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Found 5 results

  1. So I find today that in trying to test a new TS that when booting PXE, I get an error screen from WDS that just only displays the error code 0xc000000f. Digging around, I've found some that say it's a WDS problem and another that says it's an SSL issue because the MP is SSL but the DP is not. One article states that if the MP is SSL, the DP also has to be using the PKI Cert as well instead of the self-signed. Another article mentions no problems with the DP being non-SSL. This is what I'm seeing in SMSPXE.log PXE::MP_GetList failed; 0x80070490 SMSPXE 5/16/2017 2:50:13 PM 5520 (0x1590) PXE::MP_LookupDevice failed; 0x80070490 SMSPXE 5/16/2017 2:50:13 PM 5520 (0x1590) PXE::MP_GetList failed; 0x80070490 SMSPXE 5/16/2017 2:50:13 PM 5520 (0x1590) PXE::MP_ReportStatus failed; 0x80070490 SMSPXE 5/16/2017 2:50:13 PM 5520 (0x1590) PXE Provider failed to process message. Element not found. (Error: 80070490; Source: Windows) SMSPXE 5/16/2017 2:50:13 PM 5520 (0x1590) Just looking for some insight on where to go with this.
  2. I've been stuck for days on an issue I can't figure out. I don't even know where to start but I first noticed ASP.NET errors (7.png) in my SCCM's event viewer.. hundreds of them. I read a bunch of articles which basically said to increase the private memory limit in my WSUS application pool (which I did) but the errors continued. I changed a bunch of timeout errors in the same app pool as well since the error message relates to an http timeout. Ultimately, my SUP can sync from SCCM . I can see clients finding the WSUS server and I can see in WCM.log and wsyncmgr.log that there are no errors and SCCM can connect properly to WSUS. However, on the clients.. I see (A2.png) that the WUAgent failed to scan. I'm not sure what to check and I am out of answers.
  3. PXE had been working, installed update today for the latest hotfix regarding KB4016483. After this update, PXE is no longer working and gives a BCD error when trying to boot. Hopefully someone has an answer for this as it is getting frustrating. The Windows Boot Configuration Data (BCD) file from the PXE Server does not contain a valid operating System entry. Ensure that the Server has boot Images installed for this architecture. File:\Tmp\x86x64{abc123}.bcd Error code: 0x0c0000098 I’ve read that this was a problem in 2012 and all suggest removing the pxe setting to remove WDS and then selecting it back to have WDS install itself again. I’ve repushed my boot images out there and I can see them in C:\RemoteInstall\SMSImages. SMSPXE.log shows the following few lines: InstallBootFilesForImage failed. 0x80004005 Warning: Failed to copy the needed boot binaries from the boot image C:\RemoteInstall\SMSImages\COP00005\boot.COP00005.wim. The operation completed successfully. (Error: 00000000; Source: Windows) Failed adding image C:\RemoteInstall\SMSImages\COP00005\boot.COP00005.wim. Will Retry.. Unspecified error (Error: 80004005; Source: Windows)
  4. I am hoping someone may be able to help clarify something for me with SCCM and the versioning. I see System Center 2016 was released, but it looks as if its more server side tools. Is current branch for SCCM the long term versions method, meaning there is no SCCM 2016? Thanks!
  5. Hi All I have now built 2 labs over Christmas period, both labs were 4 box solutions which work perfectly on 1606 from baseline media. Got them all working. deployments of software, osd patches everything I needed. Initial lab was on server 2012 r2 and sql 2012 - all service packed and patched up. Worked fine on 1606 - upgraded to 1610 and I get high CPU on smsexec on the box which functions as a DP (role) 2012 r2 lab Domain controller (test.local) DNS DHCP AD PRI - ADK 10.1.14393.0 DP (dp,pxe,fsp,scp,sup) MP (mp,appcatalogue,reporting services) SQL 2012 Didn't take snapshots so couldn't go back. The funny thing is I have high CPU but it still works fine on 1610 - all functionality is still working... Have recently (today) applied the hotfix for 1610 from servicing, and this has not cured the high cpu on the dp. So - I read the fantastic guide on building with server 2016, sql 2016 guide and built a second lab using all 2016 products. 2016 lab Domain controller (lab.local) dns, DHCP, AD PRI - ADK 10.1.14393.0 DP (dp,pxe,fsp,scp,sup) MP (mp,appcatalogue,reporting services) SQL 2016 Again this worked fine on 1606, everything doing what it should, osd, patching, deploy software. Then took this 2016 lab from 1606 to 1610 and again getting high cpu on my DP. I have 2 labs, both on 1610, both working, but the high cpu on my dp is present on both... Is this a known issue, or part of the 1610 additional functionality that I will admit I am unaware of ? If I add another CPU to the DP, then 1 cpu goes 50% usage - this is consistent on both labs. Any information or thoughts on where to look appreciated. Regards, Wazzie
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