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  1. Dear Experts, I'm trying to figure out the way, that would leave D:/ Data partition untouched while deploying OS images. We have computers with 1 HDD (Disk 0) with 2 partitions (System Drive C:\ and Data D:\). So when I have to deploy image, I have to backup all data from their computers to somewhere and than deploy image which formats whole Disk 0 and creates new partitions as specified in Task Sequence. So I was wondering how can it be achieved, that Task Sequence could only format OS Partition and leave Data Partition D:\ Untouched. We have BIOS and UEFI computers. I could not find any g
  2. Has anyone successfully deployed this with SCCM? I'm using 2012. I've found various cryptic ways they say it can be done but none of them seem to work. Thanks!!
  3. Hi, I thought I would advertise my book here as I need all the shout-outs I can get! The book is entitled: ConfigMgr - An Administrator's Guide to Deploying Applications using PowerShell I think it's pretty good, but then again, I'm probably biased. You can get it here: https://leanpub.com/configmgr-DeployUsingPS Sorry about this advert - I hate adverts too. Sometimes, you just...gotta.
  4. I've run out of steam and patience - after doing a all this for the 2nd time in 2 days, I've run into a repeating sysprep error that doesn't look like an error to me. I've done my regular routine on removing appxpackages, and not seeing any sticking in this setupact.log If you can tell me what to fix I'll praise you as the IT god you are! 2018-04-30 01:15:29, Info CBS TI: --- Initializing Trusted Installer --- 2018-04-30 01:15:29, Info CBS TI: Last boot time: 2018-04-29 23:00:52.808 2018-04-30 01:15:29, Info CBS Startin
  5. I have started testing PXE image deployment of Win10v1703x64. Now that I have fixed my boot images (it upgraded them, but all my OS images were still pointing to the old ones), it deploys successfully. However, I do have one quirk. After the 2nd reboot where it would start to "Setup Operating System" and configure the client, I only see a blue screen that says "Just a moment". Some other forums also have people with this problem. The tasks appear to continue in the background, but I cannot see the progress of image deployment/setup. Any guidance?
  6. I've read some varying info on deploying applications using variables. What I'm trying to do is that lets day I have a machine name "PD-000001" and one named "EH-000001" i'd like to install a certain set of applications based upon the first two or three characters of the computer's name which indicates the department the computer is in. Anyone have any good reading on this or have done it? Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone, I wonder if someone could help me. In my corporate environment, we have collections setup for deployments that our Service Desk use to build machines. The idea is that machines are created or added into that Collection, and the Task Sequence is also deployed to the Collection. We have upgraded to SCCM 1702 in recent times and ntoiced that we cannot always import machines to the collection - we get an error code, like 2152205056. I just looked at: So will test that out tomorrow when I am back in the office. The other issue I am having is; when w
  8. So I have a meeting later this afternoon to train our Service Desk on how they should be imaging machines in our environment and being the good engineer I am I setup a test yesterday to just "make sure" things were still working. As you can tell, they aren't... I noticed my task sequence was hanging on installing an application that normally installed without issue... Frustration to say the least. So, I tried to see if I could just deploy the application, like I did when I originally created it and it worked, but it would stay stuck at "Downloading 0%" Long story short and after some
  9. Hi at all!!! I have a problem with deploy software... In my enviroment work i have create new package for install AdobeReadeUpdate, i used .msp extension. The command line used is "msiexec /p AdbeRdrUpd110006.msp /qn " Deploy the package and i receive the follow error in the Deployment Status console: Message ID: 10006 Status Type: Error Description: 1642 Help me please!!! Thank you
  10. Hey Guys / Niall - I wanted to make this post as even though still researching, it hasn't been going that well... I recently installed SCCM 2012 R2 (which I updated to SP1 CU3) in an environment which recently had SCCM 1511 installed and no longer used and I hear SCCM 2007 in the past. When deploying clients from the console, only about 30% of them are responding as actually being installed. When I look at logs, I see that the client installs correctly on all, but Location Services shows the below errors: After research, I tried sending "ccmsetup RESETKEYINFORMATION=TRUE"
  11. Hi all, we have bought some license Skype for Business Plan 2 on Office 365 and I would like to deploy Skype for Business to our clients throughout SCCM 2012. When you login on office365 you can download a click-to-run package that starts the installation/downalod of the product. There is a way to deploy this software throuhgout SCCM? I cannot find anywhere an offline installer of skype for business. Thank you for your support Regards, Luca
  12. Hello guys. Im using SCCM 2012. I just deployed application to my client computer(win7-32). But from client computer i cant see deployed application in software center and application catalog.Must i use distribition point to deploy any application? What log should i see?
