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  1. Hi!! I have pretty much tried everything I can think of at this point but still can't work out why I cannot get Remote Control to connect correctly on any workstations. When launching Remote Control get this:
  2. OK...but i removed and reinstall the MP and i can selected only HTTPS......
  3. Hi!!! I have a problem with my sccm 2012 r2 on w2k12. When i try to install MP the option HTTP is greyd out!!! WHY!!!!!??????????????? Many thanks!!!
  4. Yes, these are the data that you want in the report, and the data are pulling from active directory into sccm
  5. I need to create a customized report, the data to be entered are as follows PC NAME USERNAME DISPLAY NAME (outlook) email address workstation type (desktop-laptop-server) installed software Thank you all for the help !!
  6. Hi at all!!! I have a problem with deploy software... In my enviroment work i have create new package for install AdobeReadeUpdate, i used .msp extension. The command line used is "msiexec /p AdbeRdrUpd110006.msp /qn " Deploy the package and i receive the follow error in the Deployment Status console: Message ID: 10006 Status Type: Error Description: 1642 Help me please!!! Thank you
  7. Hello to all, I open my record again at the forum with a problem that is driving me crazy I have in my work environment a problem with many accounts that are abnormally block. I started all the troubleshooting steps, and slowly I'm probably coming to realize what it is, but I have this event that I can not read well: EventId: 5 The kerberos client received a KRB_AP_ERR_TKT_NYV error from the server% 1. This Indicates That the ticket used against That server is not yet valid (in relationship to That time server). Contact your system administrator to make sure the client and s
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