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  1. I am hoping someone may be able to help clarify something for me with SCCM and the versioning. I see System Center 2016 was released, but it looks as if its more server side tools. Is current branch for SCCM the long term versions method, meaning there is no SCCM 2016? Thanks!
  2. SQL 2012 Standard
  3. I recently found out the WSUS cleanup had never been run in our environment and during the cleanup and reindexing, it continues to fail. I exhausted all the solutions I have come across for cleanup, and it looks as if I will need to rebuild my WSUS database. That being said, WSUS is integrated into SCCM, currently on build 1511. I am hoping someone may have some knowledge on how to remove everything and build fresh. I would like to minimize the outage and would need to complete relatively quickly. Thank you!
  4. Could you add two things? 1. In the software center, you should be able to click on Failed for a couple error codes. 2. Add a clip of the logs from C:\Windows\CCM\Logs\AppEnforce.log this will show what the client is processing and should give a better understanding of what is failing and at which point.
  5. You can't deploy multiple applications at the same time. Deployments for each application need to have deployment settings. If you want to roll multiple applications together without deploying individually, you could use a task sequence. If these are device based applications, have you thought about making a collection for each application, then including the collection with devices? This would set you up for more growth and control over individual applications.
  6. I have recently upgraded my SCCM environment to 1511. I am trying to locate the install files for the client side agent for manual installs. With the requirement of .NET 4.5.2, I had to stop the server clients from updating automatically since some of our legacy applications cannot run on higher than .NET 4.0. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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