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  1. I also would love to see a SCOM 2012 config guide/tips and was disappointed that there's no dedicated SCOM 2012 section.
  2. It would be pretty straight forward as an application. I believe the install is an msi and symantec will have switches and variables to input for any config. My question is why would you want to use SEP which is a resource heavy product that costs money. Forefront is quite better and I believe if you're licensed for SCCM 2012 then you are licensed for the Forefront as well. We got rid of ESET which we were paying extra for and went to Forefront.
  3. This may help you! http://configmgrblog.com/2012/07/09/out-of-the-box-endpoint-protection-2012-policy-templates/
  4. I recreated the Boot Images and redeployed them. I now have F8 access. I obtained the log and the only thing I notice is the following: !sVolumeID.empty(), HRESULT=80004005
  5. Can't get to the log. Press F8 and no command prompt even though I have command support enabled. Other ideas??
  6. Why would you need drivers in a Hyper-V VM? I'm having this problem as well.
  7. I'm having the same thing now in a Hyper-V VM that I'm trying to build and capture Server 2008 R2. I get the error during the Apply Operating System portion but when it happens it is too fast for me to see if it slips by that portion to the next or not. I cannot F8 for some reason even though the command testing is checked. Don't know if that's related to Hyper-V or not. Since I can't get to the log I'm sort of stuck.
  8. There was another post on this, yes the BIOS clock makes all the difference in the world. Ensure it is set correctly and everything will go smooth. Glad you got it worked out. Too bad I didn't see your post beforehand to give you the answer without having to figure it out for yourself. But at least now you know
  9. I don't see any options in my console for shutdown and there aren't any in the link you provided. Sleep yes, shutdown no. In my case, I need the on the fly ability to shutdown computers due to Energy Management which is why the console extensions work for me.
  10. Kingen, it depends on the environment. Some schools have a SIS (Student Information System) that is separate from AD. In our case, administrators or registration clerks entered the data in the system and we exported the data out to import into AD. nry, I'm with you on being an IT function. IMO, non IT personnel do not need access to AD for any reason. Leaving it with the IT Department means you don't have to go out and configure the additional security to allow non IT people to add accounts. From the sounds of the size of your organization, the benefit of doing it yourself outweighs changing security.
  11. CM Power Management won't do this. Gougy posted the link to Dan Ireland's Config Manager Console Extensions which work for CM12 and will do what you want. I tested these for him while he was developing them for CM12. Great set of tools!!
  12. We do this as well, pulling the service tag from the Dell's and the serial number from the Lenovo's with a short vbScript to populate OSDComputerName
  13. I'll disagree with them on that point. I've got a site running 10k users and 6k computers. I'm running overkill. Our site server is virtual with one processor and 16GB, usage never tops more than 4.5GB. Our SQL is offbox and it is also virtual and runs 32GB but usually stays around 16GB usage. My specs according to MSFT will support 100,000 clients.
  14. I've been wondering sort of the same thing. We don't want to force a restart during working hours and don't really want to notify them either.
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