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Found 25 results

  1. Hello experts, I am doing project at school (Windows Deployment). I have installed Windows Server 2016 onto VMware Workstation (DHCP, DNS, WDS, SCCM2012 R2, SQL Server 2012 SP1, ADK 10.1) and want to deploy Windows 7 x64 to other empty workstation. After powering the workstation on, it picks IP from DHCP, loads image, and after preparing network connections it automatically reboots without showing anything. You can see it here. I have tryed to troubleshoot. PXE is enabled, image, OS updated at distribution port, credentials are ok, imported vmware drivers, time is ok. I also ru
  2. Hi, I'm having trobule with refreshing Windows 10 computers from WinPE. We need to upgrade BIOS before BIOS Conversion step in CM1610 and set BIOS settings. When reinstalling an computer it fails at staging Boot image. I have tried to size up the disk so it can hold larger WinPE Boot image but it does not work. 2048 MB Recovery 1024 MB EFI 128 MB MSR 100% OSD If I disable the step for BIOS Upgrade and Configure I can reinstall an computer without problems. <![LOG[Process completed with exit code 1]LOG]!><time="14:10:08.323-120" date="05-10-2017" componen
  3. Hi, I'm having trobule with refreshing Windows 10 computers from WinPE. We need to upgrade BIOS before BIOS Conversion step in CM1610 and set BIOS settings. When reinstalling an computer it fails at staging Boot image. I have tried to size up the disk so it can hold larger WinPE Boot image but it does not work. 2048 MB Recovery 1024 MB EFI 128 MB MSR 100% OSD If I disable the step for BIOS Upgrade and Configure I can reinstall an computer without problems. <![LOG[Process completed with exit code 1]LOG]!><time="14:10:08.323-120" date="05-10-2017" componen
  4. Consider the following: The BIOS date & time are correct Date & time remain correct up until the Task Sequence selection screen Once a Task Sequence is selected, the date & time are updated to the built-in WinPE timezone, thus making it the incorrect time. Is this normal and expected behavior?
  5. Dear Forum, I have problem deploying HP XW4600 workstation with SCCM. I'm using WinPE 10 x64 from MDT2013. I was following this procedure to find out card driver (I also tried driver from running WIndows 7x64): https://www.niallbrady.com/2011/08/31/missing-nic-driver-in-winpe-boot-image-no-problem/ So my card is definitely: Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_167B&SUBSYS_1308103C I took driver for x64 Desktop/Mobile/Server (x64) version from: https://www.broadcom.com/support/ethernet-nic-netxtreme-i-desktop-mobile When I load the driver wi
  6. Hello Everyone, I am having a problem when trying to re-deploy an OSD task sequence to machines that have already been imaged. The machines are Dell tablets and we are reusing the same NIC dongles to image them via UEFI PXE booting. I have followed the steps from this article in order to reuse the same dongles: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/configurationmgr/2015/08/27/reusing-the-same-nic-for-multiple-pxe-initiated-deployments-in-system-center-configuration-manger-osd/ Our OSD task sequence is deployed to the following collections: "All Unknown Computers", "All Systems", an
  7. Hello, Just wondering if anyone has manage to image the Dell XPS 13 9350? Got SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 CU2 and when using my current TS wtih Dell XPS 13 9350 it came to the first reboot (partitioning, apply wim, check drivers, install client etc...) and then fail... acording to this link that is normal for this model if you set disk opertion to AHCI which I had: https://www.reddit.com/r/SCCM/comments/40t2iv/dell_xps_9350_9550_sccm_imaging_guide/ I switched to RAID ON as suggested in the link, and added the Intel RAID driver to my WInPE. I can boot on WinPE, partition the disk but when apply
  8. Is it possible after choosin' the image to create an prompt to let you choose which application want to add in your image. After that comes the OSDComputername.
