1703 to 1709 . Anyone know of any issues . With 1709 upgrades
  10. Introduction Here’s some links with videos of all the Microsoft Intune and Configuration Manager, Windows 10 & Office 365 ProPlus content @ Microsoft Ignite in Florida last month. Intune/ConfigMgr: Mobile device and app management overview with Microsoft Intune System Center Configuration Manager overview and roadmap Conduct a successful pilot deployment of Microsoft Intune Manage and secure Android, iOS, and MacOS devices and apps with Microsoft Intune Learn how to use Microsoft Intune with the new admin console and Microsoft Gr
  11. We have a scenario in our organisation where we want to map a huge lot of environment variables for specific machines. Each and every variables are unique to each machine. There are around 6000 variables which needs to be mapped to 6000 machines. Is there any way we can handle it through SCCM ?
  12. Microsoft has changed Windows As A Service and this was explained in a blog post by Michael Niehaus. As we announced back in April, Microsoft is aligning our servicing models with twice-per-year feature update releases targeting March and September, and 18-month servicing timelines for each release. While the first fully-aligned release will occur later this year with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update release and a corresponding Office 365 ProPlus release, we got a head start with the Windows 10 1703 release (a.k.a. Creators Update): It marks the first of our semi-annual releases, eac
  13. Cortana is a personal voice digital assistant created for Windows 10. With the release of 1503 version, it was working good to some extent. But compared to Siri and Google Voice it still had to go a long way. Also, it's irritating every time it opens a Bing search window, for things it doesn't know. I would love to see something like dictating text in Word, instead of doing web search using Cortana. Now comes the main point. Microsoft made sure that it can collect all the personal information, whenever you are using Cortana. In the 1503 version, it was very easy to turn it off. Also
  14. I just upgraded to 1703 using a Servicing Plan in SCCM, however I lost all the pinned program from the Start menu. Also, I had to re-install the RSAT update. Wondering if you anyone had the same issue? Thanks,
  15. hello, im after some assistance if possible. Im attempting to deploy a windows 10 image, i have created a reference image from within MDT then imported the WIM in SCCM 2012 r2 sp1 Cu2. I have built a new mdt task sequence within SCCM 2012 and have downloaded the windows 10 drivers for the surface pro 4. The image deploys to a virtual machine fine and joins it to the network, but im having trouble with the Surface pro. Sometimes it finishes installing drivers and then hangs on "getting ready"... other times it completes the osd but it hasn't joined the network. There is a step in
  16. Hello, We are currently running Windows Defender client version is 4.10.14393.0, however in Programs and Features it showes System Centre Endoint Protection Please note that we are pushing the SCEP policies via sccm Here is the screen captures : Any ideas?
  17. Hello, i'm sorry if this has already been answered but i'm struggling to deploy Windows 10 (1607) to some Windows 10 (1511) machines from SCCM using Windows 10 servicing. Current setup: SCCM version - 1606 Windows 10 - 1511 (English) Enterprise Edition Within Windows 10 updates (under servicing) the feature update is listed in the console. I have created a service plan and when i run a preview the feature upgrade is listed (see screen). I have tried the feature upgrade with two different English languages "english-gb" and "english-us" but neither seems to work. The dep
  18. Hello, We are running SCCM CB (1511) and I'm trying to push an package more than 70 workstations ,it's a mix of Win7 and Win10 . The package installs fine on the Win7 machines but not on the WIn10 workstation, the Deployment Status shows that it's "Waiting for a Service Window" I checked the execmgr.log and it shows : Succesfully raised SoftDistWaitingForServiceWindowEvent event for program AirMedia execmgr 8/8/2016 6:14:25 PM 6196 (0x1834) Execution Request for advert SE1200A5 package SE100121 program AirMedia state change from Ready to WaitingServiceWindow execmgr 8/8/2016 6:14:25
  19. Hello all, I've upgraded my sccm server to 2012 sp1 and deployed windows 10 all went fine and applications installed without problems on the windows 10 machine. Right now i am setting my group policy right and facing a isue of windows 10 what i think need to be turned of in a domain network. You got different Privacy policy's that can send wifi passwords, account information, Keyboard recorder ( key logger) to the microsoft servers. Where and how can i set this OFF by group policy?
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