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Found 16 results

  1. Note: I've upgraded the wrapper to PowerShell 2019/01/06 as explained here. Introduction This blog post is all about upgrading to Windows 10, either from Windows 7 or from an earlier release of Windows 10 to the latest release of Windows 10. Windows 10 is probably one of the fastest developing operating systems from Microsoft yet, and was initially released in July 2015 as Windows 10 version 1507. The version 1507 nomenclature equates to (YYMM) or year year, month month so you'll always know when a version was released to manufacturing (declared RTM). So far we've seen the follo
  2. My TS OSD used to take around 35-40 minutes to complete. But after enabling Pre-Release in Hierarchy, my TS now takes over 1 hour. It struggles when it gets to packages/applications. This is the changes I made after enabling pre-release Time it takes to complete the TS OLD TS After enabling Pre-Release and Share Content It looks like it's waiting for something to happen, but I don't know what. How do I fix this? Or go back to how apps/packages are deployed. Many thanks,
  3. We upgraded our SCCM to 1702 a few weeks back and I noticed that Software Centre now takes ages to load the Application Tab. This has happened to 800+ machines, except very few. (1 or 2) SoftwareCentre1 ( look at the name on top, it says xxxxxxx Software Catalog - xxxx being the company name) - this one takes at least 1 minute to load - this is the SoftwareCentre that is on 800+ machines and then there's SoftwareCentre2 (which is on 1 machine so far) which works perfectly, it takes around 2-3 seconds to populate the apps + other stuff. Notice the name on top, it just says th
  4. I deployed the latest March Update for Office 365 to one Test Machine and it was marked as compliant even though it hasn't installed the update and is still on the old Office 365. I have checked the logs, nothing there. I went through the logs mentioned here https://technet.microsoft.com/en-gb/library/bb693878.aspx Can you someone please point me in the right direction of troubleshooting? Thank you
  5. Hello, Hope you can help me here, I have a customer running 1702 CB and in applications fail to install due to the following errors Here's a snippet of the smsts.log: <![LOG[Passed in version 2 for ScopeId_0F54416B-2F58-42FE-81D2-D6016500A009/RequiredApplication_068aceb6-300e-46e7-91e7-9a34f4257f85]LOG]!><time="08:01:31.216+300" date="11-14-2017" component="DCMAgent" context="" type="1" thread="3596" file="cisdkclass.cpp:2408"> <![LOG[spCIStateStore->GetCIState( pszAppPolicyId, csPolicyRevision, (sUserSID.length()>0) ? sUserSID.c_str() : 0, &spPolicySt
  6. Setup: OS: Windows Server 2016 SQL 2016 SCCM Current Branch (1702) Memory: 64GB Disk: 700GB HDD Type: Virtual Machine on a Hyper-V Failover Cluster -------------------------------- I installed ADK v10 then installed SCCM and during the installation process it fails to import the default boot images. Now I have tried to import the boot images but that fails as well, see attachment. There is no AV on this machine as it is a new installation with basic configuration and I have searched this issue but I cannot get an answer for current branch. Co
  7. I am encountering an issue with a Surface Book. The device PXE boots fine, and it pops a message like it's going to start and prompt me for the password. Then, it never pops up, and just reboots. any suggestions? the drivers are distributed, and in my task sequence.
  8. I have started testing PXE image deployment of Win10v1703x64. Now that I have fixed my boot images (it upgraded them, but all my OS images were still pointing to the old ones), it deploys successfully. However, I do have one quirk. After the 2nd reboot where it would start to "Setup Operating System" and configure the client, I only see a blue screen that says "Just a moment". Some other forums also have people with this problem. The tasks appear to continue in the background, but I cannot see the progress of image deployment/setup. Any guidance?
  9. Hi all, I'm trying to utilize an upgrade OS task sequence and deploy it using the "Pre-download content for this task sequence" that should be available to me when I deploy. I for some reason do not see this option which should be there with 1702. Is there something I'm missing to enable this option? I do have the TS set to be "Available" as well.
  10. Hi All We have upgraded to SCCM 2012 1702 with hotfix KB4019926 installed, everything seems to have installed fine. I am using the pre-production client which appears to be working a treat and turned my attention to OSD task sequences to test the new client on a build. The task sequence is ignoring the pre-production client despite the option "use pre-production client package when available" being ticked and instead installs the current production client. If i change the task sequence option to use the pre-production client instead of the production client it installs fine
  11. Hello, I'm trying to install SCCM from scratch with a brand new virtual machine on Windows Server 2016. I installed SQL Server 2016 SP1 CU3 and I followed the guide from CB 1702 guide. I have already an Active Directory with extended schema (from a previous install of SCCM 2012 R2), so I skipped this part. When I try to install SCCM I have a warning regarding the System Management container. It seems that the computer account has not rights on Children objects (create&delete) but I added it so I think I can ignore it. But the real problem is that when I continue and sta
  12. Hello, As i'm planing to upgrade out SCCM from 1606 to 1702 ,I started running some prerequisites tasks, however the Testdbupgrade failed ,here is what i've done so far : 1- I installed SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition SP1 (Same version we have on the production SCCM) on a VM. 2- Upgraded to SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition SP2 as it's required to upgrade to 1702. 3- Restored the database from the daily backup file.successfully 4- Ran a testdpupgrade and got the error below : ERROR: SQL Server error: [42000][468][Microsoft][SQL Server Native C
  13. Has anyone successfully tested the new pre-release "install behavior for applications"? I turned it on, created a couple new applications and set the install behavior to check for "outlook.exe" or "winword.exe". I cannot get clients to test successfully. I have checked logs and they confirm that it detects the app running, but the display does not show it for the failed section. Anyone successful on this feature?
  14. So I have been on version 1702 for a few weeks now and at the start of this week, the deployments have been failing when the os is starting to be deployed. I have made no changes to the task. On Monday I was told that it failed to image a desktop. I looked at the logs and saw the 80070002 error looking more there are other errors none of them make any sense. I have double checked the Network access account nad redistributed the os package. I have even tried and built a new TS still the same results. Please help. I have attached the log file. smsts3.log Edit: I have looked at o
  15. I searched and only found things related to the 1610 update getting stuck downloading but none of those fixes work. Relevant portion of log is pasted: ERROR: Failed to download redist for e0df5bb8-b4c8-4553-9b55-133e36536a35 with command /RedistUrl http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=841450 /LnManifestUrl http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=841442 /RedistVersion 201702 /NoUI "\\ISSCCM1.EasySetupPayload\e0df5bb8-b4c8-4553-9b55-133e36536a35\redist" . SMS_DMP_DOWNLOADER 4/26/2017 2:19:23 PM 14280 (0x37C8) Failed to download redist for e0df5bb8-b4c8-4553-9b55-133e36536
  16. Introduction In a previous post you used PowerShell scripts to quickly install System Center Configuration Manager (Current Branch) version 1606 and then upgraded it using Updates and Servicing to System Center Configuration Manager (Current Branch) version 1610. In case you are not already aware there are two main branches (of Configuration Manager) available: System Center Configuration Manager (Current Branch) System Center Configuration Manager (Technical Preview) System Center Configuration Manager (Current Branch) is designed for use in production environments, for
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