  9. Hello All, My task is to trigger the HTA during windows installation and showcase the static screens while the installation continues in the background.Now the issue I'm facing is to trigger the HTA to appear on screen. I'm tying to test my sample HTA file but during installation startup, all I'm seeing is "a blank white window". Below is the code of my HTA file: <html> <head> <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=utf-8"> <style> .fullbackground{ position:relative; width:100%; /* alternative: right:0; */ height:100%; /* alt
  10. Hello, The Task Sequence that was deploying W7 with SCCM 2012 SP1 has stopped to deploying the Lenovo X240 laptop. The Laptop must load WinPE on Workgroup & PXE When I get on F8 to get an ipconfig, nothing but the message "configuration IP" is dysplayed, then WinPE reboot. I don't know if the laptop has joined the workgroup The smsts.log show 2 mains errors : Failed to download pxe variable file. Code(0x00000001) TSPxe 24/07/2015 16:09:06 1176 (0x0498) PxeGetPxeData failed with 0x80004005 TSPxe 24/07/2015 16:09:06 1176 (0x0498) RegOpenKeyExW failed for Softwar
  11. Hey all, I'm at my wits end here. I'm trying to add support for a new generation of laptops to my SCCM 2012 R2 TS. I have already gone through the trouble of gathering all the required drivers for the new models and created new Driver Packages only to find that the new models all use a newer\different NIC driver than the previous generation. No big deal I think, I'll just create a new boot WIM for testing, get the appropriate drivers for WinPE and I'm good! Well, not so fast. For some reason when I add the new boot WIM to my testing Task Sequence and try to PXE, the machine is unable to p
  12. Hi, Can someone please point me in the right direction so I can set the "IT Organization" name in the Task Sequence progress window. I've set this in the custom client settings which is deployed to the same collection as the task sequence. When I run a task sequence that captures User State (requires task sequence to be launched from Windows) the "IT Organization" works fine and it displays our company name. However, when I PXE boot a task sequence for a task sequence with no USMT capture, it only displays "IT Organization" in the task sequence progress window. This is when I launc
  13. Alright guys I need some insight. I have been asked to come up with a way to clean a drive (using diskpart) during PE before the OSD password is entered. Now the catch is there has to be a way to opt out. Basically the powers that be want a pop-up that says "Do you want to clean the drive" with yes and no buttons. Now I know I can create a custom media hook and edit the boot.wim to run a script that will clean the drive but like I said, it needs it to prompt the end user. I'm really hoping someone out there has something similar or can point me in the right direction. Environment: SCCM 2
  14. SCCM 2007 SP2 R3, SQL Server 2008 x64, Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 I am having difficulty with a bare metal install and capture of Win7 on a laptop. I have followed all guides closely and verified correct version of MDT, AIK, WINPE, but I simply cannot inject drivers into my boot image. I keep getting the following message from the wizard. Error: Boot image to update: MDT Custom PE Error: Actions to perform: Add ConfigMgr binaries Enable Windows PE command line support Add drivers Error: Failed to import the following drivers: IntelĀ® 82567LM-3 Gigabit Net
  15. Has anybody been successuflly able to boot into ConfigMgr via pxe boot on a HP DL380p? Keeps failing at "Apply network connection" Once it reaches that point, it reboots. I've downloaded all the nic drivers from HP's website and injected them into my boot image, but have had no success. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. OSD works with all of our desktops/laptops so it leads me to believe this error has to do with nic drivers? Thank you
  16. Hey Guys / Niall - I've got the strangest issue I've ever seen with SCCM and need suggestions, please. I recently started at a company which already had pretty extensive OSD TS used for all models. They have a single production OSD task sequence for use with all systems. It has a frontend that integrates with the ticketing system as well as AD and is written with AutoIT using code from the SCCM 2012 R2 SDK. The Issue One specific model specific model (Dell E5440) at only one specific site (New York branch) runs extremely slow when running the OSD TS from WinPE to standard use pf t
  17. Hello everyone, I have been referencing this site for quite a while now and I appreciate all the information here. I hope to give back to it from time to time so I created an account. That being said, has anyone tried to add an on screen keyboard to the WinPE startup? I have a lot of tablets to image and there are a couple places that we need to be able to type in some information. I am working with SCCM 2012 R2 and the latest ADK. I mount the boot image using imagex, add the keyboard exe that I would like, add the line to run it in winpeshl.ini. Then i unmount, commit, and yad
  18. I am trying to deploy our windows image to a new group of Lenovo ThinkCentre M72e (4004) when they pxe they would just reboot. I pxe booted again and hit f8 did an ipconfig and no network address. I know the NIC is a relteck so I went to the site download the nic drivers for windows 7 and imported them and updated by boot image. http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/research/hints-or-tips/detail.page?&DocID=HT073565 But I still PXE and get no ip address I am on the same vlan as my server and when I login to another computer on that port I get an IP. So I am pretty sure I have a driver is
  19. Hello, I have a ~8 mb bootable iso that contains the Dell diagnostics tools for laptops. Is it possible to somehow use this iso to boot into the diagnostic tool from PXE using SCCM 2007?
