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  1. Hi everyone, About a year ago I deployed Office 2013 ent to our users and at the time Lync was not needed. However our managers want Lync to be available to all users. I realise that the software is already there so to speak. You can add a feature in add or remove features and Lync will install. At the moment users have Communicator. Is there a way to send out a script that will add this feature or will I have to package Lync 2013 in SCCM and deploy? Will this effect the current install of Office 2013 ent? Thanks
  2. Hi All, Can anybody help. Currently trying to build a HP probook 650 with Win7 x86, however I get the following error message during the task sequence, when it is applying system settings "windows could not configure one or more system components, to install windows restart the computer and restart the installation" The only option is to click OK, computer restarts and then the error message reappears. SCCM was building fine and then just stopped working an this error message keeps occurring. Unable to F8 and Shift F10 to get any additional info Please Help Than
  3. Hi Forum, Please help! Here's the story. When we had our SCCM installed it seems that some bright spark decided to put a trial version of SQL on the server its installed on. Last week the trial ran out and reporting stopped and then no one could connect via the consoles. Our apps team fixed this and we can now log into SCCM 2012 but we cannot build any machines via PXE. Any suggestions? I've checked the SMSPXE.log and see errors: Loaded D:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.1\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Deployment Tools\amd64\DISM\wimgapi.dll SMSPXE 24/03/2015 10:36:17 8428
  4. Hi, Thanks for you reply, opps, sorry I miss typed the error message it is 32 and not 37. I get the error message as soon as I try to capture, right after selecting the relevant task sequence I did think it was something to do with partitioning. I removed all partitions apart from the OS one, and made it the first partition. I then created a NTFS partition. Still cant capture anything, any ideas. Cheers
  5. Hi All, Trying to build and capture a VM machine. Created a collection, however when trying to build and capture I get the following error 0x00000037 Please can anyone help, I've checked the internet and cant find anything to help. Cheers
  6. Thanks all for your reply's - we have now got it working. Cheers
  7. Hi All, We are currently using SCCM 2012 and are having problems getting the task sequence to create a local admin account. we used the below as a run command which doesn't work @echo off cls echo Creating Local Account: mccuser pushd %~dp0 echo. net user user PAssword /ADD /FULLNAME:"mccuser" /COMMENT:"Built in Local Admin Account" /ACTIVE:YES /PASSWORDCHG:NO /EXPIRES:NEVER net localgroup "Administrators" user /add wmic useraccount where "name='user'" set PasswordExpires=False popd We also created the below as a batch file and tried that in the task sequence as a a
  8. Hi everyone, I have packaged Office 2013 Enterprise software and I keep getting error code 0x756B (30059) Now I know this code is related to licence keys so I copied the software to a space laptop. Created an MSP file and dumped it in the updates folder. Then I run the setup.exe locally and it works. When I copy that software to a share and package it it doesn't work and get the above code. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks for your reply. if we use the windows 7 ISO with SP1, wouldnt that push out Win 7 to all users. Given the number of uses we have and the fact that they are already on Win 7, we would not be able to push it out again and cause that much distruption to our users. is there a way to push out just sp1.
  10. we are new to sccm 2012 and have had no training, so kind of feeling our we through it. a task that has been given to us is to try and deploy sp1 for win 7 via sccm 2012 but dont using wsus server. so i guessing we need to download the standalone sp1, package it and deploy it. is this the best approach or is there a better option. we have over 1500 machines to deploy it to. look forward to your response
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