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  1. Just thought I'd follow up. I moved my WSUS off my site server and it's all working much better. The amount of private memory required is also much lower. The sync is faster and I've had no issues.
  2. My server has 64gb and I watched it's memory usage. Even when I gave the apppool an unlimited amount of memory, the problem did not subside. I have all the latest WUAgents installed on my clients. The problem started on the 8th and we were good until the morning of. I have run maintenance using PowerShell and the listed script.
  3. I've been stuck for days on an issue I can't figure out. I don't even know where to start but I first noticed ASP.NET errors (7.png) in my SCCM's event viewer.. hundreds of them. I read a bunch of articles which basically said to increase the private memory limit in my WSUS application pool (which I did) but the errors continued. I changed a bunch of timeout errors in the same app pool as well since the error message relates to an http timeout. Ultimately, my SUP can sync from SCCM . I can see clients finding the WSUS server and I can see in WCM.log and wsyncmgr.log that there are no errors and SCCM can connect properly to WSUS. However, on the clients.. I see (A2.png) that the WUAgent failed to scan. I'm not sure what to check and I am out of answers.
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