  20. Hei all, I am having a truly strange experience with our SCCM2012 server and a OSD to some desktops. Now, if I had just started with them I would have thought that I had the incorrect driver, but thats not the case here. About a month back I started to configure replacement client desktops for the students. These machines would be going to the library, an intense environment for data. So to make things simple for myself, I took some old HP dx2250 Athlon pc's, installed a new PCI Wifi card and imaged them from SCCM with Win7 x32. I have completed all of them, no problem. I then dec
  21. Hello I'm having a bit of trouble deploying Win7 to an OptiPlex 790. I have added the NIC driver to WinPE. It boots into WinPE, starts the TS, applies the OS, applies the the OptiPlex 790 driver package(lates cab imported from Dell). On the next step after applying drivers, "Setup Windows and ConfigMgr" after it reboots it fails with error code 80007002. Pressing F8 reveals that it has no network. After it fails and restart, I can log on to Windows. everything seems OK except that there is no network driver. I can manually load the network driver, the same I use in the driver package, and
  22. I've seen a few blogs which have guides to add Remote Control support to Boot Images which I found would be quite useful. Especially if it's in the Boot Image rather than the Task Sequence so I would be able to RDP/VNC/DameWare etc to the client in WinPE. My main goal is for troubleshooting and for support during the build stage. I've seen the following posts but didn't have too much luck with getting it to work: http://www.deploymentresearch.com/Blog/tabid/62/EntryId/36/Software-Assurance-Pays-Off-Remote-Connection-to-WinPE-during-MDT-SCCM-deployments.aspx http://blog.danovich
  23. Hey, This is the 1st time i post here but I've been a visitor for quite some time, I was wondering if someone here might know something that i couldn't find an answer to over at technet forums, I'm trying to use "unattend.xml" to enable remote control using DART 7 Remote Connection tool during WinPE as demonstrated here: http://www.deploymentresearch.com/Blog/tabid/62/EntryId/36/Software-Assurance-Pays-Off-Remote-Connection-to-WinPE-during-MDT-SCCM-deployments.aspx The "unattend.xml" is residing in the root of the boot.wim - X:\Unattend.xml The first time the machine boots in to Wi
  24. Hello All! I'm trying to inject NIC drivers for a HP ProBook 6560B, as winpe does not get network access due to no driver I need to inject it so I can do a capture of a reference PC. I mount the .WIM image and use the following command to inject a driver: dism /image:"C:\Temp\mount" /add-driver /driver:"C:\temp\drivers\nic\rt64win7.inf" After doing this I get the following error: C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\PETools>dism /image:"C:\temp\mount" /add-driv er /driver:"C:\temp\NIC_Driver\E1E6032.inf" Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool Version: 6.1.7600.
  25. Our company recently approved a new laptop with 2 hard drives as an available standard. When setting it up for OSD we just went thru the normal procedures that we do with all tha approved hardware platforms but we have an issue with how WinPE sees the hard drives. The two hard drives are a smaller one for OS and a bigger one for data. We specified with the manufacture that the smaller drvie is the 1st HDD and the larger is the 2nd. Both are advanced format drives. The OEM install sees the small drive as disk 0, so does DOS, so does Windows, but WinPE sees it as disk 1 and the larger dr
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