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  1. Understand but when running through CM to my machine, it works. I don't think my system has access to the share. I added the computer account to the folder specified in the share....no go either.
  2. Ok, thanks. Strange thing is this stuff has worked before and I ran the script in sccm to my own machine and it worked but not for any other collections or computers.
  3. Here is script...... Copy-Item "\\fileserver\SCCM\Resources\Laserfiche\Laserfiche.url" -Destination "C:\Users\Public\Desktop" Shortcut never appears.
  4. Is this just updating the content or deleting it and totally redistributing it?
  5. I've seen some posts that talk about the Network Access Account but I've changed it and reset it multiple times to no avail. Anyone have an idea?? Appreciate it!!! smsts3020.log
  6. Will try that. Unfortunately if it works there's over 300 virtual servers I'd have to do that to, LOL
  7. I did run a Full HW Inventory cycle on it. I will try WMI. Not sure how to do that though, LOL
  8. I've got an issue where some servers that were migrated from Hyper-V to VMware are still showing as Hyper-V and others that were originally built in VMware showing as Physical. Is SCCM not capable of detecting VMware? Please see image..
  9. I've read some varying info on deploying applications using variables. What I'm trying to do is that lets day I have a machine name "PD-000001" and one named "EH-000001" i'd like to install a certain set of applications based upon the first two or three characters of the computer's name which indicates the department the computer is in. Anyone have any good reading on this or have done it? Thanks!
  10. Here's what I have in place currently. Dedicated WSUS server that only downloads updates for servers. AD Groups labeled "SRVGRP1-8" which are tied to Group Policies for each that determine when or if the machines are rebooted automatically. Maintenance windows seem to be a confusing issue and I know that "Server Groups" which was released as a pre-release feature in 1606 was supposed to help with that but I'd rather not tie myself to a pre-release feature. I'm on 1610 and wary of upgrading to 1702 due to all the issues I've read about. I guess it boils down to whether it's worth the time spent to set this up in SCCM or leave it as is. Anyone gone through similar?
  11. The issue was with SSL. The DP wasn't talking to the MP. Even though a Microsoft article stated this was only a problem in 2012 RTM, seems it is still alive in Current Branch.
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