  13. Hi , does somebody know the correct way to deploy (on windows startup) first a application and then a paket ? For example i want to install a application an then i have to change some files of that application with a batch file. Thanks for your help ...
  14. Is it possible to set a deployment to superseded another deployment and it automatically installs for all those users which have it installed, but remains "available" for those that haven't. Take for instance a Java install. I create a Java application with v8.35. I set it as Available and deploy to the Staff collection. Users who require Java can install it and the rest do not. A new version is released. I create a new application Java v8.45. I set it to superseded v8.35 and deploy as 'Available' again to the Staff collection. I retire v8.35 at the same time. How can I make
  15. In my organization I have a problem with the deployment of operating systems (WIN7) SCCM Version: RTM When I go to deploy new workstations do not have any problems and / or error .... the problem I have when I go to deploy the operating system on a machine previously deployed to. For example, a workstation that had crash problems and then I have to deploy the operating system but I get the F12 and after some research I found that SCCM MacAddress recognizes that, and that is written to the database. I also found the query to delete this record, but I ask you, there is a different pr
  16. we are new to sccm 2012 and have had no training, so kind of feeling our we through it. a task that has been given to us is to try and deploy sp1 for win 7 via sccm 2012 but dont using wsus server. so i guessing we need to download the standalone sp1, package it and deploy it. is this the best approach or is there a better option. we have over 1500 machines to deploy it to. look forward to your response
  17. Has anyone tried or been successful deploying Trend Micro Full Disk Encryption with SCCM2012? Here is what I have tried: Created an .msi from the .exe provided (including all settings needed when originally installing) Deployed .msi via SCCM to a test pc. Deployment was successful but the encryption process does not ever start, even after a reboot. The DrAService.exe is running, but eventually an error comes up that says it can't communication with the Trend Micro Encryption service. Any suggestions? We have about 2,000 devices to encrypt and I don't want to have to manually touch e
  18. I know that if you use to deploy through SCCM default instal.wim (from Windows Vista or Windows 7 instalation media) it will arrive on a D:\ drive, becuase all we know. But when I start testing with a local PC and appling image using ImageX /apply option to a partition with C:\ letter, write boot inf. (using bcdboot) it all goes good. The OS is boot to OOBE, ask lang., user name, time zone, etc. and start as after normal (through Setup.exe method) installation. And now I want to know, if it dangerously to apply image to a local PC without Setup.exe?
  19. I am trying to figure out how to create a package, then create a task sequence for deploying iTunes 11.1.5 in SCCM 2012 R2. Can anyone give me step by step instructions? I can't seem to get it working. Thanks
  20. Hello, I currently have Microsoft endpoint protection on computers across a campus. I would like to deploy SCEP across my campus so that we can monitor and maintain it all from the server. This will require deploying the SCEP client over the network. My problem is: It creates pop ups for the current user logged in saying that windows defender is out dated and scep is out dated. Is there any way to install SCEP silently without the user being notified? I can deploy SCEP updates almost immediately afterwards to get rid of the "at risk" notification in the task bar, but it still gives
  21. Hello all, I'm still fairly new to SCCM2012, and I have a couple of questions. I looked online, but didn't have much luck as to finding a direct answer. Does SCCM2012 automatically deploy the new Win7 updates that I add to my deployment package? Or do I have to manually create an entire new deployment package? What I would ideally like to do is deploy new Win7 updates biweekly (or even monthly), and i'm not positive of the best way to approach this. My goal is to have it be as automated as possible.
  22. Hello, i'm new using SCCM and i'm trying to deploy a simple package with a MSI installer for deploying Adobe Flash Player 11 in a test collection of 2 computers. We are using SCCM 12 in Windows Server 2008 R2, and we have automatic deployments for Microsoft Software that work perfectly. I've been trying a different things that i saw in a lot of posts and i can't make it work. The Distribution Manager succesfully distributed the Package to the Distribution Point, but the Deployment Status is UNKNOWN (printscreen attached). I really couldn't find any error in the distmgr.log , package ID: GP
  23. I was wondering if anyone had a link that explains how to deploy Windows 2008 R2 Server using SCCM 2012 SP1. I'd like to be able to install certain Windows 2008 R2 roles (file sharing, printing, dfs, etc) and features (branchcache, snmp, etc) with SCCM 2012. I've looked around, but mainly I find Windows 7 deployment. Thanks!
  24. Hello everyone; SCCM 2012 server agent deployment process, while I ran into the following error logs. I wonder what could be the reason? "the agent has not collected files matching the file name "*.exe" or the path "*\*" from this computer because the files exceed the maximum size limit of 512 kb. you may need to reconfigure the maximum size limit to allow file collection at the next scheduled agent interval." Thank you.
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