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  1. the only way i found is searching this guid and assigning the intune license again... no sync error but it's consuming a license that i don't want to use... regards
  2. it doesn't exists in ccmcache, i searched there before ask here i only find it in %temp% i usually use the SCCM application model instead of the package one. Maybe is running directly from the DP and i forgot to configure it This laptop is outside from our HomeOffice but finally we can changed the battery and now the upgrade works Thanks Niall
  3. Hi, Where is the wripper.vbs downloaded locally? I have a issue with a specific laptop that have some battery issues, so it returns always that i need to plug it to AC power. I want to modify the wrapper locally in order to remove this line and upgrade this laptop. I see that is copied to %temp% folder but when i edit it and run again the TS, a new wrapper.vbs is copied to this folder. thanks
  4. Finally was an internal proxy issue. Reinstalling the service connecting point with the new configuration solved the issue. it makes sense that if it could not connect through SCCM it would do the enrollment against Intune Standole. All devices that was enrolled directly to Intune was "moved" to SCCM and now i can see them. Regards
  5. I reinstalled the service connection point and restarted the SMS_Executive service and still have the same errors. By the way, i got this errors from cloudusersync.log, dmpdownloader.log and dmpuploader.log. It seems that i can't connect to Intune, but i don't understand because in fact the device is enrolling to Intune Standalone. cloudusersync.log ERROR: ERROR: Exception occured while calling REST UserAuth Location service The Dmp Connector cannot connect to Windows Intune. Verify that you are connected to the Internet, check the Windows Intune service status, and try t
  6. I reviewed it, the new user have the license correctly assigned and we have more licenses available in our pool Also this users are members of the intune user collection. This collection have scheduled a full upgrade every day. can i review some log o somethins else? i was thinking to re-install the service connection point role but i don't know if it will help regards
  7. Hi, After more tests it seems that only occurs with new users what else can i review? regards
  8. Hi Martin, The users are member of this collection, in fact, today i enrolled a device with my test user and doesn't show in SCCM (and exists in Intune) but i can enroll devices in the last month. Another suggestions? Thanks
  9. Hi, I have a hibrid SCCM (CB 1702) + Intune scenario. When i enroll a mobile device it doesn't appear in SCCM console, so any application or configuration it will deployed but it is correctly created in Azure AD . It occurs randomly during last year and i don't why. any suggestions? Thanks
  10. Hi, We have a hibrid SCCM + Intune scenario and i got an alert on SMS_CLOUD_USERSYNC component. In cloudusersync.log reports that are a duplicated object and it can't remove the license: ERROR: RemoveLicensedUsers exception Microsoft.Management.Services.Common.InvalidParameterException: Duplicate object key found in request: Id: 'guid'219c3d11-feed-4291-b251-c84b782ed7b4''~~ at Microsoft.Management.Services.DistributedQuery.DistributedQuery`1.CheckBatchForDuplicateItems(IEnumerable`1 items)~~ at Microsoft.Management.Services.DistributedQuery.DistributedQuery`1
  11. Finally i find the solution , i checked disk management for the VM and i found 3 volumes. There was an extra "Windows" volume. I deleted it and now the capture works fine. Regards
  12. Hi, I have an issue using capture media in a VM with Win10 LTSB, when the TS reboots it's stuck in Scanning volume 2 of 3. Task sequence never crashs, so no errors appears. I read another posts and i tried disabling Heartbeat setting from the Integration Services section of the VM settings. Also I check smsts.log and i see that can't find a volume any suggestions? thanks and regards
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